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I was doing one of these stories where Edward's a player and such, but it got deleted and i wanted to do another because it was really fun to write:)



Maybe if i had listened to Alice this wouldn't have happened. If i hadn't trusted the wrong person. If i wasn't so stupid! Maybe, i desereved it for what i did to Alice after i talked to you. Ditching her, ignoring her, treating her like complete trash. She's never going to forgive me, but i really can't blame you for everything. It's my fault too. My fault for listening to you, trusting you. But you do stupid things when your in love. Your heads up in the clouds and you don't care about anything except that special person, now look at me. Im a wreck, i know i'm talking and talking and repeating things, but i'm trying to get over it and the more i say it maybe the more i'll realize this isn't the wrost thing that could happen. Maybe.



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Chapter 3

 Now we were at the party and i realized i should have never agreed to come.

For one, Creepy Stalker Edward kept following me around saying "I know you want me"

Second, everyone was drunk and acting like idiots. Even Alice and her new boyfriend, Jasper.

People probably drank at partys to make them more fun.. I wasn't having fun. But of course how about Edward comes along and sits next to me. That should make life interesting...

"Hey Bella"

I ignored him and looked strait ahead.

"I got you a drink" he slured, he was defiantly drunk, or close to it.

"No thanks, i don't drink." I said

"Has no alcohal." He said  handing it to me

I looked at him and he smiled. I slowly took a sip. Okay it only tasted like water, nothing else. "See?" He said leaning back against the wall. I rolled my eyes

"I'm not that bad a person" he said

"Sure your not. You just always play with girls hearts and i don't want to play your game." I said turning to him

"Maybe i don't want to either" he said

I sighed "that's the beer talking." I laughed

"Nope. I'm not that drunk" he said "i'll show you by how good i dance" he said raising his eyebrows

I laughed 

Of course at the time i didn't know what would happen if i said yes.  There's a time where you make a decsion and that decsion kind of depends on how your life will turn out. This is that moment, and i chose to go with HIM.

A mistake i will never be able to undo.


wow love this chapter plz do more

Thanks everyone for the positvie comments!


Btw, i know how in every story like this one, Edward changes and stuff. But in this one, ima have Bella be the onne to change :P :)



when u gonna update!!!!!!?????

Maybe later or tomorrow :)

AWE$@ME ST@RY!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG she's going to dance with him(: I can't wait for more

its awesome lovey

keep me posted xxxx

love it updata me


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