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Scarlet is a young girl of 8 and she is a Witch but sadly she has no one, one day when she is walking in the woods she gets attacked and turned into part Vampire, she still has her Witch side in her so she grows fast but stops ageing at a certain age. Aro finds her and takes her in and to the Volturi, he thinks of her as his daughter. Ben the new member of the Volturi, he does not fit in and no one talks to him, he has good in him and Aro makes him Scarlet's guard. When Scarlet grows up she and Ben fall in love. What will happen?


Chapter 1~New Members

Sneak Peak of Chapter 2~Fight

Chapter 2~Fight

Chapter 3~A What?

Chapter 4~ Visitors and The Ball Part 1

Chapter 4~Visitors and The Ball Part 2

Chapter 4~Visitors and The Ball Part 3

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Chapter 1~New Members.

Scarlet's Pov:

Has someone ever told you not wish bad on other people? If not then you might want to listen to me. I am may be 8 but the pain I endured in my life is not like anyone else's in this world. I never knew anyone who could put with such cruelty as me. I wish my life would have been simpler but it was not. Anyway this is how my life changed:

I was walking in the woods with no shoes on as I was homeless and barely had anything to wear, only one jumper, one pair of jeans, and the dress I had on which was torn. I sighed as I sat by down the lake and splashed by face with the cold water and looked at my reflection in the water in despair. I was only 8, homeless, no family, and a Witch to top it off. My brown eyes glimmered with a hint of purple in them.

I got up after a while when I heard a rustle in the bushes "Hello?" I asked, my voice filled with fear as I looked around and noticed two red eyes staring at me. I tried to scream but nothing came out as the fear was drowning me inside out and before I knew it the thing pinned me down to the floor and sunk its fangs into me biting into my neck. Finally a scream of pain came out as I felt my whole body burning and shaking on the cold forest floor. It was like I was on fire and it would not stop, it was the most unbearable pain anyone would ever go through life. I closed my eyes wishing for the pain to stop, after a while it stopped but my throat was still burning, as I was starting to get a craving for blood. I knew I was not dead. but a part of me knew I was not entirely alive either. I would rather be dead then un-dead. I managed to get up and found that my movements were fast, like the blink of an eye even faster, somehow I felt free like this but I longed to be normal. I looked at my self in the water and gasped.

My eyes were flaming red, my skin pale with a hint of warmness in them. I could tell I was a Vampire, or maybe half? I was not sure as I knew most witches feared Vampires and I also knew a little about them and their qualities but by looking at my self I knew I was not fully a Vampire. I sighed and looked down unable to look at my self any longer. I was a monster.

The burning in my throat was getting worse and worse. I caught a scent of a mountain lion and ran after it without even thinking, I was just longed to get the burning to stop somehow, and I knew blood would do the trick.  I caught it and sank my teeth into its poor neck and drained it off blood, then made the limp body disapear. I looked down at my hands slightly covered in blood, I washed my self in the lake and sighed. It was like everything around me, everyone, each smell, taste was different to me.

Suddenly a figure emerged from the woods, tall, pale, with red eyes and dark brownish hair, was it the one who changed me? I asked my self. No, it was not. I finally said in my mind even I saw him fully "He...llo" I said my voice a little shaky.

The man looked at me and titled his head to the side looking at me with a curious look in his eyes "Your name child?" he asked as he walked over to me and knelled down so he was down to my height.

"Scar.....let" I said and looked at him a little scared and wondered what he was going to do to me "Are you going to hurt me?" I asked after a moment of silence.

He shook his head "No my dear, I am Aro" he said and helped me to stand up, it was like he was feeling protective of me somehow and when he held my little hand in his, I felt strange and bit dizzy, did he just read my mind and see what happened to me moments before he showed up? Did he know that I had no one and who I was?

He looked at me sadly "I am so sorry you have no one" he said as his hand rested on my fragile shoulder, well I felt fragile at the moment.

I nodded sadly as a tear ran down my cheek, a sign that I was not fully vampire "It's not your fault" I said my voice soft and elegant, and filled with sadness.

Aro wiped my tear away softly and picked me up in his arms "You'll come with me, I know you're scared and I can't leave you like this so you'll live with me and my coven" he said and walked off. I held onto him without a single word but with a nod. He carried me and I wondered where we were going.

Ben's Pov:

I sighed as I ran my hand in my dark hair and sat on the steps by the throne's in the throne room. I was a Vampire but yet I felt so alone even though I had a coven. I felt like I did not belong and I knew it was true. No one talked to me and I could tell how they all despised me apart from master who seemed to pity me. I over looked the mean looks the others threw at me.

I then heard a voice outside "What if I don't fit in?" it sounded like a little's girls voice.

"Don't worry my dear, you will" It was Aro that answered back and then the doors swung open as he walked in and beside him a little girl of about 8 or 7, torn dress and without shoes. My eye's widened at the sight of her and I felt my heart leap in sorrow feeling sad and sorry for the poor little girl.

"This is Scarlet and I want everyone to be nice to her" Aro said as he looked at us all but mainly at Jane, who we all knew was the most meanest girl Vampire in the Volturi coven.

Jane smirked at the little girl "Why should I?" she spat annoyed "She does not belong here like Ben" she said as she pointed at me and then glared at the girl with hate.

The little girl feel to the floor screaming in pain, I jumped from the step "Leave her alone Jane" I said, my voice a gentle snarl almost, I felt protective of the girl, of Scarlet.

Aro growled at Jane "Enough Jane" He said and Jane did as she was told and walked off slamming the door to the throne room as Aro helped Scarlet up from the floor who was still shaking in her fear. He then looked at me "Thank you for trying to help Ben" He said

I nodded "Of course master" I said as I looked at her, I smiled at her softly and saw she was still upset, I rested my hand on her shoulder and kneeled beside her "I am Ben" I said my voice gentle.

"" she said her voice a gentle quiver, as she looked me in the eyes I could tell she was different like me, at least someone who will understand me. I thought to my self.

Aro watched us for a while like that then looked at me again "You will be her guard Ben, make sure Jane or no one else hurts her" He said and raised an eyebrow "Get it?"

I nodded "Of course" I said looking back at him, truth in my eyes. I felt protective of Scarlet and I would make sure no one would hurt her. I would protect her with all my might.

interesting so far waiting

thank you :)

i like the situation and setting so far i will read more thanks

oh thanks and I'll keep you updated when I post more

love it keep writing!!!!!!!!!!

oh please write more

@Knives and Pens I will do :) will keep you posted

@Tikki I will keep you updated

Idk if I like it yet..... Maybe not enough info? Or perhaps it's not enough details..... Write more, but have more details perhaps?

thanks for the tip, I will try my best and do more detials for the next chappie :) and info if you think its missing either one or other


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