The Twilight Saga

 Chpter 1:RENESMEE! wake up before Emmett gets up here with a bucket of cold water!"Mom sang "Mom 5 more min. Please” I grumbled back.
Then I heard the sink turn on .I jumped out of bed. I heard Emmet complain downstairs" Bella..." I giggled when a thought came into
my mind, I heard dad laugh two from down stairs dad laughed to. "you know Emmett I’m not the only one who sleeps in this house" I
said referring to Jacob. I didnt need to
shout for uncle Em to hear me I knew he could hear me .Alice dashed into my over sized closed and the sink turned back on. everyone
giggle .Then came the sound water splashing and Jake growling." Hey now puppy Nessie suggested it".

Jake started chasing Emmet around
the house. Vases, pictures, and many more things were breaking all around the house. "Emmet Jake take it out side!".Esme asked.
then a window shattered "Emmet Cullen you will fix that!!" I have never heard Esme that annoyed .Alice came dancing out of my closet.
I gulped. 'Oh come on Renesmee. It’s your first day of high school let me dress you please “she asked holding the E at the end I sighed
and grabbed the outfit from her hand and stomped of into the bath room. I pulled a brush though my long bronze curles .Alices
outfit wasn’t so bad .A dark purple and baby blue plaid button up shirt with sleeves that stop an inch before my elbow,
Baby blue skinny jeans and dark purple bracelets’ slipped it on and called Alice into the room."Yes Ness" she smiled "wow for
once I like it! What about my hair? leave it down r put it up asked wanting to impress Jake .WAIT WHAT did I just think! HE was just my best friend that’s all. Right..............?

"nether put in this purple head band let go .Nessie you there" she asked waving
her hand over my face .I snapped out of it "yea fine lets go" we walked down stairs and I sat and the table and started eating eggs and undercooked meat, today it was steak. Then Emmet and Jake walked through the door laughing .Jake dashed
my side, picked me up, and started tickling me to death saying "You little monster you told Emmet to dump water on me"

i got out between laughing " I-haha-only-hehheee-said that-hahahee-im not -teeeehee- the only one-haaahaaaheee- that sleeps!"
he put be down and I gasped for air well he went straight for the food."Ready to go to school Ness" my dad asked. sureeeeeeee
I answered. Moments later we went to the cars.

(Chapter two that’s a first) I didn't really talk on the way to school .But Jake mom and dad tried to talk."Nessie you will do fine" mom
tried to comfort me. "yea Ness and you have me in all but two classes. On the bright side Emmett and Jasper are in the
other classes."Jake said then grabbing my hand and giving it a squeeze. Electric bolts shot up my body from hand up.I blushed and
turned the other way looking out the window. Dads fast driving had us to school in no time."Were here come on don’t want to be late." dad
said smiling. Has he pulled in to a parking space next to Emmett’s jeep. I let go of Jakes hand sadly and got out of dads volo. OK it was
official I had a THING FOR EGGS GOD DAD GET OUT OF MY MIND!I couldn't finish the thought because of dads mind reading and he was looking
at me with a face mixed with many emotions. He frowned. I didn't realize everyone was staring at me and dad. Aunt Rose spoke up" Everyone got
the story straight .Edward and Nessie are brother and sister that where adopted together, me and jasper are the Hale twins once again,
Emmett was best friends with the mutt in the orphanage ,Carlisle and Esme couldn't separate Emmett and the little puppy ,last bella and Alice
are sister and Carlisle nieces your dad was Carlisle long lost brother got it." there was yeps ,and yes, and sures .We all walked into the building
every one holding hands.....I stop the thought once again and sighed."Come on Ness" Jake said pulling me into the class room .Wow I haven't
noticed how nice his voice sounded .we walked up to the desk were a older man sat staking papers. "Hello I'm Jacob Black and this is Renesmee
Cullen. We are new here today." I love the way Jake says my name!

"Ok here are your books you can take those sets "he pointed to two sets in
the very back. Right next to what looks like would be miss populaur .She was staring right at my Jacob. It was hard to hold back my growl.
"hey "she said has she walked up to Jake .A small hiss came out of my mouth."Hey I'm Olivia" She said with a flirting tone if she didn't watch
it Jake would have to hold me back. "you have plans for tonight "she sat on his desk and twirled her hair. I hissed a little bit again.
"Yep" he said popping the P, like her always does "I do have plans tonight .And i don't date girls like you anyway “a rush of relief ran though me "and why is
that" she asked.
"well for one you think that you all that, two you think you can have any guy you want and if I go on I'm gonna get in trouble with
the teacher “he said smiling. He turned his head from her to look at me .He was still smiling. I loved his smile .I blushed then when right
to work again. She hoped of his desk and went back to her little group.15 min. later class ended and my next class was without Jacob .I frowned
"see you after bio Jake" I stood up and smiled at him " by Ness see you soon" then I walked out of the class and found Emmett standing right
there."Un...Emmett you scared me "I yelled at him "Sorry Nessie. ready to go to class" "yea sure" we walked off and onto the class room Mr. Baren
show us were to sit .a couple min. into class I turned around to see who was behind me. Only to see a guy looking at my .It looked like he was about
to drool. I turned around and thought of a way to tell Emmett without making it seem odd that I just touch him. "Hey Emmett can you hand me that pen"
he hand he the pen. When I went to grab it my hand touched his and showed him the drooling boy behind me. Emmet started to laugh quietly. Then I decided
to take tell Emmett about my crush on Jake .In case drolly asks me out."Emmett whispered to low for a human to hear "if I tell you something will
you promise to keep it a secret not think about and help me out not laugh and not make many jokes like a cool uncle would?"

 "Sure Ness you ok?". I ignored my normal reply of nope I’m preggers.
"can my dad hear us?"he shook his head. I Put my on his arm and told him how I liked Jake but we were just best friends right? I showed him all my
worries about it even Mr. Drooly behind us. then I pulled my hand away ."awwwww Nessie has her first crush how cute" Emmett joked in a human whisper
"Emmett! Mr.Drooly could of heard you! what if he thinks..."my inhuman whisper got cut short. By Mr.Drooly"h- hey I’m Tyson" he said a little shaky
I turned around "Hi I'm Renesmee you can call me Nessie though" great he smiled way to go Emmett "So Nessie want to hang out later" he asked shyly.
ummmmmmm how do I break it to him I’m saying no? I asked Emmett in my thoughts .Emmett turned around with smile that spelled truble. He spoke up looking at me
and Tyson "You know Nessie your over protecting brother "he wink too fast for a human to see "wouldn't like that neither would Jake." EMMETT CULLEN!!
I shouted though my thoughts. His smile just grew."Jake..Who is Jake" Tyson asked a little gloomy "Jake is" I started to say then cut off my Emmett
"Jake and her are together "Emmett’s whisper got a little louder" you know Nessie I wouldn't like it ether you know we do not even really like Jake "Emmett shot
Tyson a look and turned around "maybe later Nessie" Tyson said a little bit of hope in his voice. I turned around and yelled at Emmett though my
thoughts .Emmett Cullen how dear you that’s all he is going to think about around my dad !And Jake and I sadly are not dating and I really want to
rip your head off

 "you are defiantly my nieeeee sister" He giggled. Fine Emmett but you are helping with this mess now I thought." ok Nessie ok ness"

(chapter 3) Soon class was over and that meant lunch. Which also meant telling Jacob and Dad Emmet’s story .Emmet and I walked out of class and into the
lunch room .I put my hand to Emmet’s arm and reminded him his promise. He nodded his head and dashed off to take Roses hand. I looked around and found
Jake .I walked off to him and took his hand as we started walking to the lunch line. I gulped and showed him what Emmett had done. He smiled a little bit,
which shocked me. Then he whispered into my ear" sounds like Emmett,  I will help Emmett and  play along". If only He knew that I didn't want it to be all fake. SHOOT
dad probably already read my thoughts. I looked over at him yep he had. He was stiff has a bored and had a smile mixed with anger and happiness."Jake
here he comes" I said shyly pointing to Tyson. Jake smiled and quickly grabbed my hand and pulled me closer .He was sooooo warm I wish he knew how I
felt."Hey Tyson.This is my b-boyfriend Jake .Jake this is Tyson" I felt odd saying boyfriend out loud. "hey" Jake said, smiling a mind blowing smile at me.It made me blush a deep red color ."Hi" Tyson said a little bummed out "Nice seeing you but we have to go and eat next to my family .Come on Jakey."I used his
nick-name a little flirty like hoping Tyson would leave me alone. We walked over to were all the rest of my family was."Hi. Did Emmett already tell you."
I blushed. Every one shook their heads saying uhu and yea your uncle is stupid .I giggled. Then I realized I was still holding Jakes hand. I gulped and slowly,
sadly and unwillingly pulled away.
The rest of the day was a little weird. It got really weird in P.E when we told Jasper. Only Me Emmett and Jasper were in that class....FLASH BACK.......
Emmett and I walked into the gym trying to find Jasper .He was leaning up against the wall."Ok all go get gym clothes on and meet you right here" I said to the
both of them.
"Nessie can you please tell me what’s going on .I won’t think about it or say anything." Uncle Jazz begged
"Emmett what do you think. I know I can trust him but...."I asked
"Before we tell you we need some ID. and that watch."Emmett boomed .I gave a look. ha sighed and said "you can trust him just ask him the.....promise" Emmett said
like it was a big deal and holding back laughing .I nodded.
"Jasper if I tell you something will
you promise to keep it a secret not think about and help me out not laugh and not make many jokes like a cool uncle would? sorry I had to add the jokes and laughing
for Emmett" Jasper smiled then said
"Yes I promise now what’s going on here" he looked at us with worry filled eyes. I sighed and put my hand on his shoulder and tried to make it look casual. I showed
him everything about my crush on Jake just like I did with uncle Em.
He smiled "Nessie I'm always here for you and no worries with Jake it will all turn out fine.......End of Flashback.........
"Dad, Uncle Em and Jazz are going to take me hunting be back soon ok?"
"yea go ahead". Thanks dad I shouted in my head. After today at school I really need to talk to them

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(chapter4) I grabbed them both and pulled them out the door .We hunted for a while. It was no fun without Jake. So I sat on a rock and Watched Emmett play with his food.
"Nessie. You want to talk about it" Jasper said in a calm voice. Next thing I knew Jasper and Emmett were sitting in front of me.
"He was there when I was born, he’s my best friend, he thinks of me has a kid, and he is like what 24-25."I stumbled though my words.
"Ness" Emmett said smiling "Your dad is like 118 and your mom is 25-26.its not that sick" Emmett said
"Plus Ness he is your best friend. So he knows everything about you and would never hurt you." Jasper said.
"True Jasper but what if he doesn't like me back. Things would get very odd. "I said trying not to cry.
"Ness I have a very strong feeling "I giggled when he said that "that he likes you to" Jasper was really good at this. Then I saw Emmett’s evil kiddish smile. I gulped
"Emmett what are thinking "I asked this couldn't be good.
"Ohhhh nothing Ness .Just running over some off my old jokes."
"EMMETT CULLEN YOU ARE TO ONLY DO 2 JOKES AN HOUR.IF YOU DO 3 I RIP YOU HEAD OFF"I yelled .Then the calm feeling came over me I sighed.
"Ok Nessie 2 Jokes an hour .You may want to talk to Jake about this."He winked "Oh and can you wait at least a couple moths in till making me a great uncle?" That was it I lost it .I tackled Emmett to the ground Jasper picked me up used his power.
"Ok Ness we need to head back ok .We promise not to think about it ok" Jasper said.
"ok" and with that we ran back to the house.
I sat on the couch thinking about were Jake was I knew he was with the pack but still .I must have been too deep into thought to see Emmett, standing right in front of me.
"Who wants to play guess What Nessie is thinking. I go first" Oh NO NO NO this can’t be good "O.M.G how cute did Jakes butt in those jeans Alice put him in *sigh* although She could picked Jake out a tighter Whiter shirt .He is soooooooooo hawt "Emmett was cut off by Jake
"Ummmm Emmett have you have gone gay.If so I need to cut blonde some slack "Everyone started laughing even me.
"No Jake I was reading Nessie’s mind" I blushed like crazy Emmett needed pay back and i had the perfect idea Esme had ordered a pizza. My Dad’s jaw dropped. I nodded my head."Hey Emmett want to play truth are dear?"
"Sure Ness you go first and dear."Emmett sounded all though.
I giggled then pulled myself together."Emmett I dear you to eat a slice of pizza" his jaw dropped "what are you chicken BAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWKKKKK" Jasper ,Jacob, and Seth joined me in the bawking.
"Fine" He grumbled. I walked into the kitchen grabbed all four pizzas.3 for Jake one for me. I grabbed a slice of the pizza and handed it to my shocked uncle. He slowly
took bits and made faces with everyone .We all laughed. Later that night I went to bed and dreamed of Jake and me on La Push beach walking hand in hand. Then he stopped and pulled my face closer to his.

loved it update soon!!!!!!!!!!


love it :)) keep me uptaded :))
i love it... please keep me updated!
i love it!!!!!keep me updated pls
Love it! Please keep me updated!


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