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Your arms wrapped tightly around me, holding me, shielding me from the world and the utter pain that comes with it. Your breath on my ear, as you softly murmur our inside jokes to me. Your voice gentle and calm, making me trust you. As you let go and walk away, I feel lonelier than I have ever felt before. I depend on you, I need you. I need his love and passion, his arms against me. His lips brushing against mine. I need his shelter to protect me from the world.

Jenna and I walk into the arcade; it was called Ali’s Arcade. It was very dark, and wasn’t much of an arcade. People just went there to talk and hang out. Walking in, you are hit with the pungent scent of smoke-always no matter what time of day. It had been a month since that day in the hallway after school. The day we had met, that changed my life.



Hope you all like, i might make into a story but i don't know i need you all your opinions as usual. You are the ones that keep me writing, my readers! Thank you!

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I will hopefully and thanks for reading!

no problem!!!! and good uck with ur other stories!!!

cool group about the food disorders btw!!!

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:) thanks!
OMG It's so good !
thank you! :)

That day, that sweet blissfully peaceful day. Everyone gone already but one person. As I walked out of math class, I ran into someone. That someone was you and you stole my heart to hide it away in a jar for a keepsake. Your blue eyes met my gaze and an easy smile appeared on your face.

“Hey,” he says and looks at me closer. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, I am now. I mean uh-“ I say fumbling with my words, suddenly not being able to speak.

The person I bumped into was the football quarterback star and the most popular guy. Also known as Drew. He never even looked at me twice and now he was talking to me. If only his girlfriend Mariah knew. I would be done for.

Drew looks down at me and chuckles at me. He grabs my shoulder and squeezes it. “Nice to talk to the football star, eh?” he says and laughs at his own joke.

I nod unable to say anything. My heart was pounding a mile a minute and I felt dizzy all of a sudden

“By the way do not let Mariah get to you. You’re cool. Maybe we can chill one day at my house,” Drew says and smiles once again.

The bell rings, signaling the dismissal of the students. He looks at the clock. “Sorry Sophie I really have to go. Talk to you soon!” he says and runs out the front door, with my heart in his pocket hidden away.

Drew the most popular guy thought I was cool at one point and wanted to hang out. How that one conversation changed my life over the months. Soon he was the only thing I could think about. At times, I wish that never happened the conversation that changed me. But others I realized it let me be what’s underneath. I take out my phone and begin to type on the keyboard.

:Jenna: Meet me outside behind the school in five minutes. Big news!!!:

I grip my phone and wait for Jenna’s reply. I could not wait to tell her the news and see her face. I was able to picture it. We both had a crush on Drew-as did everyone else in our school. Guys and girls included.

:Okay. Can’t wait girl!:


hehe ...cant wait for more...write soon...this is verrry in ter est


always..Ashmeena..ur friend!

lol thanks! I think you are the only reader of this...

hey this story is going great!!!!!!

keep writing and im sure ull get more readers!!!!!!

ur a great writer!!!


PS.......... love the part >>>>>>>>>>>>We both had a crush on Drew-as did everyone else in our school. Guys and girls included.<    LOL :)

thanks!!!! lol yeah me too!


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