The Twilight Saga

this starts off in eclipse with jake's point of view, but it's different from real story. this is just my version.

a lot of things change for the residents of LaPush and Bella Swan. desire, confusion, and murder weave new paths for each of their lives. secrets reveal themselves and rupture the skin.  new passions come to light. can imprinting make love easier?... can true love conquer imprinting?


Jacob Black Forever Chapter 1: Sunrise


i woke up this morning to find my legs stretched over the end of my bed. dang. i had grown again. i sat up and yawned, and stretched and flexed my arms. i felt like a freak. my muscles bulged. i looked in the mirror and decided that maybe they weren't so bad. i put some gray sweat pants over my legs and went to the kitchen for breakfast. dad was already there. i opened the fridge and drank the milk right from the carton.


Billy cleared his throat and folded his arms across his chest. "you're not dressed for school, yet?"


"i'm not going," i winked at him. i took another swig of milk from the carton.


"why not son?" he asked. i thought the answer was obvious.


"dad. look at me. i'm a freak of nature. you think kids at school aren't gonna notice these physical changes and make fun of them?"


"you shouldn't care what they think. you are something special. you have been chosen by nature to be the next alpha in our family tree. if i had gotten that chance, i wouldn't be complaining about it like you are," dad said.


"whatever, dad."


i poured him a glass of milk and set it on the table. then i rolled him under it and made him something for breakfast.


"aren't you going to school today?" he asked. it wasn't a question. more like if you don't say yes then don't bother coming home this afternoon.


"maybe," i said. i put a pop tart in the toaster. i enjoyed testing his patience to an extent. but i always know where my limits are with dad. i looked out the window and the sun's ray beamed down like a lazer.


"you are not a freak. you are special," dad said.


"sure," i responded, still staring out the window. the sun never hurt my eyes when i look directly at it. it's like i'm the same species as the star. we could be one. we could take each other's place in nature. i whipped my head. then i felt my hair and realized the long black locks i use to sport were gone. i always seem to forget that. i rubbed the back of my head. my hair now was short and glossy. if i grew it back out, i would be one hairy wolf.


i put the pop tart on a plate and slid it to dad.


"thanks," he said. "now go put on a shirt and go to school."


i walked back to my room and looked around. what a mess, i shook my head. almost every piece of clothing i owned was either ripped or shredded. i siffed through the piles looking for something halfway decent to throw on. i put on a white shirt. then i took off the sweat pants, they didn't go with the shirt. but they did if i wanted to look like a homeless guy. i slipped on some blue jeans and then stuck my feet into some sneakers. i grabbed my backpack and banged my forehead walking out of the doorway. i said bye to dad and this time i ducked my head as i walked through the doorway of the front of the house. it felt like summer to me, but it was October. i got into my truck and drove to school. i was low on gas but i could make it there and back without running out. i decided to get some gas anyway before i returned home.

the school parking lot was scarce of cars. and i felt guilty for being one of the few kids that had a vehicle. i parked and walked up the steps just as the bell rang for first period. i caught Mrs. Nenette blushing at my physique. i couldn't help but smile, but i worried about giving her the wrong impression. like i said, i couldn't help but smile.


"good morning, Mrs. Nenette," i said.


"good morning, Jacob," she said.


i was the tallest kid walking through these halls. girls smirked at me and flirted. guys looked at me and wondered. maybe they wondered how i get so buff. maybe they wanna ask but are too 'macho' to ask. oh well. it's not like there's an answer i can give them. because there is none that i can share. they will just have to wonder. i walked into Mrs. Ono's class before ducking my head. she smiled and said hello. the thick round lenses of her glasses got jammed into her high set cheekbones as she smiled. i said hello and took my seat. i put my back pack on the floor.

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Jacob Black Forever chapter 24 Bad Romance

pov-Jacob Black


"clean up this room," Billy yelled at me.


"don't take it out on me because your best friend ditched you," i said.


"it's all that girl's fault," he said. i looked at him, not believing he just called her that.


"that girl? that girl is your best friend's daughter. she has a name. Bella. ring a bell?" i said.


"she does nothing but bring trouble," Billy said.


"that's just a coincidence, dad," i said.


"break up with her. let Paul have her," he said. i narrowed my eyes, angry. "Sam always lets me know what's going on. it's his job." with that, he rolled out of my doorway. i wanted to break something. i jammed my fist into the wall, creating a huge hole in my room. i regretted it. dad was going to make me fix it. i walked through the hall way.


"where are you going?" Billy asked.


"out," i said, my voice low. i didn't care if he heard me or not. i walked out the door. she's doing it to me again. maybe i should just fold all my cards and accept that the universe doesn't want us together. something is always in my way. i walked down to the beach. my hands in my pockets. i had won. why am i still going through this. you're not suppose to kill an imprintee. what about an imprinter. but i wasn't even mad at Paul. i thought he'd suppressed it, though. we all did. dammit. Leah's coming.


"hi, Jake," she said, jogging up to me.




"ooh," she said. "why so serious?"


"you know," i griped.


"Paul's got it bad," she said, rubbing it in. on purpose.




"oh come on," she said, hanging on my shoulder. i turned to the ocean and plopped down on the sand.


"why couldn't i just stay human," i asked. "why couldn't we all."


Leah shrugged.


"so what are you up to?" i asked.


"nothing now. but, last night, i watched a movie at Paul's house," she said. "it wasn't that scary, but Bella was so scared she had to be cuddled by Paul."


i didn't respond.


"i'm kidding. they didn't cuddle. well, not infront of me," she said. i shook my head. "don't you wanna get back at her?"


"what are you talking about?" i said. "it's not her fault."


"see that's the thing," she said. "it never is. oh that girl can do no wrong."


"just because you don't like her doesn't mean you can talk about her like that," i said.


"i never said i didn't like her," Leah said.


"you don't say it. you think it. all the time. you hammer it into our brains," i said. "i don't care about what you think." she didn't talk  for a while. i had shut her up. i layed back on the sand. my arm rested across my chest. Leah, then layed down, copying me. her forearm in the sand, her hand supporting her head so she could look at me.


"you wish it was you?" she asked.


"every minute," i said. "but it's done." i didn't want anymore talking about it. about her. Leah placed her hand on my chest. i knew what she was thinking. i would have stopped her if i thought there was atleast an ounce of a future left for me and Bella. but there was none i could see, from this distance. she kissed me, running her lips against mine, sideways. i don't know what i felt. maybe she was trying to prove a point. maybe she was trying to make Bella mad. maybe she was trying to make me forget about Bella. but nothing really could. but it was a nice try. i had opened up that pandora's box a second time when we got back together. i should have known better.


"you're so naive,"Leah said.


"why?" i asked, confused.


"she doesn't love you. it's not possible anymore."


"and you are?"


"i'm here. she's not."


"she's at Paul's" i said.


"that's beside the point," Leah snapped, getting irritated. i closed my eyes. "block me out all you want. i'm still always gonna be here catching you when she throws you off her high horse again and again."


i hummed. leah clapped her hand over my mouth. i stopped. she slanted her eyes, annoyed at me. "Jacob, Bella's not the only girl in the world."


"you're not the first person to say that to me," i said.


"then, why don't you listen," she complained. "i'm here, too. what's wrong with that?"






i breathed out. "i know everyone is against us being together, but damn, Leah!!" i got up. she pulled on my hand, pulling me back on the sand. she shook her head, not getting it. "you don't understand. it will only make things bad for you. i will only hurt you in the end."


"let me take that chance," she said. "i'm not some fragile princess. heck, i probably won't even care if i get hurt. atleast i'll know i tried."


"you're a brave girl, Leah."



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Jacob Black Forever chapter 25 Hot Tamale

povJacob Black


"you're risking our friendship," i said.


"what friendship? oh! you mean the bickering and the constant disagreeing?" Leah said. "oh that friendship."


"trust me. you're gonna be wishing for it back one day," i said.


"don't you mean that's what you're going to be doing?" she asked. "that's what you think. open your mind up a little more. let your brain get some air."


"what if we fall apart?" i asked.


"like i said already. atleast we gave it a shot." she pressed her lips to my cheek. "who knows? we might last a long time."


some of the pressure had lifted off of me. i wondered if she was just saying all this to make me feel better. if so, then it was working. but what if that's all and she wasn't serious. i kinda wanted us both to phase so i can find out for sure. for all i know right now, she could be playing with my head just for fun.


"Leah, i wanna kiss you again." i said as our foreheads touched.


"i know a place where we can do more than kiss," she said. she got off the sand, taking my hand. i followed her. she was going towards the forest.


"that is the dumbest place to go," i said, snatching my hand away from her. she turned around and looked at me.


"it's not dumb. it's romantic," she retorted.


"yeah. for wild animals," i griped. "one of the guys could be passing through there as their wolf."


"is that what you're worried about? being seen? everyone is on patrol. you're so chicken, Jacob." Leah turned and stormed passed me. i grabbed her hand.


"fine. wherever you wanna go," i changed my mind. her angry frown quickly turned into a winning smile. i felt played. "i better not regret this."


"trust me. you won't," she said, dragging me into the trees. we dashed across the river. a beaver was making his dam. Leah took me to what looked like a cave. spruce and other plants decorated the entrance.


"what is this?" i asked, dull.


"my secret spot," she said.


"who else have you brought here?" i asked, insinuating. she pulled her arm back, then swung her fist into my shoulder with brutal force. heat flared up inside my shoulder socket.


"ouch!" i cried out.


"any more questions?" she asked. i shook my head, no. "i only use this spot when i want some peace and quiet from everyone. i can listen to the river from here, too."


"you're such a tree hugger," i snickered.


"i'll take that as a compliment," she said. she ducked down and crawled in. she looked up at me.


"i can't fit inside there," i said.


"it's bigger on the inside," she said. i ducked my head down and crawled in.  it was bigger on the inside. like a bear's hybernation spot.


"see. now no one can see us," she gleamed. i stayed closer to the outside light. cause it was the only light we had. a silent minute passed. i couldn't figure out where my sudden nervousness came from.


"why would you show me this place?" i asked.


"i told you i would," she said.


"yeah. but i could go and tell everyone where it is," i said.


"you wouldn't do that," she said.


"not on purpose," i said. she bowed her head. realizing the huge risk we were taking. it's impossible to keep secrets in the pack.


"well. we have a decision to make," she lifted her head up. i looked at her. the cave was too dim. "we can care, or we can not give a damn."


a short laugh escaped me. she pushed her face towards mine. i kissed her, pulling on her bottom lip with my teeth. i turned my head at a sudden sound. a gray rabbit was outside the cave, nibbling on something and starring right at us. it was weird. Leah threw a stick at him. she layed herself out, pulling me on top of her.  we frenched kissed. all the heat in my body had traveled down to one spot. she squeezed her legs around my waist, forcing me to dip closer between her legs. my body was jerking, involuntarily. i could feel the shock on my face.


"you look lost," Leah said, breathing heavily. her voice, husky and light. it was hot. i couldn't speak. my wide eyes just starred at her. i couldn't stop either, not even if i tried. "how does that feel?" she asked. i responded by kissing her lips. i felt like it was time to do more. so i reached my hand down, slowly, and tried to pull her shorts down. her hand suddenly curled around mine, stopping me from doing it.


"what?" i asked, annoyed that she did that.


"there's a lot we can do. but you have to break up with Bella first," she said, she looked innocent enough. but some doubts sat in the back of my mind. i hoped this had nothing to do with her hate towards Bella.


"okay," i said. i didn't know if i was going to fall through with that or not. maybe it was just my body answering for me. my mind and my body wanted different things. but my body wanted Leah more than my brain wanted Bella. what did i just get myself into.

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Jacob Black Forever chapter 26 New Vampire



“ok,” I said, reluctant. I walked with the boy over to the blue cadillac. Megan opened the door and got into the driver seat. The boy and I got into the back seat. All the doors were shut. I was in a vehicle with two vampires.


“so what do you know,” I urged them. They both looked at each other, afraid to answer.
"well?” I begged. Annoying silence.


“what’s his name?” I asked Megan, as i eyed the boy.


“Dallas,” she answered. He looked at her, betrayal burning his expression.


“now that that’s out of the way,” I said, snarky. “you wanna tell me what you know about my dad, Dallas?”


“there was this cop,” Megan spoke for him. “said he needed a favor. He needed a job done  cleanly and swiftly. He asked me to kidnap your father. I agreed to do it. But I didn’t feel confident to do it on my own. So he told me to get someone to help. He picked out Dallas and turned him. And Dallas did the deed.”


“where is my dad?” I asked Dallas. I was fuming. “and who is this guy?”


“he called himself Corporal,” Megan said.


“Corporal,” I remembered from the police station Officer Lane mentioning a Corporal. The new guy in charge I had never heard of before. the guy responsible for having everyone down there thinking that my dad's on vacation.


“how does he know about vampires?” I asked.


“he is one,” Dallas spoke up for the first time since we entered the car.


“why are you sharing all this with me of all people?” I asked, uncomfortable with their sudden openness.


“I felt guilty. I’m not asking for remorse from anyone. I’m not a bad person. I’m new to this lifestyle and I trusted the first ones I came across. One was Corporal,” Megan said.


“do you know his real name?” I asked.


“no. he never shared it with us. His eyes are dark red. Like old blood,” she said. “he has an accent.” She looked at Dallas. “didn’t he sound French or Italian or something? She asked him.



My eyebrows shot up. “Italian?” I singled out. I shook my head no. it couldn’t.. denial cooled me down.


“what does he want with your dad?” Dallas asked.


“I don’t know,” I grudged. “you kidnapped him. You should know.”


“I only did what I was told,” he said, sounding innocent.


“and  you didn’t write a creepy note and send it to my house?” I accused.


“Corporal wrote the note,” Dallas threw his palms up.


“so he was with you?” I asked.


“he was making sure I did my job right,” Dallas said. “he was watching from a distance, waiting for me outside.”


My body crippled. This was my fault. I balled up my fist, guilt ridden. My poor dad.


“does Corporal have my dad? Is he with him?” I asked.


“I don’t know,” they said together.


“what else do you know?” I asked, annoyed how the information was falling flat. “Dallas, you said my father wasn’t in Forks anymore. Where is he then?”


Dallas tightened his lips. Now regretting acting like a hot shot. “he never said exactly.”


Dallas was curling up, not wanting to share anything else.


“what’s his problem?” I asked Megan.


“Corporal told us to stay away from you before he left town with Charlie. He didn’t trust us after we helped him. He called Dallas soft.,” Megan said.


“he was afraid you’d spill,” I said.


“and he had every right to be,” Dallas said, looking at Megan. He looked like he was going to hit her. Dallas looked at me. “I just don’t want him coming after me. I’m not like her. I can’t fend him off if he wants to kill me for blabbing.”


“Dallas,” Megan hushed him.


“you’re both newborns,” I said. “it’s astonishing how you can talk to me and not think about my blood.”

Dallas’s eyes flickered at the word blood.


“it’s okay,” Megan gripped his shoulder. “I can resist. It was suggested that he drink from me ever so often before he goes in contact with the human. So that he won’t kill him.”


“who suggested that?” I asked.


“I did,” she said.


“why?” I asked. “what makes you so tame?”


“I’m a half breed,” Megan said. “half vampire.”


“half werewolf,” Dallas tacked on, finishing her sentence for her. i gaped at her, my eyes bugging out.


"i was coming into Forks to see some family members who i haven't seen since i was small. they live on the reservation. i didn't even make it to LaPush before i was attacked by this red headed chick," she said.


"you don't look Quileute," i accused.


"my father was Quileute. my mother was white," Megan said.



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