The Twilight Saga

this starts off in eclipse with jake's point of view, but it's different from real story. this is just my version.

a lot of things change for the residents of LaPush and Bella Swan. desire, confusion, and murder weave new paths for each of their lives. secrets reveal themselves and rupture the skin.  new passions come to light. can imprinting make love easier?... can true love conquer imprinting?


Jacob Black Forever Chapter 1: Sunrise


i woke up this morning to find my legs stretched over the end of my bed. dang. i had grown again. i sat up and yawned, and stretched and flexed my arms. i felt like a freak. my muscles bulged. i looked in the mirror and decided that maybe they weren't so bad. i put some gray sweat pants over my legs and went to the kitchen for breakfast. dad was already there. i opened the fridge and drank the milk right from the carton.


Billy cleared his throat and folded his arms across his chest. "you're not dressed for school, yet?"


"i'm not going," i winked at him. i took another swig of milk from the carton.


"why not son?" he asked. i thought the answer was obvious.


"dad. look at me. i'm a freak of nature. you think kids at school aren't gonna notice these physical changes and make fun of them?"


"you shouldn't care what they think. you are something special. you have been chosen by nature to be the next alpha in our family tree. if i had gotten that chance, i wouldn't be complaining about it like you are," dad said.


"whatever, dad."


i poured him a glass of milk and set it on the table. then i rolled him under it and made him something for breakfast.


"aren't you going to school today?" he asked. it wasn't a question. more like if you don't say yes then don't bother coming home this afternoon.


"maybe," i said. i put a pop tart in the toaster. i enjoyed testing his patience to an extent. but i always know where my limits are with dad. i looked out the window and the sun's ray beamed down like a lazer.


"you are not a freak. you are special," dad said.


"sure," i responded, still staring out the window. the sun never hurt my eyes when i look directly at it. it's like i'm the same species as the star. we could be one. we could take each other's place in nature. i whipped my head. then i felt my hair and realized the long black locks i use to sport were gone. i always seem to forget that. i rubbed the back of my head. my hair now was short and glossy. if i grew it back out, i would be one hairy wolf.


i put the pop tart on a plate and slid it to dad.


"thanks," he said. "now go put on a shirt and go to school."


i walked back to my room and looked around. what a mess, i shook my head. almost every piece of clothing i owned was either ripped or shredded. i siffed through the piles looking for something halfway decent to throw on. i put on a white shirt. then i took off the sweat pants, they didn't go with the shirt. but they did if i wanted to look like a homeless guy. i slipped on some blue jeans and then stuck my feet into some sneakers. i grabbed my backpack and banged my forehead walking out of the doorway. i said bye to dad and this time i ducked my head as i walked through the doorway of the front of the house. it felt like summer to me, but it was October. i got into my truck and drove to school. i was low on gas but i could make it there and back without running out. i decided to get some gas anyway before i returned home.

the school parking lot was scarce of cars. and i felt guilty for being one of the few kids that had a vehicle. i parked and walked up the steps just as the bell rang for first period. i caught Mrs. Nenette blushing at my physique. i couldn't help but smile, but i worried about giving her the wrong impression. like i said, i couldn't help but smile.


"good morning, Mrs. Nenette," i said.


"good morning, Jacob," she said.


i was the tallest kid walking through these halls. girls smirked at me and flirted. guys looked at me and wondered. maybe they wondered how i get so buff. maybe they wanna ask but are too 'macho' to ask. oh well. it's not like there's an answer i can give them. because there is none that i can share. they will just have to wonder. i walked into Mrs. Ono's class before ducking my head. she smiled and said hello. the thick round lenses of her glasses got jammed into her high set cheekbones as she smiled. i said hello and took my seat. i put my back pack on the floor.

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Super Awesome!!!!


Jacob Black Forever Chapter 16 Secets and Lies

pov- Bella Swan


Paul's hands gripped my hips. he leaned down to kiss me, but i pushed him back.


"we need to get in there," i said, walking to the door. he cut in front of me. i followed him, my eyes glued to his bare back.


"oh," Emily said as she turned around. a pink apron around her waist. "i'm almost finished."


"no rush," i mumbled, a little hyper. Sam was looking at Paul, almost starring him down. but his face was calm. i looked at Paul to his reaction. but he just sat down at the table, like everything was normal. automatically, i pulled out a chair and sat as close to Paul as i could. that made Sam uncomfortable. and Emily looked a little puzzled by what i did. she looked at Sam and then she shrugged her shoulders.


"it's nice to see you two finally getting along," Emily said, placing a tray of warm peanut butter cookies infront of us. Paul grabbed one and popped it in his mouth. i picked one up too. i chewed it, taking small bites.


"who else is coming to dinner?" i asked, surprised by my own voice. it sounded higher, more lively than normal. Emily had an impressed look on her face. she sat down.


"Embry, Seth, Leah, the others," Emily said,  her elbows on the table. her hands cupped her chin. the long scar on her cheek took away from her natural beauty, but i never notice it anymore. it's becoming more like a birthmark with time. "after i'm done cooking, i'm gonna make Jacob a plate and send it over to the hospital."


the golden cookie crumbs rested against the inside of my throat. i almost choked when she said Jacob's name. Paul rubbed my back. Emily scooted the napkins over to me. i took one and wiped my mouth. Paul ate another cookie. Sam folded his arms in, conspicuous. the phone rang and Sam answered it. his deep voice said, "hello." i tuned him out, not wanting to easedrop. he said goodbye and hung up the phone.


"that was Billy.  he said Charlie called looking for Bella. i guess he wants you home," Sam said. my butt was stuck to the chair. i didn't want to go home. "don't you have school in the morning," Sam tacked on. what was his problem. he obviously didn't want me to stay.


"yeah," i said, my voice was low as i chewed. i took another napkin and Emily slid some peanut butter cookies on it.


"sorry you can't stay," she said, remorsefully.


"it's all good," i said, scratching at my nose. i stuffed the wrapped cookies in my jacket pocket. Paul and Sam were starring at each other when i looked. something was wrong between them. Emily went with me to the door and Paul was behind her.


"bye," she waved with a smile.


"bye." i said.


Paul came from behind her. she went back inside and closed the door. he walked down the steps. it started to drizzle. rain drops dripped on his shoulders, and his head and rolled down his chest, and spotted his sweatpants. we went to my truck. i got in and pulled the keys from my pocket.


"you comin?" i asked, casually, trying to be cool. i wanted him to say yes. i wanted him to jump in and go home with me.


"no," he said, just as casual. "i need to talk to Jacob."


"about what?" i asked, but i knew the answer.


"about what happened with us," he had a 'duh' look on his face. i tensed up. "don't worry. it's not as complicated as you think."


i didn't respond. i twisted the key in the ignition.


"what are you doing after you talk to him," i asked, as my loud truck roared.


"gotta get home and get some sleep," he said. i sighed.


"okay, then," i said, a little put off by his plans. "sleep tight."


"you, too," he lifted his arms off the window. i sped backwards and turned the truck around to go home. all the while i drove, i could picture Charlie sitting down, his mouth open wide as i attempt to explain everything about the wolves. i don't know how much he knew and how much he was still oblivious to. my hands shaking around the steering wheel, i hope i don't drive off the road. i made it home quicker than i wanted. i got out reluctantly and slammed the truck door shut. i marched up the steps and let myself in the house. all the lights were on. it reminded me of before when they all got cut off and i started freaking out about it.  Charlie was sitting in his recliner next to the tv. he wasn't watching it. that was a bad sign. he looked cool and collected, but he also seemed a bit agitated. things were bugging him. he needed to get them off his chest. i sat down in the loveseat infront of the tv. i folded my hands in my lap. ready to talk.


"how was Jake?" was Charlie's first question to my surprise.


"he's fine," i said, my voice had shrunk back to its normal meek tone.


i waited for another question to fling at me. Charlie suppressed some emotions. his lips were tight.


"i know it was an accident," i said. "you didn't mean to shoot him."


Charlie exhaled, annoyance ripped across his stoney face. "of course it was."


i folded on the inside. i didn't want to answer anymore questions. i wanted to go upstairs and avoid everything.


"those.. wolves," Charlie said, not sure what to call them. it became clear to me that he needed to some time. to pack everything inside his brain right now would cause it to explode and possibly make him eligible to go live in a mental hospital. "Billy told me about their legends. apparently they're real," Charlie leaned back and ran his hands against his knees. he thought for a moment. my right knee started shaking. "so Jake and  his friends are shapeshifters," Charlie said, wrapping his lips around the word shapeshifter, like he didn't want to believe it. like it was too silly to believe. Charlie pushed that out of his mind, and something he thought more serious entered. his expression hardened and his eyes fell on me too intensely. my eyes bucked. i knew what was coming.


"and Edward Cullen is a," Charlie said, as if he wanted me to finish his sentence. i didn't.


"is a what, dad?" i asked, my face was blank. i acted like i had no idea what he was getting at. he pointed his finger out at me. it shook, angrily.


"don't act stupid. you're  not a stupid girl. that.. he.. you were involved with him for a long time," Charlie said.


"it wasn't that long," i said.


"since you first got here, you were involved with him," Charlie restated. "how long did you know?"


"did i know what?" i asked.


Charlie bit his lip at me, annoyed. "that he was a vampire."


i closed my eyes for a second. "i don't remember. a few days after we met at school. i guess. he didn't tell me. i found out on my own."


"why didn't you tell me?" Charlie asked.


"because, dad," i said, as i became emotional. "it's dangerous for humans to know anything. i was protecting you."


"protecting me?" Charlie said. "it's my job to protect you. and because you lied, i let a killer walk through my house and see my daughter."


"he's not," i winced. "he wasn't a killer, dad. none of them are." i clapped my hand over my mouth. i had said too much in defending Edward.


"who are them?" Charlie demanded. "so he's not the only one." he had a realization. Charlie smooth his hands through his hair, his face became cold and fearful. "all of them?" he looked up at me. hell had entered our house. i knew Charlie wasn't going to be alright for a long time.


"yes," i nodded. "they can do stuff normal people can't."


Charlie winced, like he didn't want to hear any details. "Edward could read minds."

Charlie looked up at me bewildered. i continued," he could read everyone's mind except mine. he use to come over to the  house, even when you were sleeping just to see me. sometimes you wouldn't be asleep. sometimes he'd just speed right passed you. but you never noticed him with your human sight."


Charlie leaned back in his recliner. he eyes bucked. he wanted to kill someone. but the person he wanted dead was already  dead. he reached for his gun, attached to his pants. my eyes flickered there.


"you can't tell anyone, dad," i said. "i'm not even suppose to know."


AMAZING i loved it so much . you are an amazing writer . keep me updated and make more fast please.
aw thanks so much =) i will

Jacob Black Forever chapter 17 That's What Friends Are For

pov-Bella Swan


"well that's too bad," Charlie said. his fingertips rested on his gun.


"you can't hurt them with that," i said, frowning up.  my lips trembled. Charlie sighed.


"Bella, don't cry," he said. "this is something serious. all the deaths that have been going on, all the unexplainable disappearances and murders.."


"it wasn't them, dad!" i cut him off. "they don't hurt humans. neither do the wolves. they protect us."


Charlie glared at me like i was delusional.


"they're not like the ones you seen in movies. they're different from that," i said. he didn't speak. he got up from his chair. "dad, where are you going?" i got up and followed him. he went into the kitchen and picked up the phone. "no one is going to believe you," i said, as i took the phone from him and put it back on the hook. "you wanna betray Billy and the other Quileutes, go right ahead," i said. i watched him and the phone. my eyes going back and forth. i played the Billy card quite well. Charlie rocked back and headed for the staircase.


"we're not done," he threatened. "go get ready for bed." he stumped up the stairs. when he was out of sight, i slumped to the floor. i breathed too heavily. i thought i was having a panic attack. the only sound in the house was my stupid breathing. after a while, i got up and went upstairs to my room. i took off my jacket, and some cookies fell out of my pocket. nonchalantly, i picked them up and set them on the dresser. i took out the rest and the napkin and put them on the dresser, too. my jacket, i threw over my chair. i turned on my computer and went into my email. my eyes widened. 11 unread messages. all from Alice Cullen. i opened each of them one by one, not giving myself a chance to fully read any of them. they all said things like, "hey Bella, where the heck is Edward. hey Bella, is Edward with you. Bella, what's up, we can't find Edward. do you know where he is. or Bella, Esme's worried. i told her not to. have you seen Edward."


my fists balled up tight. i didn't think about Alice or Esme or any of them. it was too much for me right now. i got up and went to my bathroom. i cut the shower on and took off my clothes. i stepped in, and the cold water turned steaming hot. it rained down on me. scorching my thin skin. i tilt my head back and shut my eyes. as the steam splashed the shower curtain, Paul came into my mind. his hot, russet body connecting to mine. i could still feel it. i could still feel his lips kissing my neck. i bent my head sideways as if it was still happening. i shook my head and tossed it back again. the memory faded. after the shower, put on some pajamas and slid into bed. because of tomorrow, i couldn't get the sleep i craved. scenarios played like a movie when i closed my eyes. what would their reactions be. will they blame me. it wasn't my fault. would they resent ever knowing me. i more layed in bed with my eyes closed rather than slept peacefully. the morning light seeped upward through the window, lighting up the room. i dragged myself out of bed and got ready for school. at breakfast, Charlie didn't speak to me. he was making his own eggs today. he felt i had betrayed him. but nothing was his business to know, anyway. i fixed myself a pop tart and headed to the door. i took one last look at Charlie. he pretended not to see me. i closed the door and went out to my truck. i started it up and went to the high school. as i entered the mundane school life, my mood dropped even lower. everyone in the halls looked so small and normal compared to LaPush 's people. not like i wanted everyone to have some kind of supernatural tendency. it just felt like i stepped back into the real world. i struggled with my locker. when it finally popped open, my history book fell out. i reached down to pick it up. either it was heavier, or i was weaker. i held it in my hands.


"Hi, Bella," a soft musical voice said. i jumped, and dropped the book. Alice was standing behind my locker door. her head cocked to the side. her red lipstick shaped like a smile. my heart pounded.


"Alice," i said, surprised. "you scared me." i frowned. Alice bowed her head.


"i'm sorry, Bella," she said, too sorry. it wasn't her fault. i was just jumpier than usual. i should have expected her to pop up, but my mind had other things on it. i picked the book off the floor again and closed my locker. with that, revealing the rest of Alice. she had on an orange and peach floral empire sundress with thick straps. her collarbone and her shoulders were literally white, like her face. 


"what's the occasion?" i asked. we walked side by side in the hall filled with kids.


"oh, Rosalie and Emmett are getting married.. again," Alice chimed. "i just wanted to show off what i'm gonna be wearing." she twirled out infront of me, forcing me to stop. some boys stopped and caught a glance of her. 


"what do you think?" she smiled. "Rose said i can wear what i want. me and Esme are her bridesmaids."


"it's gorgeous," i said.


"do you wanna come? i know you don't like formal events, but just in case you wanna come you can," she invited. i knew if i said yes, she would want to dictate what i wore. i don't think any the Cullens would want me there after they find out. "oh. did you get any of my messages?"


i took a deep breath. "yeah, i got them." i let the truth roll off my tongue. and decided whatever happens, happens.


"how come you never wrote me back?" she asked, her finger up to her chin.


"well, i just got home last night. i was in LaPush most of the time," i said, giving loose information. "i read them when i got back."


"i don't mean to make you worry. Rosalie thinks Edward took off somewhere to be alone. but he wouldn't do that without telling any of us. you two were having some problems in your relationship was the vibe i got last i saw him. did you break up? i know it has something to do with wolfboy because i can't see anything at all."


"Jacob didn't do anything," i snapped, getting ahead of myself.


"what do you mean?" Alice asked, confused.


"nothing, just nothing," i walked into Mr. Brown's classroom. forgetting that Alice also takes this class. she sat next to me. i wondered if she would still be best friends with me if she knew the wolves had killed her brother.


i sat through my other classes. took notes and stuck them inside my text books as usual. the day was almost over for school. out in the hall. Rosalie Hale walked in her pink kitten toe pumps. it seemed like slow motion as people turned their heads to look at her. like they're seeing her for the first time and she's never been in this school before. she noticed me, but she didn't speak. she just gave a tiny, quick smile and left out the double doors.


"ugh, i wish my parents would get me outta school," Angela Webber breathed on my shoulder. i hadn't noticed her until she spoke. she watched Rosalie leave as well.


"she's probably just thirsty," i muttered.


"huh?" Angela looked at me. her brown eyes peering through her glasses.


"oh. the food sucks," i tried to recover. but Angela still looked confused. she shook her head.


"anyway. i hate math. help me study tonight?" she asked, politely and eagerly. "i have a test friday." her voice dragged out.


"okay," i said.


"good," she said, excited. she pulled some stapled papers from her math book. "these are some sample problems Mrs. Reed gave us." she showed them to me. i looked over them. i nodded.


"yep. should be easy," i said. Angela held the papers to her heart and smiled at me. she mouthed thank you. i smiled. after lunch, i sat through two more classes. i was beginning to think i dodged a bullet after the last bell of the day rang. Angela followed me home in her little red honda. Charlie wasn't home yet. we went upstairs to my room to do homework.


"do you wanna snack?" i asked.


"oh sure," Angela decided. i hopped off the bed and went down to the kitchen. i got two caprisons from the fridge and a big bag of plain potato chips. back in the room, i eyed the peanut butter cookies Emily made. my stomach turned over growling. i stuffed my face with a few of them and offered the rest to Angela.


"mmm, who made these," she demanded.


"Emily," i said. Angela looked for more info.


"she lives in LaPush on the reservation," i said.


"oh. these are so good," she chewed. i stuck a straw into my caprison and set it on the night stand. while Angela still chewed, i scanned over her math notes. then the door bell started buzzing.. relentlessly. then the knocks were hurting my head. someone was being obnoxiously rude. i jumped off the bed and ran downstairs. i peeked through the hole. it was Alice. she looked upset. i opened the door.


"Alice, what's wrong?" i asked.


"you have something you want to say to me," she said. i pondered.


"um. no,"i said.


"something you were planning on doing," she asked. "i saw you doing it." she slumped down on the welcome mat. "no. not him." she whined loudly. she was acting like there had been a death in the family. i thought back. i braced myself, remembering her little ability to see what people are gonna do next. maybe she had a vision of me at the Cullens, telling them that Edward's dead. that he no longer exists. i pulled Alice to her feet and brought her inside. she seemed weightless. i dragged her over to the couch. she put her face in her hands and sobbed. i didn't know what to say to her. she lifted her head from her hands.


"just tell me what happened. you don't have to tell anyone. i'll send it along," Alice said. Angela appeared at the top of the staircase.


"is everything alright?" Angela asked. she looked at Alice, sobbing. and she ran down the stairs and sat next to her. "omg, what's wrong?" Angela asked, putting her hand on Alice's back. Angela's other hand held Alice's hand. Alice looked up at me for answers. of course i can't talk about it with Angela here. Alice seemed to have forgotten that. but i couldn't send Angela away without coming off rudely. she was Alice's friend too.

bella is so wrong for not tellin them what happened i know she is now with jake but she did love edward at some point and his family so for her to act like this i would not be mad at them if they sent aro after her. i mean she is acting like she never had any feelings for him or his family ever..........not happy at all with her actions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yeah,it really is her obligation to tell on them about edward but she's just a normal human being still....she's confused...imagine telling your ex-boyfriend's family that your present boyfriend and his friend who had imprinted on you tagged teamed and killed your ex-boyfriend ???? i would also be really nervous telling that..
thanks Jo!
thanks T!!
it was so good but i feel bad for alice. she should of tolled her at school. you did a good job again keep me updated. make more fast to .
cool. thanks Issy!


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