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Your arms wrapped tightly around me, holding me, shielding me from the world and the utter pain that comes with it. Your breath on my ear, as you softly murmur our inside jokes to me. Your voice gentle and calm, making me trust you. As you let go and walk away, I feel lonelier than I have ever felt before. I depend on you, I need you. I need his love and passion, his arms against me. His lips brushing against mine. I need his shelter to protect me from the world.

Jenna and I walk into the arcade; it was called Ali’s Arcade. It was very dark, and wasn’t much of an arcade. People just went there to talk and hang out. Walking in, you are hit with the pungent scent of smoke-always no matter what time of day. It had been a month since that day in the hallway after school. The day we had met, that changed my life.



Hope you all like, i might make into a story but i don't know i need you all your opinions as usual. You are the ones that keep me writing, my readers! Thank you!

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inspired by this song:

this sounds good!! and i love the song
thanks! :)
please read!

hey Shadow!...u were right!..i am interested in this new story of urs!!

and the song is really nice..esp..coz of the words..i tink thye will connect with this

i hope that u decide to continue it..pls..caus it is a really nice intro so far...there is alot of emotion in it and u really show how she feels with that short pls continue...i luk forward tor eading more from u Shadow..ur stories are very much filled with emotion which is sumting i admire..gud luk and update me on ur other story soon adn if u decide to continue this(pls do),,..then update me..thank you!


thanks for reading and i probably will continue! :)


this sounds interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

plz continue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and update me when u do :D

thanks for reading!

ur welcome !!!

this is totally awesome!!!


I shake my head trying to forget the thoughts. You broke my heart, I must move on. Or that’s what Jenna says. With a cough I look around. I see your crew of friends and look away, I can’t let my eyes look there otherwise I will look for you. I didn’t think this would happen to me, but it did. Figures life is just like that, throwing things at you, you never expected.

Jenna brushes her shoulder against me, knowing the thoughts that passed me through my head. She led me over to the “bar.” The bar served drinks to us teenagers but if asked by officials they would deny it. My parents are fools. They think I’m so good and everything and that I am an honor student. I would love to see their faces when they saw me order a Sambuca shot. As the bartender hands over the shot, I grip the small shot glass with my fingers tightly.  I close my eyes and raise the glass to my lips and down it. The liquid burns my throat. But the pain feels good, after everything I’ve been through with you. A year ago I could never picture myself here. But that changed when I met you. On that one day, that simple smile and conversation changed my life and left an imprint on my heart. sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!

pls pls continue it!

i would totally like to read more!

i can see it...a heartbreakingly wonderful story!!!!!

it is already so sad...u have to continue...for

Always...ur friend..Ashmeena!



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