The Twilight Saga

Renesmee POV.
Chapter 1 - Never say goodbye, please.

He looked at me curiously with his dark eyes.
''What?'' I asked sat up from my lying position.
''Your so beautiful when you sleep Ness'' Jake said, making me blush.
We both stood up and I gave him a swift hug. I stretched quickly and made my way out of my bedroom. Jake followed me downstairs and into my kitchen. I was hungry and couldn't be bothered to hunt, so I would just have to settle for human food, for now.
''Where's everyone gone?'' I asked him, while I sat down at the table.
''Well, your Mum and Dad are away hunting, Alice and Blondie are away shopping, Carlisle and Esme are away to work and Em and Jasper are away to a baseball game'' He finished his sentence sourly, I could tell he wanted to go with them.
''Why didn't you go with Uncle Em and Jazz?'' I asked him.
''Well, I wasn't going to leave you yourself was I?'' He rolled his eyes as if it was the most obvious thing ever. Well It wasn't as if I didn't expect it. Jake was always there for me. As long as he was around I didn't ever need to be alone.
He made me and himself some eggs. We both scoffed them quickly and then went back to my room.
''Want to go hang out at the cottage?'' I asked him hopefully.
''Sure Nessie, whatever you want'' He said with a huge beautiful grin.
My Jacob. He was amazing. Well, he was more than that, he was the best thing in my life. My best friend forever. I always felt safe with him. Perhaps because he could transform into and enormous wolf any time he wanted to, but also because I knew that if anything bad happened to me, he'd always be there by my side. My Jacob.
He sat on my bed while I raked in my closet for a suitable outfit. I decided to go with a simple black top, my favourite shorts, a pair of black and white high-heels and of course, my mums necklace, Jakes necklace which had a picture of a wolf and a ring he also got me. He liked it when i wore his necklace and ring. I left my long ringlets of bronze hair fall down casually to my waist, Jake liked it this way.
We left the house as soon as I was ready, we jumped the river and ran at a supernatural speed towards my cottage. We were there within a minute. Once we were inside, we settled into the sofa and put on an old romantic comedy my mum used to watch. I snuggled into Jakes chest as we lay there, our body temperature was almost identical so I wasn't bothered by his abnormal wolf heat. He held me closer to him as the film went on. We spent most days like this, just relaxing and doing things together. Me and my best friend.
He nudged me a couple of times during the film, asking if I was OK or if needed anything. It could get a little annoying when he was so protective, but i like it. He reminded me of my dad when he was protective, but that was a completely different story. My dad and Jake had grown close over the last seven years. The last seven years I had been born. I started thinking about the ageing thing again...
Nearly seven years of my life and I had already matured into a seventeen year-old teenager. It saddens me sometimes when I think of the few years of childhood I had, but then I remember I have the rest of forever to live a long and happy life and it doesn't seem so bad. I also got to spend forever with Jacob. We spoke about it all the time. How we would travel the world one day, he was less enthusiastic about it, but whenever I asked why he just changed the subject.
''Jake?'' I asked quietly.
''Yes Nessie''
''Promise we'll be best friends forever?''
I looked up at his face and could see his expression was almost pained.
''You might not want me forever Nessie'' He whispered quietly, avoiding eye-contact.
''Course I'll want you forever Jakey, don't be so silly''
''I'm not be silly Ness, I'm being honest. Just wait until your birthday and we'll talk more about it then'' He explained, his pain was clear in his facial features as he spoke.
''My birthdays not until three days!'' I almost shouted in protest.
''Sure, sure'' He said simply, not bothering to reply to my protests.
We watched the rest of the film in silence, well I did. I kept sneaking glances up at Jake and he didn't seem interested at all. He just stared into mid-air with a his brow furrowed and his eyes pained. I wondered what he was thinking about.
The film was soon over and we decided to get back to the house to see if anyone was back yet. Jake took my hand and we ran quickly. Once we were over the river, we started walking at a human pace. I could here voices inside. I recognized each of the voices, all my family were home.
I ran quickly up the stairs, to the front door, still holding Jakes hand. I opened the door quietly and stepped in. I saw Aunt Alice and Uncle Jazz first. They were sitting on the sofa, holding hands and whispering things to each other. They immediately stopped when me and Jake entered. Both greeting us with wide smile.
Next I saw my grampa and grandma sitting at the piano where my grampa played for her. They turned and smiled as we entered to. Then I saw my mum and dad. They were playing Chess an the opposite side of the room. My mum rushed up when she saw us and gave me a big hug. My dad soon followed, giving me a tight squeeze. I had dropped Jakes hand by now.
''We missed you so much Renesmee'' My mum said, hugging me again.
''Mum? You were only away for a couple of hours'' I said raising one eyebrow.
''So? Is a Mum not aloud to miss her daughter?'' She said raising one eyebrow back at me.
I heard my dad chuckle beside me.
''What's so funny?''
''You to are just so alike. It humours me'' He added trying to seem innocent.
I looked for Aunt Rose and Uncle Em, ignoring my dad's comment. I couldn't see them anywhere, but then I heard some giggling from upstairs and decided I was better not knowing what they were doing.
My mum and dad went back to their chess game and me and Jake went and sat on the sofa next to my Aunt and Uncle. My Aunt Alice immediately tried to discuss my birthday party, but I cut her off-
''Aunt Alice I really don't think I should have a party'' I said, practically begging.
''Your so like your mother Nessie. You will be having a party, If its the last thing I do'' She told me determinedly.
There was no point arguing with Aunt Alice.

This is my first fan fiction! I was wondering what you guys think and if I should continue. Thanks everyone (:

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amazing :) now i really want to know why jake thinks nessie won't want him :( Please continue and keep me updated or i'll prevoke the volturi and blame it on you! :)
woo thanks! I'll start the next chapter right away, I just wanted to know what people thought. Don't worry I'll keep you up-to-date !
I like it so far so I made u this banner! hope u like it and write more soon! :D

Thanks alot Mona! I'm writing more right now.
Thank you! I'll keep you updated and I'll also check your story out (:
Great beginning! Love for you to continue.

Do you give updates?
thank you (: and sure, I'll give you updates!
woo thanks :D I'll read yours to (:
i love it! i think u should continue
This is good, its really good, please write more.
I'm writing just now (: Thanks alot :D!
Thank you :D! Working on its just now, its a long chapter (:


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