The Twilight Saga

this starts off in eclipse with jake's point of view, but it's different from real story. this is just my version.

a lot of things change for the residents of LaPush and Bella Swan. desire, confusion, and murder weave new paths for each of their lives. secrets reveal themselves and rupture the skin.  new passions come to light. can imprinting make love easier?... can true love conquer imprinting?


Jacob Black Forever Chapter 1: Sunrise


i woke up this morning to find my legs stretched over the end of my bed. dang. i had grown again. i sat up and yawned, and stretched and flexed my arms. i felt like a freak. my muscles bulged. i looked in the mirror and decided that maybe they weren't so bad. i put some gray sweat pants over my legs and went to the kitchen for breakfast. dad was already there. i opened the fridge and drank the milk right from the carton.


Billy cleared his throat and folded his arms across his chest. "you're not dressed for school, yet?"


"i'm not going," i winked at him. i took another swig of milk from the carton.


"why not son?" he asked. i thought the answer was obvious.


"dad. look at me. i'm a freak of nature. you think kids at school aren't gonna notice these physical changes and make fun of them?"


"you shouldn't care what they think. you are something special. you have been chosen by nature to be the next alpha in our family tree. if i had gotten that chance, i wouldn't be complaining about it like you are," dad said.


"whatever, dad."


i poured him a glass of milk and set it on the table. then i rolled him under it and made him something for breakfast.


"aren't you going to school today?" he asked. it wasn't a question. more like if you don't say yes then don't bother coming home this afternoon.


"maybe," i said. i put a pop tart in the toaster. i enjoyed testing his patience to an extent. but i always know where my limits are with dad. i looked out the window and the sun's ray beamed down like a lazer.


"you are not a freak. you are special," dad said.


"sure," i responded, still staring out the window. the sun never hurt my eyes when i look directly at it. it's like i'm the same species as the star. we could be one. we could take each other's place in nature. i whipped my head. then i felt my hair and realized the long black locks i use to sport were gone. i always seem to forget that. i rubbed the back of my head. my hair now was short and glossy. if i grew it back out, i would be one hairy wolf.


i put the pop tart on a plate and slid it to dad.


"thanks," he said. "now go put on a shirt and go to school."


i walked back to my room and looked around. what a mess, i shook my head. almost every piece of clothing i owned was either ripped or shredded. i siffed through the piles looking for something halfway decent to throw on. i put on a white shirt. then i took off the sweat pants, they didn't go with the shirt. but they did if i wanted to look like a homeless guy. i slipped on some blue jeans and then stuck my feet into some sneakers. i grabbed my backpack and banged my forehead walking out of the doorway. i said bye to dad and this time i ducked my head as i walked through the doorway of the front of the house. it felt like summer to me, but it was October. i got into my truck and drove to school. i was low on gas but i could make it there and back without running out. i decided to get some gas anyway before i returned home.

the school parking lot was scarce of cars. and i felt guilty for being one of the few kids that had a vehicle. i parked and walked up the steps just as the bell rang for first period. i caught Mrs. Nenette blushing at my physique. i couldn't help but smile, but i worried about giving her the wrong impression. like i said, i couldn't help but smile.


"good morning, Mrs. Nenette," i said.


"good morning, Jacob," she said.


i was the tallest kid walking through these halls. girls smirked at me and flirted. guys looked at me and wondered. maybe they wondered how i get so buff. maybe they wanna ask but are too 'macho' to ask. oh well. it's not like there's an answer i can give them. because there is none that i can share. they will just have to wonder. i walked into Mrs. Ono's class before ducking my head. she smiled and said hello. the thick round lenses of her glasses got jammed into her high set cheekbones as she smiled. i said hello and took my seat. i put my back pack on the floor.

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thanks =)

did Paul just imprint on Bella??


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Jacob Black Forever Chapter 12 Not Quite Myself


pov- Bella


we walked outside.


"Bella, why don't you let us use your truck," Paul suggested. i starred at him as we walked beside the house. i stopped when i saw Edward's headless body laying on the ground. it startled me. my heart almost stopped. i could feel Paul soaking up my reactions with a strange pleasure.


"i'll go get the head," Seth said, backing away.


"you wanna help?" Paul asked, reaching down to pick up Edward's body. i glared at him. of course i did not want to help. i went and started up my truck. Paul threw Edward in the back carelessly. Seth came back with Edward's head. he held it up by a few strands of bronze hair, wincing.Seth tossed the head in the back with the body. then Paul pulled a cracked hand from out of his back pocket and tossed it in the truck. i shook my head.i covered Edward with a turp. Edward was gone. i mean really gone. dead. i got the engine going and Paul jumped in the passenger seat, then Seth squeezed in. neither wanted to hitch with the dead body. i couldn't blame them. i gripped the steering wheel and reversed. i backed up. i looked at Paul as he scrutinized my driving with his expression of dissapproval.


"it's my truck. i can drive crazy if i want," i said. Seth snickered. i backed up over a tree stump. i stopped. that wasn't there before. the wolves must have knocked down a tree. i turned my head to Paul so that he could see my sour expression.


"it was an accident," Paul smiled, untrustingly. i pushed my foot down and flored it. i was flying down the road on the way to the reservation. Paul layed his head back and Seth stuck his head out the window, letting the wind rough up his hair. an aweful smell appeared in the atmosphere. all three of us smelled it at the same time and twitched our noses.


Seth brought his head back in the window.


"ew, he's starting to STINK!" Seth said.


"can't you drive any faster," Paul asked, covering his nose.


"i'm already speeding. i don't want us to get pulled over," i said. i wanted to get there as fast as possible without any trouble. sirens sounded from behind. my fear had come to life. i looked back and a police car was behind us, red and blue lights whirling. "god dammit," i moaned. i sat patiently and slowed to a stop before pulling to the side of the road. it wasn't Charlie like i would have hoped. i knew he was on the reservation by now. wishful thinking.


the cop walked up to my window. big black shades sitting on his prominent nose. he was blonde and his belly fell over his black belt and tan uniform. he took a notepad from his shirt pocket. we turned our heads to the front as another cop car was pulling up infront of us. it was Charlie. he must have been driving fast. i had a hundred questions i wanted to ask him. Charlie got out of his cruiser and came up.


"is there a problem officer Cane," Charlie asked. officer Cane looked perplexed.


"yeah.." he said, unsure "a suspicious fowl smell was coming off this here truck. this your girl?"


"yes sir, that's my daughter and some friends," Charlie said. "you can go on. i'll handle this."


Officer Cane backed off with no questions asked. he must really trust Charlie. he hopped in his cop car and the sirens quieted with distance.


"dad, How's Jacob?" i asked.


"he's gonna be alright, they said." Charlie reached his hand behind him and scratched the back of his shoulder. i wanted to ask him about what he saw, but i just couldn't. i felt responsible for everything. Charlie lifted up the turp and peaked under it. he came back to my window.


"when you come back, we need to have a talk," Charlie said. his face was expressionless, but his eyes were loaded with fury. what had the Quileutes told him? what was their explanation for the giant wolves? did they say anything about the Cullens? about vampires? i was itching with impatience and worry. i was petrified. he looked over at Paul. Paul looked away. then Charlie looked at little Seth, probably wondering if he could transform into a huge wolf too.


"go on," Charlie said, waving us off. "go see Jake."


i started up the truck again and pushed it back on the road. i let Charlie pass me and i drove into the reservation half an hour later, biting my lip the rest of the drive. we were okay until we stopped. tension finally caught up with us. the three of us didn't know what to expect. i wondered if the boys could get into trouble because of Charlie. we got out. i tucked my keys into my jean pocket. we passed tiny stores until we saw a little crowd of natives standing on the porch of the hospital. which looked like a mini version of the one in Forks.. where Carlisle works. we pushed through them in a hurry. we walked in. Billy came up to us. his face was hard. from his expression, he harbored some blame as he looked at us. Paul shrugged off Billy's crude expression. Billy didn't speak to us. it must be worse than i thought. we followed him to find Jacob. he was in a room with white window curtains. on the table was a glass with blood and something metal in it, floating. the bullet. tweezers set next to the glass.


"aw, man. that musta hurt," Seth smiled, idolizing Jacob's bravery. his eyes glued to the bloody bullet floating in the glass.


"i smiled through the pain," a husky, drawn out Jacob spoke. a white bandage was wrapped around his chest and his back. Paul gave him a subtle smile and a shake. Jacob's body lifted up halfway, he winced. "don't worry. i barely feel it."


i grabbed a pillow off the chair as soon as i saw it. i propped it under Jacob even though he already had three pillows to lay on. he layed his back down. i sat on my knees so i could be at level with him. he looked at me. the look he gave me as he smiled was like a sunburn. he had won. he won me. he fought good. that's what he was thinking. i could tell. it was still murder in my mind. but when it's a vampire, it doesn't matter. Jacob felt my hair and moved it from my face. i breathed out. then i smiled. so big i could feel it. i never smile. Jacob put his hands on my face and reached to kiss my lips. his kiss was hot, literally.


"alright. let him get some rest," a nurse said, standing in the doorway. we left reluctantly. i waved bye to him. we went back to my truck and people had crowded around it. their noses covered, and their brown eyes narrowing with disgust. Sam took the turp off the back of the truck. people gasped at the dead man in the back. Sam and Jared put Edward's body parts in a bag.


"you gonna stay for the fireworks?" Paul asked me, grinning from ear to ear, the heat radiating off his body. these boys are gonna make me have a heat stroke.



wow amazing love it  make more fast and keep me updated please
okay. thanks jojo. yeah edward does suck. i mean sucks to be him
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