The Twilight Saga

this starts off in eclipse with jake's point of view, but it's different from real story. this is just my version.

a lot of things change for the residents of LaPush and Bella Swan. desire, confusion, and murder weave new paths for each of their lives. secrets reveal themselves and rupture the skin.  new passions come to light. can imprinting make love easier?... can true love conquer imprinting?


Jacob Black Forever Chapter 1: Sunrise


i woke up this morning to find my legs stretched over the end of my bed. dang. i had grown again. i sat up and yawned, and stretched and flexed my arms. i felt like a freak. my muscles bulged. i looked in the mirror and decided that maybe they weren't so bad. i put some gray sweat pants over my legs and went to the kitchen for breakfast. dad was already there. i opened the fridge and drank the milk right from the carton.


Billy cleared his throat and folded his arms across his chest. "you're not dressed for school, yet?"


"i'm not going," i winked at him. i took another swig of milk from the carton.


"why not son?" he asked. i thought the answer was obvious.


"dad. look at me. i'm a freak of nature. you think kids at school aren't gonna notice these physical changes and make fun of them?"


"you shouldn't care what they think. you are something special. you have been chosen by nature to be the next alpha in our family tree. if i had gotten that chance, i wouldn't be complaining about it like you are," dad said.


"whatever, dad."


i poured him a glass of milk and set it on the table. then i rolled him under it and made him something for breakfast.


"aren't you going to school today?" he asked. it wasn't a question. more like if you don't say yes then don't bother coming home this afternoon.


"maybe," i said. i put a pop tart in the toaster. i enjoyed testing his patience to an extent. but i always know where my limits are with dad. i looked out the window and the sun's ray beamed down like a lazer.


"you are not a freak. you are special," dad said.


"sure," i responded, still staring out the window. the sun never hurt my eyes when i look directly at it. it's like i'm the same species as the star. we could be one. we could take each other's place in nature. i whipped my head. then i felt my hair and realized the long black locks i use to sport were gone. i always seem to forget that. i rubbed the back of my head. my hair now was short and glossy. if i grew it back out, i would be one hairy wolf.


i put the pop tart on a plate and slid it to dad.


"thanks," he said. "now go put on a shirt and go to school."


i walked back to my room and looked around. what a mess, i shook my head. almost every piece of clothing i owned was either ripped or shredded. i siffed through the piles looking for something halfway decent to throw on. i put on a white shirt. then i took off the sweat pants, they didn't go with the shirt. but they did if i wanted to look like a homeless guy. i slipped on some blue jeans and then stuck my feet into some sneakers. i grabbed my backpack and banged my forehead walking out of the doorway. i said bye to dad and this time i ducked my head as i walked through the doorway of the front of the house. it felt like summer to me, but it was October. i got into my truck and drove to school. i was low on gas but i could make it there and back without running out. i decided to get some gas anyway before i returned home.

the school parking lot was scarce of cars. and i felt guilty for being one of the few kids that had a vehicle. i parked and walked up the steps just as the bell rang for first period. i caught Mrs. Nenette blushing at my physique. i couldn't help but smile, but i worried about giving her the wrong impression. like i said, i couldn't help but smile.


"good morning, Mrs. Nenette," i said.


"good morning, Jacob," she said.


i was the tallest kid walking through these halls. girls smirked at me and flirted. guys looked at me and wondered. maybe they wondered how i get so buff. maybe they wanna ask but are too 'macho' to ask. oh well. it's not like there's an answer i can give them. because there is none that i can share. they will just have to wonder. i walked into Mrs. Ono's class before ducking my head. she smiled and said hello. the thick round lenses of her glasses got jammed into her high set cheekbones as she smiled. i said hello and took my seat. i put my back pack on the floor.

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Jacob Black Forever Chapter 55 New Bella continue..



Dallas looks at me with harsh grimace. The old man starts freaking out, as if he has just started realizing his death is coming. I glide over to them.


"Have at him," Dallas says. Like I need his permission. Which I don't...



Whoa. The pack's going to kill the Cullens! Maybe.

Poor Seth :(( He's pretty cute when it comes to arguing with Leah ^.^

Poor old man, I feel symphany . . . a little :)


- LoveCookkies

hehe! same. TY =D
love it make more fast and keep me updated plz !
mkay u no i will =)
Looove it!
Thanks Ash!

Jacob Black Forever Chapter 56 Assault

POV-Esme Cullen


I chop the head off of my rabbit and squeeze the blood into a pitcher. I set it on the table infront of the fireplace and pour myself a cup. Then, I join Irina and Tanya at the table in the dining room. Everyone else is sitting at the table in the living room, next to the door. I notice Emmett's knee is shaking. A nervous habit vampires usually don't have.

"Rosalie will return soon," I say, trying to offer him comfort in her absence.

"She has been gone for too long. Something's not right!" Emmett says. My two girls, Alice and Rosalie recently went down to Washington to see our old friend, Bella Swan. They haven't returned, yet. Kate places her hand on Emmett's knee. He stops moving it and looks at her.

"They'll be back soon," Carlisle says, shuffling a deck of cards for him, Eleazar, and Barnabus to play. Barnabus is from Russia. He stopped by here on his way to the United States, taking a friendly pit stop. Barnabus smiles at me, his red eyes looking up from his hand of cards. He makes me bashful.

"You've never been apart for this long before, have you?" Kate asks Emmett. He shakes his head no and tries to ignore her obvious advances. Her hand slides up his thigh. "I can be great company for you until Rose gets back," Kate offers, then bites her lip. Emmett turns his head to look out the window. His lack of interest in Kate is frustrating her. And, so she gives up and puts her attention to Jasper. "Tell me about the wars in Texas, again, Jasper. Back when you were a general," Kate pleads. Her big, curly brown hair is sitting on top of her head. One curl falls infront of her right eye as she smiles at him. Jasper sighs, tired of telling the same old story over and over again. It never changes. We never change. Jasper retells the story, speaking only to Kate as she leans into him. The rest of us remain in earshot. He edits it to make it more gruesome, grotesque and adventurous for Miss Kate. She is laughing and enjoying his horror story.

"So, what is it like for you, Barnabus?" Carmen asks. She is sitting in Eleazar's lap. "To be around all these yellow eyed vampires?" She smiles. All the men chuckle.

"I'm so impressed by you all," Barnabus says, his eyebrow raising. "I don't know how you do it." He throws down a king onto the deck of cards at the center of the table. Then, he winks at me. Irina glares at me.

"What?" I whisper. It is not my fault his eyes have fallen on me. I watch her gold pupils flicker to Carlisle and then back to me. "Oh, don't make trouble for me, Irina," I say to her in a dull voice. Tanya watches Kate flirt shamelessly with Jasper.

"The girl has no pride," Tanya says. "Jasper nor even Emmett for that matter would call her. I think not even if their girls died. She is hopeless."

"Can you blame her for trying?" Irina asks. "Let her have some fun. I think I want to join the game," Irina smiles, putting her fist to her chin and looking over at the other table of vampires while they chat and play cards.

Meanwhile, the table beneath my teacup of blood is trembling terribly, causing the porcelain cup to stutter and bounce. Irina and Tanya both stare at the moving cup. I watch it until it falls into my lap, spilling blood on my dress. I stand up, quickly, and startled. Then, I feel the whole cottage is shaking.

"No need to worry, ladies. It's just an earthquake," Eleazar smiles. But the rest of us aren't so sure as him. The wall of the front of the cottage suddenly caves in. We jump up and move back. Through the collapsing wall comes a giant, fury, creature. Then, more slip through, breaking down the remaining walls until there is no cottage left. Kate shrieks and takes off. Jasper tries to grab her, but then he realizes it's probably better for her to run away. Before I know it, Carlisle's arms are around me, jerking me out of the path of giant, snarling, ferocious wolf.

"No!" I scream when I look back. Between the jaws of a silvery wolf is my son Emmett, being chewed up like food and spit out like garbage. He is in several pieces, laying on the snowy ground. I count five wolves. Barnabus punches a wolf in the jaw. The reddish brown one. The wolf bends its head down and snaps Barnabus in half with its teeth. His head falls into the snow. A different wolf runs after Eleazar and Carmen. The two are holding hands and running away, being chased. Irina is standing defenseless.

"Jasper!" I call out his name, not knowing if  he escaped like Kate did. I would want him to save my friend. Carlisle is still holding me. I wish he would let me go so I can try to help Irina and save myself. Two wolves surround Irina. I close my eyes, while she screams. They destroy her. A brown wolf sets its eyes on me. The red shade is especially menacing. It pounces in our direction. Carlisle unwounds his arms and grabs my hand, we flee into the snow- capped forest. The trees are tight and forbidding the giant wolf entrance. It begins trimming the tall trees with its jaws to get through. Carlisle and I run deeper into the forest, hoping to get away from its sight.




Jacob Black Forever Chapter 56 Assault continued..



"Why are they doing this?" I whisper to Carlisle. I have wrapped my head around the fact that these wolves are the Quileute wolves that once upon a time were friends of ours. Maybe we weren't as close as I assumed.

"They're angry. Something has happened," Carlisle whispers back.

"I want to go back," I whine.

"No," Carlisle shakes me. "I'm sure Jasper got away just fine and unharmed."

"You would say that," I accuse.

"There is no reason for me to risk your life," He says. "Now, you stay put. Do you hear me?"

"Yes," I whisper. Carlisle dashes out of our hiding spot, unexpectedly.

"Carlisle!" I scream. I sit in the snow, creating myself a den to hide in. How can he do something so stupid, and not allow me to look for Jasper. What is he going to try to do? Talk to them?

"Aaah!" A gutteral manly cry scares me out of my cubby hole. I am standing in the open. It sounded like Carlisle. A silvery white wolf with black markings and a black tipped tail walks out infront of me. It is snarling and baring its teeth. I am beyond frightened. I don't know if I am ready to die the true death. But I think Carlise did not escape, so I am happy to die and join him in another world. If there is such a thing as another world than this.

"Please," I plead, my voice very raspy. "Kill me!" The wolf takes a step back. I think it is confused. It puts its nose to the white ground, then phases infront of me. I buck my eyes at the naked child. I recognize him, immediately. It's Seth Clearwater. He looks up at me, sweating and out of breath. If I could, I would faint. We both get startled by the long howls in the air. Jasper runs into the woods and puts himself between me and the boy.

"You stupid child!" I shout. "Run!"

Seth gets up, about to take my advice. But it is too late, even for him to phase. Jasper, upset, has gotten his arms around Seth's waist. He is drinking his blood. A revenge killing. I look up as two wolves are airbourne, flying over our heads. A reddish- brown one and a grey one with steele markings around its eyes and forehead. I fall down, as their landing has shaken the ground. Jasper lets go of Seth. The boy falls to the snow, motionless. Blood is pouring out of the big gash in his neck. He looks halfway decapitated.  He might be some value to me, alive or dead. I run over to him and scoop him up. Jasper covers me. If they want the boy back, they will have to stop this madness.





Though I am still very anxious to see how the Cullens and wolves react to newborn Bella.

You won't see their first reaction, but they will talk about  her in the final part.
HI Nene


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