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Imprinting. The Truth comes out. Chapter 1


I could feel the wind gliding through my hair effortlessly as I glided from tree to tree in search of a prey to eat. I came across a herd of Deer and took down the biggest buck I saw. I thought Jacob was right behind me, but he must have found his own food. I pressed my lips to the deer's neck and begin to drink. I smelled the familiar woodsy smell that I knew and loved. I turned my head to pounce on him in surprise.
"Ready to meet your..." I trailed off finding myself face to face with a unfamiliar wolf. This one was a normal one, but was unseemingly large for its breed. His teeth were exposed and bearing at me. I was not feeling afraid..I didn't think. Just caught off gard. I growled back at him, Then was cut short by the sounds of multiple growls. I stood to find myself completely surrounded by a pack of wolves. There had to be at least 15 of them! I begin to feel a little nervous. I was 7 years old. I looked the age of 18. But I have never found myself in a real fight. I could feel my knees starting to turn to run. I was searching in my mind to find the right words to yell for help. I opened my mind as wide as I could and called for my dad, "Dad, if you are anywhere near, please, help me.I am really scared"
At that moment, on of the large wolves lunged at me. I fought back as much as I could, but then the weight of the entire pack began to weigh itself on me. Their large paws had almost no effect on me, but my clothes were another story. I screamed for help, wondering where my Jacob was, who had never left my side in my entire life. I felt this relief of the weight from my body, opened my eyes to more intense growling. The entire pack turned from me and pursued this new intruder. It was a larger wolf that I knew and loved, it was Jacob. I watched in Horror as he growled at me to stay back. Final after killing 3 of the wolves they retreated and howled deeper into the woods. Jacob layed there on the damp forest ground bleeding. I tried to hard to retrieve my mind from what I had just watched to the need to be at Jacob's side. I regained composer and rushed over to his side. "Jake, can you hear me? Are you hurt bad? " A low groan came from him

I sighed relief "Oh Jacob, thank goodness your okay!" I threw myself on him and hugged him as hard as I could. I couldn't understand this new feeling that was coming over me. I loved Jacob, he was my best friend. But why did it bother me like this to see him like this?
"Ouch Nessie, careful. "
" Awe Jacob I am sorry, I don't know what I was thinking, I am just so glad that you are ok."
"Nessie?" I heard a familiar deep voice come from the distance. I knew that voice well enough.
"Over here dad"
"Ness is everything okay? Are you hurt? Are you injured in any way?" Obviously looking over my shredded clothes.
"No dad I am fine, but Jacob.." Feeling the tears coming, I didn't know why they were coming so strong. "Jacob he is hurt, he saved me from the Wolves, but they hurt him, I don't know how bad though."
"It's okay Nessie We will get him home and have Carlisle look at him"
Dad picked Jacob up effortlessly and we ran back to the house. Carlisle was waiting and took Jacob up to his office, which was now more like a personal hospital room. I started to follow but felt a hand pull on my arm. I turned around and found my dad pulling me back.
"Let's talk Nessie, I need you to tell me what happened"
I tried to find the words to describe what happened and what I had saw. I felt the sobs starting to build, I felt my mother come and sit by me and put her arms around me.
"It's okay sweetie, perhaps you can show us."
I nodded and put my hands on both their arms, showing them with my gift what had happened. I felt the arms around me tighten.
"Oh Renesmee, I am so sorry, I hope that you are okay?" My mother said while stroking my hair
I put my head down on her shoulder, And began to release the tears that had been building for a while. "Oh mom, what's wrong with me? I felt so scared."
"Honey that's normal, it was a scary thing for you."
"No mom, I am talking about Jacob. I have never felt this fear in my life."
"What do you mean sweetie, what fear are you feeling?" She kissed my tears away.
"I felt so terrified for him, I was so afraid that I was loose him, never see him again, that this could be our last moment together. I feel empty inside, like I had come so close to loosing Jacob and now that has left an empty feeling inside me. I don't understand where these new feelings are coming from. I don't understand, Jacob is my best friend, but now..."
I felt my dad's body tense next to me. I looked up at my parents, they were staring at eachother. I knew that my mom was lowing her shield so that my dad and her could exchange words without me hearing. "WHAT?" I asked impatiently. "What are you two thinking? What are you talking about?"
"Sorry honey," my dad said, "We just knew this day would come, just didn't know when, and how soon."
"I don't understand, what do you mean? You knew I would what?"
They exchanged glances then my mom continued, "We knew that your feelings about Jacob would change someday. We knew that you would begin to see a different way."
"I don't understand whats going on." I stood up and started to pace up and down the floor. My dad came and put his arm around my shoulder.
"Honey, has Jacob ever told you how he feels about you? Has he ever mentioned anything about feelings changing?"
"What dad?"
"Have you ever heard of imprinting?"
"Yeah a little, Jacob talked a little bit about it at La Push, about some of the other boys and how they fell madly in love with a girl, then did something like imprinting, that made them both fall madly in love with eachother, and they knew...."
It was all coming together now, I now realized what was going on. Why I was suddenly getting these feelings. I ran up the stairs and into my Grandpa's office, where Jacob was laying on the table with just shorts on. He had bandages all over his body, he looked so helpless. I found my self gazing over his huge chest, the way the muscles defined his arms and chest. The feeling came over me to want to touch him, and run my hands over him and..
"Nessie!" Jacob said happily but softly
"Hey you, How are you feeling?" I looked up at Grandpa who gave me a hopeful smile.
"Eh...I feel great. Just some broken bones that will heal faster then you can run"
"Yeah right"
There was a long pause as Jake and I stared into eachothers eyes. I heard my grandpa clear his throat and excuse himself from the room. I stepped closer to Jacob I put my hand on top of one of the wrapped up wounds. I couldn't understand what was going on inside me, I looked up at Jacob who was staring at me adoringly. Did he know what I was feeling right now? Did he also know this day would come? I suddenly felt really embarrassed.
"Uh...I got to go, sorry."
I turned and ran for my room. I closed the door and sat on my bed. I knew my dad would be reading my thoughts, so I tried really hard to distract myself. But there was something that was pulling me back towards where Jake was. I had to see him. I suddenly felt a need to be next to him all the time. What does this mean? What does this change?

Chapter 2
I sat there in my room for hours not leaving my bed, I wrapped my arms around my knees and pulled them to my chest. I had been trying to sort through my feelings, but couldn't seem to get them anywhere. Was I allowed to feel this way about Jacob? Could I allow myself to feel this way? What would change? MAN EVERYTHING WOULD CHANGE. THIS SUCKS! I heard a soft knock on my door and my dad came in. "hey honey, mind if we talk?"
"sure dad, I guess."
He sat on my bed and opened his arms for me to come and snuggle in. I sighed and gave in, I snuggled in really close to my dad, sometimes it felt like, no matter how old I would get, I would always been his little girl, and he was always going to be my daddy.
"Honey I know that this is hard for you. I have been listening for the past 2 hours downstairs, I know this is not easy. But you can get through this. I felt the same in a way when I met your mother."
" Tell me daddy about that, I love hearing about when you and mom met."
"Honey the first time I saw your mother was in a crowded lunch room. It was her first day of school, because she had just transfered from Pheonix. I sat down at the lunch table with your aunts and uncles, and there she was, staring my way. I couldn't believe how beautiful she was, everything about her was beckoning me. She was definately not like any of the other girls that I had seen in my 108 years of existance to that point. I knew that I would never be the same. The first time that we walked together in our meadow was one of the best days of my life. Your mother knew about me, she had figureed out what I was. And it shocked me that she was ok with it. I was ready to fall deeply in love with her. Ready to let myself be happy for the first time in over 100 years. But still I held back, and was cautious. Your mother on the other hand, was not afraid, she knew it was what she wanted and needed, and went into the relationship without looking back. I guess you could say she inspired me to do the same."
"So you were also unsure about loving her?"
"Oh yes, I was afraid that I would not be able to control myself around her. But you are living proof that I could and did." He stroked my hair. I laid my head down on his shoulder and wrapped my arms around his waist.
"Dad, I don't know what I am suppose to do. This is going to change everything. I don't think that I can live without Jacob in my life. I KNOW that I can't. But what are we suppose to do now?" Where do we go from here."
"Honey I know that I put off that I don't like Jacob all that well. But I truely do love him like a brother and a son. He saved your mother numerous times, and has been a perfect friend to us and especcially to you. I will be happy with what ever you decide. But know this. You can love anyone. But you will truely only ever fall in love with someone once."
He leaned down and kissed my forehead. "Get some sleep honey."
"Okay, I love you dad, give mom a kiss for me."

I laid there in my bed wide awake. What did my dad mean when he said "you can only be in love with someone once" ? Was I in love with Jacob? Or did I just love him? I decided to go find out. I krept up from my bed, out of my room, down the hall to jacob's room. He had moved in with us, it just made sense since he was already here 24 hours a day. I opened the door to find Jacob sleeping soundly on his huge bed. I slid in next to him, which is something we did quite often. Ever since I was a baby, Jacob and I would always sleep together. The warmth that was penetrating from his skin felt amazing. I curled up next to him and breathed his scent in deeply. I felt electric current run through my veins. I looked up to find Jacob staring at me. "You okay Nessie? What's wrong?"
"Nothing, I just missed you, and wanted to be near you." He smiled and wrapped his arms around me and pulled me in close. I breathed deeply calming myself down, I felt his lips against my forehead. "Sleep well Nessie, I love you forever."
I usual said it back, but meaning it only as friends. I became a little thing with us, but now could I truely say it? Did I mean it in that way? Did he mean it in that way? I closed my eyes and fell deeply asleep. I was awoken to cracking. I looked around trying to figure out where it was coming from. CRACK! I stared at Jacob, it was him, what was cracking? I realized that it was just his bones resetting and healing. I looked up at Jacob, who was sleeping soundly. A little too soundly, was he snoring? I giggled softly, and look at his face, with a jolt, a love overcame me. I could feel it from the tip of my head, down to the very bottom of my toes. I felt warm and nervous, excited, sick, awed. I looked at his lips, oh his lips! They were slightly parted and full. I started to lean in closer..closer...closer...Oh gosh! What was I doing? I jumped up as fast as I could and ran for it. I ran and ran and ran.

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Wow this story is a seat you know keep you on the edge of your seat story. I have cried twice, laughed countless times, and loved every bit of it.!.
write more please this was amazing :D
i finished it in a day it was that awesome!!! lol
i love the fact that u included leah and omg thats so cute about seth and Ella but will William imprint on anybody now that hes older? omg im so exicted cant wait for more and please keep me updated!:]
Happily ever after
As months passed, things seemed to be getting better. William was adapting to his rapid growth spurt really well. Jacob and Seth were teaching him the ways of a pack. William was introduced and welcomed into Seth’s pack. Seth had made Embry his right hand man.
Leah was coming along well with her boe Alex. He still didn’t know anything yet. But she was content at the moment to just be completely in love. Alex was spending a lot of time at the house. Which made Carlisle happy. They were good doctors together. Alex even surprised Leah by asking her to move in with him. But she turned him down kindly, saying that at the moment, it was important to be with her family. Mostly the reason was she didn’t want him to get suspicious about her sneaking out at night and during the day to meet with the pack, and transform. Leah was the only girl to inherit the gene to be a wolf. So she was plenty nervous about bringing him into the whole world of mythological creatures.
Ella was growing rapidly. She now looked about 14 years old. My mom and I have been home schooling William and Ella, so that someday when they stop growing, they can attend school. They were only a few weeks away from being able to pass a GRE exam. But we made sure to educate them in other things besides Math, English, Science, etc. We taught them world history. Vampire history. Family history. The ways of humans, my dad loved to help out in the way the human brain thinks. His specialty.
Since Ella was almost full grown now, Seth was no longer allowed to sleep in her room. Esme had bought him a bed that fit well in William’s room. Jacob was not going to let his little girl grow up too fast. So he set some strict rules for Seth to abide by. William was doing a great job at making sure his little sister was not left out. He would play with her all the time, and let her ride on his back. Ella was happy when she inherited my gene to grow rapidly. But she really didn’t like that according to Carlisle. She would stop growing at the age of 16. So her body would freeze like mine did. William was more and more like Jacob. Even though he looked more like me. I guess that is the wonders of having children. Not knowing who they are going to be more a like. Seth was happy that Ella would stop growing soon, and that they would be able to be together forever, just like Jacob and me.
We were coming on the kid’s one-year birthday. Alice of course was planning an over the top party. She was inviting every vampire family that lived within a 3000-mile radious. Since none of them had really ever met the twins. They were all thrilled to come. The party was set for 5 days from now. Leah was planning to make that the big night she revealed our world to Alex. She was way nervous, and kept bugging Alice to tell her how it turns out. Since Alice couldn’t see werewolves hardly at all, she left Leah disappointed and anxious.
It was evening time now, and the family should all be getting home from work. I was so anxious to see Jacob. I had missed him imensly. It had been several days since we were together, he kept himself busy most of the night, making sure Seth wasn’t sneaking into Ella’s room, and she wasn’t sneaking out. I had talked to my mom into keeping on eye on all the kids while Jacob and I went into the woods for some alone time. Winter in Alaska is great for us vampires. No sun, and really cold. All the wolves adapted to the cold really well. Their body temperatures rose to accomadate for the winter. Jacob was now a very toasty 113 degrees. Ella and William were with my mom and me in the main house now. Ella was practicing her piano for when my dad gets home. He couldn’t have been more thrilled when she expressed an interest in the piano. He even wrote a song for her. William was playing video games with Seth in Emmett’s room. My mom and I loved to sit and talk. My mom was always my best friend. I loved to spend time with her. We talked about the twin’s powers. How they have grown. William had no problem now with making large and heavy objects move. Ella was getting more and more preminotions as she grew. She would see someone in town in trouble, and see a victim that Carlisle would treat. She could see things that would happen in the world. Her power was a lot like Alice’s. Alice was happy to have some weight off her shoulders.
My dad, Jacob, and Rosalie came through the front door. Mom and I both smiled big and ran over to our men. I gave Jacob a huge kiss. If only he knew how I had secretly planned tonight. After I kissed Jacob I went into my dad’s embrace. He kissed my hair and hugged me tight. When I was in his arms, I still felt like a little girl. He laughed at my thought and hugged me tighter. He heard Ella at the piano and ran to her side. He kissed his granddaughter’s head and took his place next to her. She stopped and began playing the bottom of Heart and Soul. My dad after a few beats joined in on the top part. That was my favorite thing to play with him when I was a little girl. Jacob took his place next to me and held me close.
“So, how is my beautiful wife?” He whispered in my ear.
I giggled. “I am good, how is my wonderful husband?” He laughed and kissed me passionately.
“Do you think you could take your mind else where Jacob?” My dad said from the piano. Jacob laughed and pulled me close.
“I have something special planned for us tonight!” I whispered to him. He gave me a smirk and grinned wide.
“Oh is that so? And what might that be?”
“You will just have to wait and find out, mom and dad will be looking after the kids.”
“Hhmmm…” He smiled while putting his lips to mine.
My mom just laughed and pushed Jacob off me.
“Wait till tonight you two!”
I nodded to my mom and grabbed Jacob’s hand, we ran out the front door and to our house. I left him at the door and grabbed my packed backpack and basket. Jacob was about to raise a question, but I had him out the front door and running to the forest. Jacob phased in the air and landed as a wolf. He ran along side me until I felt his head slip between my legs, the next thing I knew. I was riding on his back. He always did like it when I would ride on his back.
I pulled on his fur when we were at a designated spot. There was a tent all set up, and a fire going. I loved my family. Jacob phased back and pulled his clothes back on.
“Ness? What’s all this?” I ran into his arms and kissed him.
“This Jake is for us. We are getting a night to ourselves. I don’t want to hear any arguments; my parents are watching the kids, so you know nothing will happen. And I have everything we need for the night.” He pulled me tighter to him.
“Have I told you today Ness, just how much I love you?” I shook my head. He laughed and kissed me.
“You can show me!” I smiled. Jacob had us through the tent door, and inside the warm sleeping bag within seconds.
Tonight had been perfect so far. My parents had a nice fire still going for us, and Jacob and I were snug and warm inside the tent. Jacob kissed my forehead several times. I rolled him over so I was lying on his chest. I kissed his bare chest and tickled him. Jacob laughed and tickled me back. But I was not letting him get a hold on me. Jacob’s stomach began to growl wildly. I laughed and kissed him once more before I grabbed the basket.
“For you my dear.” I handed him a large sandwich and some soda. Jacob smiled and kissed me before diving into his sandwich. He had that finished in a few bites. I sipped my cup of already prepared animal blood. When Jake was done with what I gave him. I handed him another sandwich and a bag of chips. “Jacob, can I ask you something?”
“Of course babe, you can ask me anything you want.” He mumbled through a stuffed mouth.
“Are you happy? I mean truly happy?”
“Ness, what has got you talking like that?”
“I don’t know, lately we have been so distant. I just feel like there is something that you are not telling me.” I stared down at my hands resting on my bare legs. I could feel Jacob’s eye analizing my body language.
“Ness” He pulled my face up to look at him. “I am completely happy. I am sorry that you have felt so neglected, truly I am. I am just overwhelmed with everything that has been happening. William growing up rapidly, Ella almost grown up, Leah imprinted on a human of all people. It just is a lot for me to swallow. Especially Ella, Seth’s thoughts, even though I can’t read minds like your dad, they are not hard to figure out.”
“You know that Seth only wants to best for Ella. And he would never do anything to betray your trust.”
“I know, but still, I barely became a father a year ago, and now within a couple of years, Ella will be fully grown, and Seth will be just as eager as I was.” He was laughing on the last part. I put my hand to his face and showed him memories of him and I when I was growing up. Of the day when he took me to prom, the first day I realized I loved him, our wedding, our first time making love, giving birth to our beautiful children, and moments ago when we made love again. Jacob distracted me with kissing me fearsly, and pulling me down on top of him again. I giggled and kissed his nose.
“I love you Jacob Black.” I said inbetween kissing him.
“I love you Renesmee Black. And I have never been happier in my entire life, and I will continue to be happy forever, as long as I always have you.”
“I will never leave you Jakey!” I giggled. Jacob pulled my head gently down and kissed me passionately. We returned into our prefect world of love.

The End.

Author's notes: I want to thank you all for your undying support. I have truly loved writing this book. I hope that you will all stay in tuned for the sequel!!!! It is Seth and Ella's story. Thanks again everyone!
Girl u better I mean BETTER tell me when that comes out!!!
diddo! i loved it! it was AMAZING!
that was so good. i wanted to know what was goin to happen to leah and alex and the party lady. but it was soooo gooooddddd.
lol, that will be in the next story!!!
wooo hoo!!! uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh!!! cool ending lol
cant wait for the sequel and keep me informed please :] right? lol
Cool story can't wait to see what happens between Seth and Ella!!!!!!!!!!!
So sorry to see this end. It was a wonderful story. And am happy to know your writing a sequel. I love the way you described Ella and Wiliam. The seemed adorable. I would have liked to hear more about the twins. Definetly looking forward to your next story and more of them as well as Seth. please notify me as before when you've posted. Thanks for taking time to keep us in the world of Twlight.
don't worry all the loose ends will be tied up in the next story!

Hi, can you send me the link to Seth and Ella's story please. I really enjoyed Jacob and Renesmee, you've done such great work. I would really like to read the rest.....I've been searching, but not finding it. PLEASE,PLEASE send it. LOVEEEEE this story. 


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