The Twilight Saga

Sequel to: Tears Of An Angel. Link:

Summery: Bella's life is rising high. Her sisters are happy for her. But what happens when jacob wants to get her back? Will there be a fight? Will the wedding happen? What happens to Xenia?

Preface: As I stand on the hill. The wind blowing hard and rain falling. Hitting the ground with a thud. Watching as things play out. I scream both their names. They don't hear. I scream and scream again. The move closer I hold my breath. Watching in fear and anguish. There is nothing I can do. I try to move my legs but they are just frozen solid to the ground. Growing erupts from below as I lift my head to watch. The wolf, the ones I know well, jumps with lighting fast speed aiming for……” NO!!!!!” I shout and finally I can move. I run to them, to protect the one I love, but in the way of the fast moving wolf…

Hope you like it! then first chapter will be up soon!!!!

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it was good
i promis i will write the full chapter soon.....i am just soo caught up in my life and school now....but i promis a chapter soon!!!!!!
love it, need more, if i send you a friend request could you message me next time you update, can't wait
cool. love it!
of course! it might not be for a while....i am very busy. school seems to be getting in the way of everything...i promis to update soon though!!!
plz post more soon i love it
Write More PLZ
please post soon i just finish reading both and i cant wait for the full chapter
Chapter 1~ (Bella’s POV)

“Isabella Marie Swan, I, even though left, have loved you forever…” Edward started and then got down on one knee. I gasped. Completely lost for words. Edward continued, “Even when we where separated, and when we got back. I was foolish to leave. I now realized I could never leave your side. Never. Bella, will you marry me?” He finished and I could not speak…

I was completely speechless. There was so many things I wanted to say right now but all that could come through my lips was ‘yes’. Instantly his lips was on mine. My hands wrap in his hair and his were around my waist. This was different, this was new. My lips were on fire. I felt like I was on fire because he was everywhere. His hands lightly traced down my arms and then they reached up and found my face. He gently pulled away and looked into my eyes, still holding my face. He smiled and moved so that he was sitting next to me. I looked at him confused.

“I think I hear someone, love.” He chuckled as a very high, and familiar, voice started talking. Alice.

“Bella!” she said bouncing up and down as she came through the trees. I groaned. It was easy to guess why she was here.

“Alice, can you pleas ask her later?” Edward said to his sister but she shook her head no and put on a puppy dogface.

“Bella, can I pleas do your wedding. Pleas, pleas, pleas, pleas, pleas, pleas, pleas.” she said looking at me. I looked at Edward. He was shaking his head at his sister and laughing quietly. Alice kept up with saying pleas repeatedly.

“ fine Alice…,” I started to say, but she interrupted me with her squealing, bouncing and no-stop talking, “ but,” she stopped, “ you can’t go over bored and I have total veto over the guest list.”

“Yes, I know…I agree with your terms.” she said and was bouncing again.

“Okay, now that you have your way, will you pleas go?” Edward asked, looking at Alice. She looked like she as thinking about it. Edward tried to say something, but Alice interrupted him.

“Sure, but…” and before she could finish she grabbed my arm and started running. I could hear Edward behind us. Alice just laughed and keeps running. I knew what she was doing; I do not need to be a mind reader for that.

As we jump over the river near the Cullen house, I could hear my family and the rest of the Cullen’s inside…sounds like pixie all ready told them. I shake my head and laugh. However, as soon as I open my mouth to say something to Alice, I smelt something. It was a sent….Jacob’s sent. He was near, I could feel it.

I look behind me and Edward is still running, he did not notice. I look in front and Alice is still pulling me, she did not notice….Hu…very weird. I was about to say something to them, when pixie ran into the house, leaving Edward behind. We both laugh.

“Hahahahah!!! I am faster than Edward Cullen!” she shouts and laughs.
I love it! It was very sweet and funny. I am also curious about Jacobs sent. Post more soon please.
love it


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