The Twilight Saga

Ok so please read! today i had nothing to do so i just grabbed my notebook and came up with some stuff! i hope you like and please comment and all the characters belong to the wonderful Stephenie Meyer this story i PG-13

Chapter 1
Renesmee POV

I was now 8 years old but i looked 15,almost to my full growth expectations.Everyday I played with my Jakey,i know its still kinda childish but I don`t really care Jake was my best friend and always has been since i was born and every day my feelings for him became stronger and stronger. Every single time Jake would touch me or make me laugh everyone would laugh or roll there eyes at us.Jake always laughed when they did that but me, lets just say i was completely confused and every time i would ask what they were laughing at they just said I would find out sooner or later.It always felt like everybody was keeping something from me and I hated it.
I was sitting on our porch swing at our cottage all alone.Mom and dad were on a 3 day hunting trip. I was very bored all alone and i didnt want to go to Alice she would just play Barbie -doll-Renesmee on me.So I just decided to stay home and eventually find some way to entertain myself.Then out of no where Jakey was here with me sitting beside me on the swing.
"Hey Jakey!" I said excited cause I wasn`t all alone now.
"Hey,Sweetie."He said. Did he just call me sweetie? "What`s up?" he continued
"Nothing.why did you call me sweetie and why are you here i thought you wouldn`t cause mom and dad aren`t here." I asked him
"What i am not allowed tot call my best friend sweetie.I came here cause I figured you`d be bored all by yourself and your parents left me a not when I woke up." He said.Now i was really confused.
"What note?" i asked completely not understanding at all.Then he handed me peice of paper that read:
Jake, Go to Renesmee so she isn`t bored and alone.And if oyu want to you can now explain to her about you two o she isn`t confused anymore we hate seeing you noth stressed out and confused.I hope she takes it well.Good luck.And keep my little girl safe for me I know you will. Love Edward and Bella
"What`s this?"I asked really really confused now.
"Um i will explain but you wonna go to the beach?"He asked.
"Um sure let me get changed first."I said then walked off to my room closing my door on the way.I opened all my drawers and searched my closet and couldn`t find it anywhere.I double checked everything still nothing.
"Jakey?! Come here." i yelled so he could hear me. I could here his footsteps walking down the hall.
"I can`t fing it will you please help me?"I asked him
"Yea and Jakey??? You haven`t called me that in a while." He said surprised
"oh sorry i could just say Jake if you would like."i asked
"No it`s okay and .....I think found it whatever this freaking thing is. What the heck?" he said
"Oh yea well you know how Alice is."I said.Then he was holding pink strapless, lace bra with his eyebrows raised.
"You know i wouldn`t wear this and that was Alice. UGH!!" I said
"Yes Alice will be Alice."With that i walked off to the bathroom.God could this thing be any more revealing? It was creme white with a dark brown. I put it on and walked out and saw Jakey`s eyes bulging out of his head.
"I am changing." I said
"No wait it looks good on you!"Jake said while grabbing my arm. And then i grabbed a beach towel and we made a quick stop at Jakey`s place and we were off.He had a pair of Navy blue swim trunks and me he sure did look hot without a shirt on.We were waling along the cliffs when Jake grabbed my hand and stopped our walking.
"Nessie do you know what imprinting is?"he asked me.
"Umm a little but not really."I confessed.
"well do you want to know why everybody always laugh when we are together adn touch and smile at each other?" he asked
"No but i would like to find out."I said
"Well you see imprinting is when you look at that one person an dknow they are amde for you like a blind man seeing the sun for the very first time."
"And have you?" i asked
"Yes i have she is beautiful caring nice smart funny and has the most beautiful voice in the world!"He said and i could feel my face slip into a pout.
"tell me more about her." I said
"Oh my gosh Ness you can be so clueless sometimes. It is you silly!!!" he told ma and i could feel a smile spread across my face.
"Wow i can`t believe i am so stupid!"i said embarrassed
"Don`t ever say that again you are NOT stupid!"Jakey said
Jake wrapped his arms around me.And i let mine rest on his chest and i hid my face in his chest.Wow i am so stupid i thought to myself.
"I love you."Jake whispered in my hair.
"I love you too." I said
We eventually made it to the shore holding hands our fingers twined together.
"You ready to swim?"he asked me and instead of answering him i just grabbed pile of sand and threw it in his face. He got me back then i spotted this little girl with a HUGE bucket and so i walked over to her.
"Hello there sweetie can i borrow you bucket please?" i asked
"Yes."She said.So i filled up the bucket with sane and threw it in Jakey`s hair.Then I gave the little girl her bucket back, thanked her and gave her a hug. I walked back to Jake and he swung me up in his arms and threw me into the water.
"Hey!"I protested.then with a big splash i hit the water.We had an awesome time at the beach and having fun laughing splashing around and all that other stuff.We went home after being there for hours straight. We changed and my mom and dad left money for me to order pizza every night. I guess i must`ve fallen asleep on the couch cause Jake was waking me up.
"Nessie! Wake up!"Jake said
"Hhhhmmmmm?" I aSked rolling over.
"You need to sleep in your bed you will hurt yourself sleeping on the couch."he said then picked me up and carried me to my room.He put me under my blankets then pulled them over me.
"Night Renesmee. I love you." he said to me
"Jake wait!!!! Will you stay and sleep with me!"I asked
"Of course."Jake said then I he climbed in my bed and wrapped an arm around my waist"love you night."he continued
"Love you too."I said then Jake kissed me hair and I fell asleep in his arms.

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