The Twilight Saga

Jacobs Twilight Saga
Okay, I thought it was really unfair that we only really got a small glimpse of Jacobs opinions ( Breaking Dawn book 2) I would have loved to have seen Jacobs imprint and when he was changing for the first time in his point of view.

Chapter One : Preparations

I stepped through the doorway, anxious to hear Charlies news. He's been real cheery lately, barely containing his excitement about some unknown fact.Whenever I asked dad about it he ust shook his head and sighed, obvisiously at wits end .You'd think a police sheriff would have more composure and control over himself. You'd think .

I shook the cool rainwater from my jacket and threw it over the banister of the stairs to dry off. It was a typical rainy day, the clouds hung in dark curtains over the sky, blocking any slight chance of sunlight. I had just finished hanging with Quil, Embry and Seth down at the Clearwaters. Seth was always fun to be around, the kid couldn't keep the smile off his face .Happy little punk . Thirtenn years old and already part of the gang . My gang that is, not Sam Uleys scary gang.

I shuddered slightly as I thought of them.They were all like seven foot tall and seriously ripped.You couldn't stand beside them without feeling like a punny midget. They were all so imtimidating too, whenever anyone approached them, they were made feel like they were interupting a very important meeting or something . Stupid, I know but they just had that effect on people . To make it worse, they were revered by the Elders, who considered them as a guiding light for the youths . They had a point, all the kids eventually join Sams gang, once they reach sixteen or seventeen . Bt as for the guiding light thing, they were often associated with drugs . God only knows .

I took a deep breath, mentally preparing myself for whatever "rivetting" news Charlie was about to give us the pleasure of hearing. I walked into our cramped sitting room and plopped down on the sofa. Dad was opposite me, in his wheelchair of course. Charlie was standing in the corner, obvisiously too excited to stay still . He was on a serious high. I chuckled lightly at him . Billy and Charlie were like two schoolkids, sometimes, the things they get up to and the way they act .

"So, Charlie do you have something you wanted to tell us ?" I raised my eyebrows in mock innocence as waited for him to elaborate. To be honest I was curious about what had him so worked up. It must be good.

Charlie rolled his eyes but continued anyway, I don't think anything could stop him from telling us his story . "Well, remeber my daughter Bella ...?" He paused, waiting for an answer . Billy nodded straight away, Charlie turned to me . I thought back . Bella... Bella, I searched through my memory banks. I eventually found what I was looking for . Bella Swan.

I remembered playing in the mud with her and my sisters during her summer visits to Charlie .We were often lumped together while the men went fishing . Her and Rachel and Rebecca were good friends, but she eventually got sick of it and threw a major temper tantrum to get out of it . I hope she isn't as spoilt these days. I chuckled as I remembered making her a mud pie and blushing as she accepted it with a very polite thank you .

Bella was over a year older than me . I wonder what she looks like now. She was a pretty young girl, if my memory serves ....

"Jacob" Charlies stern voice disrupted my thoughts and brought me back to earth with a thud . I felt the blood pooling in my cheeks and looked away . Dads and their danger senses, as if he had really known what I was thinking . Looking at his face I was sure he had a good enough idea .

"Yeah, I remember her. What about her ?" I nodded, way too offhand. Damn I probably offended him now, talking about his daughter like that. What had she ever done to me ?

"Shes coming back !" His face lit up and a wide smile broke across his face. It was a smile I rarely saw, one that crinkled his eyes and made him look ten years younger. It was infectous, I couldn't help but grin back at him and pull him in to a tight hug . He coughed embarrassed by my affection and I pulled away .

"No need to go over the top Jake " He warned back to the same old closed off Charlie . I understoood, life had been hard for Charlie. His wife left him, taking their only child with her.Bella had visited every Christmas until she was five(dad told me ) and every summer until she about ten .

A thought entered my head, I was going to meet her again, to see her with my own eyes.If I was honest with myself, I always had a crush on Bella Swan .She was preety and sweet, and kind, and honest . I just wonder....

"Thats fantastic bud " Dad reached up and did this lame secret handshake with Charlie that they had since they were kids.

"Umm , Charlie, don't do that around her okay ?" I cringed, just imagining the look on her face if she ever saw them at it .

"Whatever" He nodded but I could see that he was really worried about relating to his teenager daughter who he hadn't seen in seven years. It was going to be awkward at the start but I knew he would be a great dad, he was like a second one to me .

"Don't worry man, you'll be great " I play punched his shoulder and smiled by best smile at him, try to reassure him . He returned my smile and ruffled my hair, which wasn't easy to do, considering it's lenght, but he always managed it somehow.

"So, when is she coming ?" I asked, trying to sound casual but failing miserabley . Man what was with me, I don't even know this girl, yet....

"Three weeks, so I'm going to need your help with setting up her room and such " He grinned evily.I sighed, just great, another thing to add to my long long list .I was still trying to mess up the truck bad enough that dad would allow me to fix up that Rabbit I had my eyes on . The "monster" as I liked to call it, was seriously annoying me and Dad wouldn't let me get a new one with a perfectly good one out in the yard. Yeah, perfectly good car that couldn't travel at speeds above 50 mp/h.

Thats when the inspiration hit . " Oh Charlie" I put on my sweet voice . " Bella'll need a ride when she gets here right, for school and stuff. "I asked with a grin, trying to avoid my dads gaze.

"Ummmm no Jake I can take her everywhere she needs to go "He answered confused. I snorted, as if any 17 year old girl would want to be driven around town by her father in a police cruiser .

"Come on Charlie, do you really think she would want to be given a police escort everywhere she goes" I raised my eyebrows and emphasised the police escort, trying to make a sale . He blushed bright red and shook his head .

"I guess not but where am I going to get a resonably priced car for her?"

"Well...." I looked at dad . He sighed and nodded ." I guess we'll make both of them happy " He muttered , too low for Charlie to hear him.

"Take the Chevy Charlie," he smiled " she'll like that." Charlie stopped and considered it for a minute. His face broke out into another wide smile. Geesh, this girl really affected big time. I wonder what she'll be like with me .

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This is a really good idea! Can't wait to read it! Keep me posted!
cool thanks :-)
wow this story is good
thanks, I hope it lives up to your expections :)
I will :) soon
ill be back with ur banner in a couple mins :)
I love the idea!!!! DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay here is ur banner, i can remake it i can make a totally dif one tell me ta do anything with it ill try! im open to tring new things! ok so if u dont like it dont try to spare my feelings cuz this is just a benner ":)
Its great, thanks :)
your welcome :) no changes?
nope, I perfectly happy with it, it's perfect:)I'll put it up once I find my USB stick to save it
this is awesome. keep me posted.


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