The Twilight Saga

I'ts as if Jacob never imprinted. Instead he goes back to the woods and try's to go wolf again. But he meets a nother group of shapshifters other than the Quiluetes. complete opposites of Jacob;s pack.
Will Leah fall in love? will Jacob?
new members join JAcob's pack .
are the Cullen's enimies or friends?

I ran as fast as I could toward the herd of deer, aiming for the buck. I could feel my muscles bunching, getting ready to attack. In one fluid movement I soared through the air, landing on the buck and killing him quickly. I started eating and remembered Leah, and her old aversion to eating raw. No Jake. No human thoughts. All Wolf. I told myself sternly. And to prove my own point I lifted my head and howled. I had been on the road for 6 weeks, trying to fall back into my all wolf stupor I had been in months ago. It wasn’t working. I kept getting thrown back into human thoughts and memories.
I finished eating the deer and padded to a nearby stream. I drank my fill and then bathed, rolling in the water comically. If Bella was here she would have laughed. I chastised myself for the thought. Human thoughts I could handle, but Bella thoughts were painful.
I remember leaving, remember coming down the stairs after that...that... monster was born; remember the fight with Blondie, I trying to kill it. She trying to protect it. Then going against all instinct by turning around and running out the door. The pleas and wishes of Seth and Leah echoed in my head. The only time I had used the edict of the alpha against my pack, ordering them to leave me alone.
“Jake, we’re not still angry about that” I heard Seth in my head, causing me to yowl in surprise, I wasn’t aware of an audience to my thoughts.
“Speak for your self Seth” I heard Leah respond as images of me turning my back on the leach sprang into her mind
“Out of all of this Leah, that might have been the most painful moment” I said back at them.
“YAY!! Jacob’s speaking again!!” I heard an oddly familiar voice in my head say. At that moment I saw something in Seth’s mind that he had been trying to hide.
“COLLIN??!?!?” I barked in angry surprise. “COLLIN JOINED MY PACK!!!”
Only one person was behind this, and they were trying very hard to phase back to human form “SETH WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!” I roared in anger.
“um…okay…yes…this is my fault…but he said he was lonely in Sam’s pack” Seth stuttered. Meanwhile Leah was laughing uncontrollably. I tried to calm my self.
“You like me right? Jacob.” Colin whimpered.
“okay let’s say this slowly, GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!” I screamed and did something I never dreamed of doing. I ran toward home.

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I LOVE it, please write more....I can't wait
this was the most intresting must be stephenie meyers jr.
((Sorry i havent been on in a while))

I ran toward the small camp the others had set up, a small clearing with tents and electronics (which was pluged into a power strip leading somewhere in the woods).that was miles and miles away from LaPush and Forks. Seth would you mind telling me WHY there is another member of this pack.
Um....Well.. I was visiting my mom and then i saw Colin sitting by the side of the road, so i talked to him."
colin? I asked the small wolf.
Well some of the guys were making fun of me. How i was too small. THat I should come join this pack. So i did!!
THe kid was happy. I knew that much. "Fine you can stay"
"YAY YAY YAY" Colin chased his tail around in circles.
I had more depressing thoughts to attend to. "Guess there is no going back to wolf is there?" I asked my self.
So guys.. and girls I added.what happened flinch after i left
Well Jake I guess you cant avoid it. Bellas a leech.Leah said in a superior tone
I let out a yowl of pain. but before i could make coherent thoughts i caught a familiar scent
wolf I told the others Our kinda wolf
HUH? the others thought together.
Just come HERE.. It's not Sam's pack I ran to where the scent was coming from and stoped in my tracks. Shapshifters. Werewolfs. Half man half dog. What ever you want to call us. 15 at least were standing in front of me. another pack. And worst of all they were all girls.
"??????" the thoughts in my head told me Leah, Seth, and Colin were just as surprised as i was
I heard the sound of paws behind me and knew Leah was already on her way "Don’t say anything until i get there" she told me. Last time i checked Leah, i was alpha" i responded curtly. But i understood her anxiety. For her whole wolfhood or whatever you want to call it, Leah had been the misfit, the outsider. But now here were a whole pack of girl wolves and she always thought she was different. She was not missing out. In seconds she skidded to a halt beside me, With Seth and Colin at her tail. "Colin stand back a bit, you might freak them out" I told the small wolf, who was doing some kind of anxiety dance, hopping from one foot to the other while his tail wagged faster than light.
I opened my mind for bouncing, which was what me and Sam called the way separate alphas communicate.
"Umm, hi, I am Jacob and this is Leah, Seth, and Colin. Who are you?" I told the white she-wolf that was obviously the Alpha
" I am kylie leader of the 3rd Olympic pack. Why are you on my land?" Kylie spoke icily.
"Whoa.. 3rd? i only thought there were two, Me and Sam's pack. And we are a kind of new pack so we thought this was our land." I responded, confused. At the sound of Sam's name all the girls behind kylie broke out in wolfish giggles, causing Leah to bristle and growl.
" Ahh.. Yes. Sam's pack. we met them recently. A few days ago. they mentioned you. Sam was quite the flirter with some of my girls." Kylie clearly disliked Sam. at this new information, Leah broke out in a sprint toward the new pack.
"LEAH BACK OFF". I yelled at her. She stopped in her tracks, and instead, slinked off into the woods. fine. I am telling Emily." she walked back toward LaPush. I turned my attention to Kylie who was looking at me oddly.
"She hates us." Kylie said sadly "One of our own kind, a female wolf. hates us."
well..yeah she kinda does, but only because Sam flirted." i said back. “you see Sam has already imprinted and is getting 2 days, Leah is his ex-girlfriend and his fiancée’s cousin, She is telling Emily now." I added. Seth whined behind me. At this news, all the girls gasped in surprise, even Kylie, who, until now, had on a poker face.
“M-m-married?” She asked, but did not wait for an answer, instead, she cusses him out.
“Yeah. Married. And Seth is Leah’s bro, and is scared Sam’s going to rip her to shreds” I told Kylie. Seth whined again. “and back to the important subject. Where did you guys come from? We descended from Quileute’s but were all guys!” I told Kylie incredulously. I immediately regretted saying that. All 16 of the girls stiffened. Leah growled in my head. “Sexist”.
Kylie however brushed the comment of and answered my questions. “We also descended from the Quileute’s, but do you think all Indians stayed in one place? No. We moved and then one day a girl turned into a wolf just like her brothers. She ran away and soon others followed. She started her own pack. We are the decedents. Our children will be raised in our village and will turn into wolves. Leah is the only other female wolf we have heard of that does not belong to us.”Kylie finished her story and looked at me.
“Village? What village? So your saying that all your female children turn into wolves and the guys don’t?” I was sooo confused. “But what about the leeches? They are the reason we are shape shifters.” I spat.
“ Yes but we are on the border. There are vampire’s in Alaska and in Washington. We are right between those to lands. Plenty of leech to go around. And recently the Cull….” Kylie was cut off mind sentence by warning growls from Seth and Colin. I understood what Kylie was about to say. I lifted my head and howled pitifully at the moon. Kylie studied me like I was a foreign disease. I opened my mind and let Seth talk for a while. “The Cullen’s are a touchy subject with us. And if you must talk about them, do NOT mention any new members.” Seth said with the most authority I had ever heard him use. And before he could help himself, two pictures flashed into his head, and of course I saw them, so did Kylie. The first was of a tall long haired brunette with flashing red eyes. Next to her was Edward. That was my Bella. All pale and cold.
The next was of the same picture but in Bella’s arms was a small curly haired baby smiling. That thing. I was suddenly filled with so much fury that I was shaking. Kylie had obviously figured out who both of them were. I suddenly had an idea. They had 16 wolves maybe more. I had four, that was more than enough for 8 or 9 leeches. Kylie caught on to my plan and barked. “Me and my sisters will not die for you and a old grudge.” I looked at her angrily. “It is what we were born for! Killing Vampires!! I prowled forward and so did she. I would fight her. If it ment that the Cullens died later…..

write moreee
rite more!!
<3 it!!!
pretty good story, very interesting. I like the main focus is Jacob and it flows.

I like the action, even though none has happened but it puts you on the edge of your seat. LOL
yay write more, please write more soon
add me as your friend please and let me now when you update please
Me too, please!!
are you going to post more


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