The Twilight Saga

This is my first fan-fic hope ya like it

*all characters are SM's exept a few later on*

I sit and watch the two most beautiful women in my life and I cant help the anger I feel towards myself for putting the most important of the two in such danger and pain. I can see that she tries to hide it but it just can't escape my mind.

Chapter One
Part One (JPOV)
As I watch her move towards her pray I can't help but smile; she is so beautiful. Everything about her makes me tingle inside, the way she talks, sings,walks,and even the way she hunts. I can't help but wonder what it would be like to have her feel the same way I do. But the thought scares me into thinking that she never will because of the way she will probably find it out. It is kind of painful because imprinting is a love between two people but so far it is just me.
"Well I am not thirsty anymore so lets get home." she said when she was finished eating. She was kind of like edward in hunting because she prefered mountain lions,but when they were not around she would settle for the biggest elk of the herd that we would find.
As we walk back she hums her lullaby,the one Edward wrote for her when she was a child. When she finishes, she moves on to her mothers- those two are her favorites as Edward wrote them both.

Part Two (RPOV)
When we are walking back from our hunting trip I can't help but notice some things that are different about Jake. I notice things like the obvious that he is almost an entire foot taller than me and his hair is super long but other things to. Things like how much muscle he has and the fact that I need to be near him practically every waking moment.
As soon as I got home I told Jake that I needed some rest, and I ran up to my room. I hopped into my bed and wraped my arms around my legs to bring them closer to my chest. Soon enough I got pretty exausted- I was struggling to hold my eyelids open- and covered myself up. As I drifted into unconciousness I remembered some discussions Jake and I have had; I remember asking about all his La Push friends and how they were doing, then out of the blue I remember Claire and Quil. I rememember how Quil and her are now crazy in love and I rememeber when Jake had told me that Quil imprinted on her. For some reason Jake never went into detail about imprinting.
When I woke up it was to the smell of bacon and eggs with french toast- of course dad had made me breakfast so I went down and ate. I went back upstairs to find Jake,my best friend, still asleep in his room. He had moved in because he was always here anyway and felt like a part of the family- to me at least- and Esme loves to renovate. I snuck into is room and walked over to his bed. I pried open his big arms and got in; i snuggled closer into his warm body then suddenly he woke.
"Hey Nessie", he mumbled drowsely clearly not fully conscious.
I gave him a quick smile and added "Morning Jake". I gave him a hug and he kissed my hair. Often before now I would come to Jake's room when I had bad dreams and I would sleep with him.
Staying in Jake's super warm arms it was impossible not to fall asleep. About 30 seconds after he kissed my hair I heard him start to snore I listened to his steady breathing before I drifted off myself.

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i loved it! you should write more! cant wait to read it!!
cool thanks and will do.
i actually have alot more but i a fixing some parts then gonna post
THis is a nice change from other stories I have read. Nice work
yeahh i mean i like it, its different from the others=}
thanks more coming!!
i like it! Please write more soon!
omg love it
its really diffrent
and may i add
please write more
thank you
this is great!!!
Chapter Two
Part One JPOV
When I woke up Ness wasn't there. I remembered her coming in last night and waking me up but I don't know where she went.
I never went into the details of imprinting because I did not want to scare her and because she would surely figure out that I imprinted on her. And well my dreams last night were about her of course exept she really did love me. I think that I have done something terribly wrong.
Just at that moment Edward came furiously busting into my room shouting "You bet you have. She is scared to death"
"What the hell are you talking about?" I yelled back at him.
"Did you know that you talk in your sleep?" He said continuing to shout.
"What ? I dont talk in my sleep" I claimed talking regularly so mabey he would stop yelling also
"Well obviously you do and you gave something away about the imprinting. She ran into our room crying this morning. She has figured it out ,Jacob."
"Damn I was hoping to get a chance to tell her soon" I muttered then I heard his jaw lock and looked up in time to see him curling his hands into fists.
"I need to talk to her. To explain this...I...I can't believe I did this...she must be so scared." I said while geting out of my bed and heading towards the door to go and find Ness but Edward was blocking the doorway.
"I don't think that is a good idea ,Jacob" he grumbled still very angry at me.
"Why not?" I questioned him.
"Because she doesn't want to see you" he growled.

Part Two RPOV
"Mom I really don't understand" I cried.
"Well swettie he wanted to tell you, he really did, but he was scared" mom said trying to comfort me.
"Why did this happen" I asked crying into her shirt.
"Honey it's not something he can control. It just happens." She tried to explain.While she was talking dad came in and we both turned to him.
"He wants to talk to you." he said looking at me.
"Dad, I really don't think I can do that. I'm just so confused" I cried harder at the thought of not being able to talk to Jake like I used to
"Honey we knew this was going to eventualy happen and we know it is difficult to understand but he really does love you." Mom once again tried to explain.
"You may not feel it yet but he truly believes you will" Dad said and I was actually starting
to believe him.
"Mom...Dad" I whispered before I quickly added "I need to tell you something" as soon as I said the words I regreted them because I did not want to say the very embaasing things about how I now felt with Jake. And I knew dad was going to listen in on my very embarassing and private thoughts.
"Sweetie what ever you need to say we will listen" mom said rubbing her hand along my arm.
I looked down trying to distract my self from the tingles I got around Jake and shook my head knowing my dad was listening. I thought about almost every other thing in the world and that worked...for a while. Then my thoughts just exploded in my head, after that I could not keep a single thing about Jake out of my head.
"Oh" dad said after just a few moments of listening in.
Mom looked at him and probably let down her sheild to ask what he saw and when she eventually got it right he noded.
"I..." was all I could manage
Mom just pulled me into her arms and hugged me as tight as she could "Oh baby it's okay" she told me
"Okay I told him to stay away for now" dad mumbled angrily while moving to the door to go and tell Jake something very mean and I certainly could not have him saying that to...the man that I loved.
I started to pull out of moms hold but she didn't let go so I turned around in her arms and whispered "I have to do this" as I pulled loose from her hold.
ahhhhhh!!!! need more fast!!!(please)
that is such a GREAT/AMAZING/SWEET story cant wait to read more so post up more soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
It's good Lainie! :)


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