The Twilight Saga

Jacob and Renesmee


Jacob POV
I sat down on the porch. Dad was inside watching ESPN. I thought of Bella. I thought of Edward. I grimaced. Bella was my best friend once. When that leech Edward left her, I thought she would never recover. I thought he would never come back, and I hoped she would fall for me. Guess things don't work out that way do they? "Jake! Get in here and do your homework!" Dad yelled. "Alright alright." I said back. I got up and my stomach growled. Man was I hungry! I walked inside. Opened the fridge, looked around. Carrots, oranges, ah, chicken! Just what I needed. I picked up my Alegbra book. Picked up my pencil and notebook paper and started while taking a bite of chicken. As I finished my chemistry homework, I yawned. "Dad, I'm going to bed. I'm really tired." I said as I walked to my room. " 'Night son." said Dad.

one week later
Bella POV
I loked at my daughter. My half vampire daughter. Four days had passed. I had killed no humans. I was proud of myself. I looked at my gorgeous daughter, Renesmee. She was sleeping soundly. I handed her to Edward. I had to talk to Jacob. I had been thinking about him since the transformation. I guess Edward had figured that out, because I heard a wolf howl. Soon enough, I saw Jake. No shirt or shoes. I ran outside... man I was fast! I smiled at Jake as Edward and the rest of the clan headed down, with Nessie too. Jake smiled. I ran up and hugged him. I heard his heart beating, his hot blood pulsing. "Hi Jake!" "HEY BELLS!" The rest of the Cullens greeted him. Rosalie handed me Nessie. Jake looked at her, and his eyes went wide. He held his arms out and I handed her to him. He said nothing. Oh.. No..

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CHAPTER 2 (cont.)
Bella POV

"No..NO...NO!" I screamed at Jacob. There was no way this was happening! " Bella! Bella! I'm sorry! I can't control it!" He handed Nessie to Rosalie very carefully. I clenched my fists as hard as they would go. I gritted my teeth and looked at Edward, he looked at my with calm eyes. I turned towards Edward, "DO YOU KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING TO OUR DAUGHTER?" Edward looked down, then back up at me. "Yes." he answered. "THEN WHY AREN'T YOU DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT?" I screamed at him. I looked right back at Jake. "JACOB BLACK HOW COULD YOU?" I yelled at the top of my lungs. "I'm sorry Bella! I really am." I glared at him, and suddenly I felt calm. "JASPER! STOP IT!" I looked right at him, and he looked down. I was still angry, so so angry! How could have Jacob imprinted on my daughter, my own flesh and blood, well maybe not blood, but still! How dare he! I understood that he couldn't control it, but WHY! Why my daughter, why the only one I love more than Edward? I looked up, and saw Rosalie hand Jacob Nessie. He looked at her like she was the most important thing in the world to him, like she and him were the only ones on the entire earth, he brushed his finger along the side of her face, as she grabbed his finger. He smiled that grin I loved so much. I looked at Edward and he opened his arms. I walked over to him and he held me tight and close. He kissed my forehead as he whispered in my ear "I love you."

Jacob POV

I greeted Bella. I was so relieved to finally see her. Edward was holding the baby, Renesmee. I hugged Bella as Rosalie handed her to Bella and she passed her on to me. I looked at Bella as Renesmee was put in my arms. I looked down. Oh my God. She was gorgeous. I stared at her just watched her little nose wrinkle, he fingers bend, he mouth open. I looked at Bella. Oh no. She was staring at me, with this horibble glare. "No...NO...NO!" she screamed. I was mortified. "Bella! Bella! I'm sorry!" I handed Nessie to Rosalie as carefully as I could. Bella started screaming at Edward then Jasper. She looked down and I went over to Rosalie and picked up Renesmee again. I didn't notice that Bella looked up. Nessie opened her eyes and I brushed my finger along her cold skin. She grabbed my finger. I felt like the happiest person on the entire earth. I sighed.
awesome!!!!! but thats sorta how bella DID react to jacob's imprinting on renesmee... but thats exactly how i would react!!!!!!!!! stupid jacob! stupid werewolf-stupidness! stupid historic events that will always never happen!!!!! stupid paul, jared, bob, sam, embry, quil and everyother stupid werewolf dog-thing!!!!!! (but not seth. seths cool)
omg i love this keep me updated if we are added as friends!!
How can you hate werewolfs even if they stink I love werewolves becuz I'm team Jacob and Edward sucks LOL
Chapter 4

Bella POV
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "I love you too." I kissed him on the cheek. I was still angry, but Jasper, of course, couldn't control himself.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15 Years Later
Bella POV

I felt old. Old as heck, but still I remained looking the same. Renesmee was now seventeen, the age she would stop aging and growing too. She and Jacob spent every day together now. They loved each other so much. I was sitting in my chair, the red one with black swirl designs. The door opened. I didn't move. I knew who it was. "Hello Jacob. Hello Nessie." I said not excitedley. They stopped by every day at the exact time every day. I looked over to Renesmee, even more beautiful than the last time I saw her. I looked at Jacob, and of course, he was looking at her. Nessie was a little teary. I sat up and asked her what was wrong, but for some reason, she was smiling, as if they were tears of joy. She walked up to me, and I stood up. "Mom, Jacob..." She sighed...
Bella POV

"Whats wrong sweetie?" I was getting a little worried. "Spit it out!" I said sternly. Nessie took a deep breath. "Jacob and I...ARE GETTING MARRIED!" As Nessie said that Alice and Rose walked in the room. Everyone started screaming and talking at a very fast speed, even me! Rose came up to Nessie and picked up her hand and looked at it. "OH MY GAWD! LOOK HOW BIG THIS THING IS!" Oh My goodness! (Here is the ring picture: Chapter 5)
Where's the ring picture. I loved your chappy please keep writing but, try to make those chapters longer

Luv it so much


Renesmee Cullen
it didnt download
wheres the ring? good chapter
um good but you havent written in months


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