The Twilight Saga

Hey,...urmm...this is based on a dream i had a few nights ago..ENJOYY!! <3<3<3


Chapter 1. I'm Coming Home, Coming Home, Tell The World I'm Coming...Home!!

Ronnie POV


Lets get this straight. My name is Veronica Peterson-Forrest. But i like the name Ronnie. I love Black Veil Brides, BMTH, Bullet for my valentine, Superchick, Five Finger Death Punch and You me at 6.


I'm 17 years young. and I have been living with my Dad for 6 years, after he got custody for me.  I dont remember my mom. all i remember is the sweet scent of Lemon and Lime, that radiated off of her smooth tanned skin, and the way her long raven black hair rivetted to her waist. In every way, i am like her.


Today is my birthday, and my all time best friends saved up for me to go and see my mom again. Yeah. my dad isnt happy, but i am!. Ya see. my dad and i do not get along. after the beach inceddent with my Step-Mommy, Lara..(a.k.a - GOLDDIGGER!) and our car (Crap on wheels) he hates me, I'm cool with that.


So here I am, in the coolest car since Porshe with my bestest girlfriend Vasilla. (a.k.a - prettiest, funniest, laughablist,loveable bestest mateyyy) driving 2000miles to meet my mom (again)

She lives someplace called..La. Push..i used to live there, looking back i had the bestest friend called Seth. we both cried so much when i had to leave. i cant wait to see if he remembers me.



Yupp.. another one bites the dust.

Me and Seth and Collin and Brady are the ONLY ones left to imprint.. i dont want to.. being tied to some chick. NOT FOR ME!!!!



Author's note. didya get the chapter title?...Diddy Dirty Money - Comin time you pick you're FAVE lyrics and i shall title them!!! VASILLA!!! HIIIII<3 Comments please xxxxxxxx

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I love it!! keep me updated <33
awesome write more soon please loved it
more please

love itt.... keep me updated plz!



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