The Twilight Saga

Sequel to: Tears Of An Angel. Link:

Summery: Bella's life is rising high. Her sisters are happy for her. But what happens when jacob wants to get her back? Will there be a fight? Will the wedding happen? What happens to Xenia?

Preface: As I stand on the hill. The wind blowing hard and rain falling. Hitting the ground with a thud. Watching as things play out. I scream both their names. They don't hear. I scream and scream again. The move closer I hold my breath. Watching in fear and anguish. There is nothing I can do. I try to move my legs but they are just frozen solid to the ground. Growing erupts from below as I lift my head to watch. The wolf, the ones I know well, jumps with lighting fast speed aiming for……” NO!!!!!” I shout and finally I can move. I run to them, to protect the one I love, but in the way of the fast moving wolf…

Hope you like it! then first chapter will be up soon!!!!

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hey do u remember me? i used to be
i know kellan lutz
lol hey!!!
remember our summer rp????
ya it got delete when the old rp goup failed.
chapter up soon!!!
love omg i cant wait
I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!! Update and tell me because I NEED to see what happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can you please start it ASAP sis?


write ASAP


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