The Twilight Saga

Renesmee POV.
Chapter 1 - Never say goodbye, please.

He looked at me curiously with his dark eyes.
''What?'' I asked sat up from my lying position.
''Your so beautiful when you sleep Ness'' Jake said, making me blush.
We both stood up and I gave him a swift hug. I stretched quickly and made my way out of my bedroom. Jake followed me downstairs and into my kitchen. I was hungry and couldn't be bothered to hunt, so I would just have to settle for human food, for now.
''Where's everyone gone?'' I asked him, while I sat down at the table.
''Well, your Mum and Dad are away hunting, Alice and Blondie are away shopping, Carlisle and Esme are away to work and Em and Jasper are away to a baseball game'' He finished his sentence sourly, I could tell he wanted to go with them.
''Why didn't you go with Uncle Em and Jazz?'' I asked him.
''Well, I wasn't going to leave you yourself was I?'' He rolled his eyes as if it was the most obvious thing ever. Well It wasn't as if I didn't expect it. Jake was always there for me. As long as he was around I didn't ever need to be alone.
He made me and himself some eggs. We both scoffed them quickly and then went back to my room.
''Want to go hang out at the cottage?'' I asked him hopefully.
''Sure Nessie, whatever you want'' He said with a huge beautiful grin.
My Jacob. He was amazing. Well, he was more than that, he was the best thing in my life. My best friend forever. I always felt safe with him. Perhaps because he could transform into and enormous wolf any time he wanted to, but also because I knew that if anything bad happened to me, he'd always be there by my side. My Jacob.
He sat on my bed while I raked in my closet for a suitable outfit. I decided to go with a simple black top, my favourite shorts, a pair of black and white high-heels and of course, my mums necklace, Jakes necklace which had a picture of a wolf and a ring he also got me. He liked it when i wore his necklace and ring. I left my long ringlets of bronze hair fall down casually to my waist, Jake liked it this way.
We left the house as soon as I was ready, we jumped the river and ran at a supernatural speed towards my cottage. We were there within a minute. Once we were inside, we settled into the sofa and put on an old romantic comedy my mum used to watch. I snuggled into Jakes chest as we lay there, our body temperature was almost identical so I wasn't bothered by his abnormal wolf heat. He held me closer to him as the film went on. We spent most days like this, just relaxing and doing things together. Me and my best friend.
He nudged me a couple of times during the film, asking if I was OK or if needed anything. It could get a little annoying when he was so protective, but i like it. He reminded me of my dad when he was protective, but that was a completely different story. My dad and Jake had grown close over the last seven years. The last seven years I had been born. I started thinking about the ageing thing again...
Nearly seven years of my life and I had already matured into a seventeen year-old teenager. It saddens me sometimes when I think of the few years of childhood I had, but then I remember I have the rest of forever to live a long and happy life and it doesn't seem so bad. I also got to spend forever with Jacob. We spoke about it all the time. How we would travel the world one day, he was less enthusiastic about it, but whenever I asked why he just changed the subject.
''Jake?'' I asked quietly.
''Yes Nessie''
''Promise we'll be best friends forever?''
I looked up at his face and could see his expression was almost pained.
''You might not want me forever Nessie'' He whispered quietly, avoiding eye-contact.
''Course I'll want you forever Jakey, don't be so silly''
''I'm not be silly Ness, I'm being honest. Just wait until your birthday and we'll talk more about it then'' He explained, his pain was clear in his facial features as he spoke.
''My birthdays not until three days!'' I almost shouted in protest.
''Sure, sure'' He said simply, not bothering to reply to my protests.
We watched the rest of the film in silence, well I did. I kept sneaking glances up at Jake and he didn't seem interested at all. He just stared into mid-air with a his brow furrowed and his eyes pained. I wondered what he was thinking about.
The film was soon over and we decided to get back to the house to see if anyone was back yet. Jake took my hand and we ran quickly. Once we were over the river, we started walking at a human pace. I could here voices inside. I recognized each of the voices, all my family were home.
I ran quickly up the stairs, to the front door, still holding Jakes hand. I opened the door quietly and stepped in. I saw Aunt Alice and Uncle Jazz first. They were sitting on the sofa, holding hands and whispering things to each other. They immediately stopped when me and Jake entered. Both greeting us with wide smile.
Next I saw my grampa and grandma sitting at the piano where my grampa played for her. They turned and smiled as we entered to. Then I saw my mum and dad. They were playing Chess an the opposite side of the room. My mum rushed up when she saw us and gave me a big hug. My dad soon followed, giving me a tight squeeze. I had dropped Jakes hand by now.
''We missed you so much Renesmee'' My mum said, hugging me again.
''Mum? You were only away for a couple of hours'' I said raising one eyebrow.
''So? Is a Mum not aloud to miss her daughter?'' She said raising one eyebrow back at me.
I heard my dad chuckle beside me.
''What's so funny?''
''You to are just so alike. It humours me'' He added trying to seem innocent.
I looked for Aunt Rose and Uncle Em, ignoring my dad's comment. I couldn't see them anywhere, but then I heard some giggling from upstairs and decided I was better not knowing what they were doing.
My mum and dad went back to their chess game and me and Jake went and sat on the sofa next to my Aunt and Uncle. My Aunt Alice immediately tried to discuss my birthday party, but I cut her off-
''Aunt Alice I really don't think I should have a party'' I said, practically begging.
''Your so like your mother Nessie. You will be having a party, If its the last thing I do'' She told me determinedly.
There was no point arguing with Aunt Alice.

This is my first fan fiction! I was wondering what you guys think and if I should continue. Thanks everyone (:

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Jacob POV.

Chapter 2 - The truth.

Alice had ignored Nessie's complaints about her party and started rambling on about colour schemes and shopping for outfits. I zoned out and was concentrating on breaking my news to Nessie. Edward had warned me that she was entitled to know as soon as she became of age. I, on the hand could do with a few more years of her not resenting me. I didn't want things to change between us but I couldn't deny the fact that I loved her more than I could've possibly imagined. I was scared. Really scared. What If she didn't want me? What If just wanted to be friends? Maybe she wouldn't even want to be near me. I couldn't bare rejection from her, she meant to much to me. If I lost her... I couldn't even bring myself to think of the pain. My thought were interrupted by a tap on my shoulder-
''Jacob, may I have a quick word with you outside, please?'' Edward asked me quietly.
I could feel six pairs of eyes on me as I got up and followed Edward out the front door. He started running as soon as we were outside of the house. I followed him reluctantly. What had I done now? I wasn't thinking of Nessie in an inappropriate way. I never did.
We came to an abrupt halt after about five minutes. Just enough distance between us and the Cullens so that we could talk without being heard. He turned and gave me a sympathetic look. Not what I was expecting.
''Jacob, you can't think like that''
''Like what?'' I asked confused.
''You can't think about loosing her. If she didn't want you after you speak, then you will remain here and be her friend. She needs to Jacob. If you ever hurt yourself over her, she wouldn't survive the pain. If she tells you to go, you stay. You try with all your might to remain her best friend. She might tell you to go away, she might try and hurt you, but you do not give into her and leave. Do you understand me?''
I stood there, shocked into silence. I hadn't always been Edwards favourite person, but he'd accepted my love for Nessie and now he was the one telling me to never give up on her.
''I understand Edward'' I replied. ''You know I would never ever hurt her, right?''
''Yes Jacob, I know for sure you would never hurt her and I thank you for that'' He answered with a smile.
''Well, I think we should get back now, don't you?'' He asked.
''Yeah, sure''
We entered the house to find Nessie pacing. As soon as she saw me she nearly knocked me off my feet.
''Wow, Ness. Ouch!'' I yelped with the pressure of her hug.
She shot her Dad a deadly glance and started questioning me about what he wanted. I told her he wanted to speak to me about her birthday party. It was the best I could think of and she seemed to drop it after that.
I barely saw Nessie the next two days. I managed to steal her away from Alice for about an hour until she came charging up us saying she was looking for Ness everywhere and blaming me for distracting her. I would defend myself with- ''It's just a party'', but that just set her off more.
On the day of her birthday I made my way over to her house around nine, I was glad she wasn't up yet. I wanted to be there when she woke up, so I could wish her a happy birthday.
I waited patiently for her to wake, I wasn't in a rush. Plus, I loved watching her sleep. She was so beautiful. As soon as her eyes opened I sang a chorus of happy birthday to her and gave her my present.
She shook the wrapped box, trying to figure out what it was. She eventually gave up and ripped the wrapping paper curiously. Her face lit up as she opened the box to reveal the hand made charm bracelet I made for her. Next thing I knew she was crying.
''Ness, what's wrong?'' I asked panicking. ''Don't you like it?''
She then used her ''power'' to show me how much she loved it. I let a sigh of relief. She gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek, which embarrassingly made me blush.
We then went downstairs where her family greeted her with another happy birthday chorus and present from everyone. Her Mum and Dad got her a small piano as she had been taking lessons and could almost play as well as her Dad. Rosalie and Emmett got her a diamond necklace that looks as if it cost- well put it this way, a LOT of money. It made my present seem like a piece of junk. Jazz and Alice were taking her for a shopping spree, which I was sure Jasper wouldn't actually attend. Carlisle got her a book collection of novels he thought she would admire and Esme was designing her new room, which she would have finished for her in about two weeks. She wasn't like her mum in the way in which she didn't mind getting presents and she excepted them gratefully.
Later that day Alice took Nessie away from me and led her up to the bathroom along with Blondie and a reluctant Bella, who I was pretty sure only went to make sure Alice didn't go an expected overboard.
It was around two hours later before I got her back. When she descended the stairs I didn't even recognize her. I never thought Nessie could get any more beautiful. I was wrong. Her hair sat naturally curly but she had two little plaits around her head like a halo. Her skin was flawless and her eyes were dark and beautiful. I stood there in awe. I was speechless. She got to where I was standing and waved her hand in front of my face, but I couldn't take my eyes off her. Eventually she smacked me on the head, it was sore so I flinched in pain.
''You would think you've never saw me before'' she said, rolling her eyes just like her Dad did.
''You look...''
She giggled and her cheeks turned a delicate shade of red. Next thing I knew Alice had loaded her with bags of clothes and shoes.
''Jacob, take her to the cottage and keep her there until seven so we can get the place ready for the party'' She then turned to Nessie- ''I've put a couple of different outfits in here, you can choose for yourself when your at the cottage. Now scoot'' She said pushing us with tremendous force considering her size.
We ran to the cottage to wait. We had two hours left until the party. Alice had packed some pretty nice stuff for Nessie. She tried each thing on, twirling and dancing in front of me. I told her she looked perfect in every one of them but she just rolled her eyes and said I wasn't to good at helping her choose. She decided on a strapless baby pink dress with a white pair of heels. I wasn't bothered what she wore though, she was always gorgeous to me. We sat and talked a while, I was thinking of breaking my news then, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Not yet anyway. When it was seven we ran back to the house. I carried her across the river, just in case she got dirty, Alice would've killed us if she did.
As we headed up the stairs I put my hands over her eyes.
''I already know what it is Jake, there's no need to cover my eyes'' She said, I was sure I could feel her roll her eyes again.
I ignored her, the door was opened for us and I led her inside.
I felt her cringe as I let my hands fall. With ears like hers I don't see why they had to shout.
She was swept away from me into a bunch of vampires arms I only knew from past visits. I knew Tanya's family, they didn't approve of me, so I kept out there way. I knew some of the other covens by face but not by name, they seemed nice enough and they treated Nessie great, so I didn't have any problems with them. I then heard the hammering of nervous hearts, yet some steady. Of course the steady was Seth. He sat comfortably chatting away to random vampires. Man, that boy wasn't shy! The nervous was obviously Charlie, he sat there in the corner with Sue and my dad. He had met other vampires before, obviously not knowing what they were, but he had never been in a full room of the strange kind his daughter had become. Sue and my dad's hearts were racing to. Sue watched her son Seth nervously at his ease when talking to the vampires. My dad, well he always hated being with the vampires but he knew I liked having him here. My pack also came along, I knew they were here in case anything happened to me, Seth or for my sake - Nessie.
I was counting down to the moments we would be alone. I still hadn't figured out how I would tell her. I knew it had to be tonight, but I really didn't want to ruin her birthday for her. Edward get shooting me looks and it was like I could read thoughts, I nodded in response. I had to do it tonight.
Nessie handled the attention really well in my opinion. They were all just as fascinated with her as they had been all those years ago. I kept a close eye on them, it still worried me - her being near them. She was still part human after all. Eventually each guest; vampire, wolf and human, left. Watching them leave was like watching my time dissapear until that moment I would have to hurt Nessie. I can't do this to her Edward. I thought desperately. I saw his lips shape silently into the words ''you have to''. Bella caught what he had done and looked at me in encouragement.
The Cullens were scattered around the house, doing their own thing. Ness was sitting on the couch, playing with the bracelet I had given her. I fumbled over to her.
''Renesmee, can we go to the cottage? We need to talk'' I said, deliberately avoiding her eyes.
Her silence was so long that I just had to look at her. She was looking at me with her mouth hanging wide open.
''You have never ever called me Renesmee before'' She whispered.
''Oh, right, well sorry about that. Can we please go?'' I asked awkwardly.
''Sure'' She replied, still whispering.
I ran ahead of her. Neither of us spoke a word.
When we were both inside the cottage I asked her to sit down.
''Well, I've got something big to tell you so I just, don't think you should be standing''. My hands and legs were shaking so I decided to sit down beside her.
''What is it Jakey?''
I took a chance and looked at her. Her big brown eyes were full of tears which were threatening to spill over. I didn't want her to cry. I knew she could tell I was upset and she was bound to be confused.
''Nessie, you know I love you, right?''.
''Sure, I love you to Jake''.
I took a deep breath- ''Nessie, when you were born you became my imprint. Now, I know you know what it means, so I won't have to explain. I just- I'm sorry Ness''.
''Imprint?'' She whispered, ''You mean like...'' Her words were lost.
Before I knew it, tears were flowing down my face. I knew she wouldn't want me. She wiped each of my tears of my face and I closed my eyes. This might be the last time I would ever feel her skin on mine, but then Edwards words came to me ''If she tells you to go, you stay''. I would remain, for her - even though she will reject me.
I felt her hand fall and I opened my eyes to see her face concentrating. I sometimes wish I could here her thoughts.
''I'm so sorry Ness, I didn't want you to know. Not just yet, anyway. Things were going perfect. I'm OK with us just being friends, even though you don't love me in the same way, I'll always be here for you'' I couldn't look at her face any more, she was just perfect. So beautiful. She didn't reply to my words. I looked back to see her staring at me.
''I love you Jake'' I was prepared for the, just not in that way, but it didn't come. She wasn't going to break it nicely.
''I love you to Ness'' I replied instinctively.
''I'll be honest with you Jake, I've never thought about us in that way. You've always just been my best friend. I love you. I trust you more than anyone. I feel safe with you. I've had the best times with you. You make me smile. You make me laugh. You make me blush. I'm never uncomfortable near you. Your the perfect best friend and well, if it's OK with you, I hope you'll be my perfect boyfriend?''.
My jaw dropped and my mouth literally shaped into and O. She used her finger and pushed my chin upwards and before I knew it she was close to me, very close. Her nose was touching mine. I could taste her sweet breath. Her perfect lips made it to mine. It was the best feeling in the world. Like we were made for each other. Our lips fitted together like two pieces of a jigsaw. After a while she giggled and moved back, blushing.
''Time to tell the family'' She said with an enormous smile. She grabbed my hand and we made our way back to the house.
Nessie's Outfit.
oh so cute plz dont stop
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if there's anything u want changed let me know :)

Awesome chapter, write more!
awww that is so sweet i can't wait to read more.. please message me :)
Thanks alot everyone :D I'm going to start writing soon (:
ha ha ha very good
Awesome! write more soon.
Renesmee POV.

Chapter 3 - Blind.

''I'll be honest with you Jake, I've never thought about us in that way. You've always just been my best friend. I love you. I trust you more than anyone. I feel safe with you. I've had the best times with you. You make me smile. You make me laugh. You make me blush. I'm never uncomfortable near you. Your the perfect best friend and well, if it's OK with you, I hope you'll be my perfect boyfriend?''.
His jaw dropped and his mouth literally shaped into and O. I used my finger to push his chin upwards. He was so beautiful. I was getting closer to him. This was going to my first kiss. Our first kiss. It was like magic -the way out lips fitted together- it was like we were destined to be. I loved Jake and he was my boyfriend. I moved back and giggled at how right it sounded..
''Time to tell the family'' I said smiling. I grabbed his hand and we made our way back to the house.
Mum and dad were thrilled for us. Aunt Rose? Well lets put it this way, if looks could kill Jake wouldn't be standing alive. Uncle Emmett just punched our shoulders playfully and made embarrassing comments that be both ignored with ease. Aunt Alice jumped around excitedly. This was the only thing she could be excited or surprised about, me and Jake were the only people who's future she couldn't see. Uncle Jasper gave us a nod and a wide smile. My gran and grampa gave us both a hug and their congratulations. It was mayhem for a couple of more hours. It was past midnight before I got to bed. Jake had went home for the night. As I tried to get to sleep, I thought about earlier...
I was surprised at how quickly I realised I was in love with Jake. I knew inside I had always loved him. The moment I realised I felt that way was overwhelming. I didn't think it was possible to love someone this much. It was funny that all these years I had knew Jake, I had never truly saw him.
I never noticed how his russet skin was flawless or how perfect his smile was. I never noticed how large and muscular his hands were or how he closed his eyes when he laughed. I didn't know he had a scar on his shoulder or a birthmark on his back. His muscles were almost godlike. And his eyes were the most beautiful colour of brown. I had never truly seem him before.
Yet within seconds I realised he was my destiny, my soul mate.
I drifted off to sleep, thinking of Jacob in new ways.

Sorry its short i had a longer chapter but I lost it :(! I'll make the next chapter longer for you guys :D
Awesome chapters. Can't wait for the rest...=)
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