The Twilight Saga

Isabella Swan is a girl from high society her father is Charlie Swan a big time lawyer and her brothers are Alice and Emmett swan they all move to Forks. Bella meets Edward Anthony Masen a lower class farm worker who is best friends with Jasper and lives with his father. Edward and Bella meet and find love in each other but there love is not accepted since there both from different socities, this story is set in 1942 and Edward gets drafted to war to fight the nazis along with Jasper. Jasper returns but Edward doesn't want to know what happens with him read the story.

First story that I have ever written so I apoligize if is not the best.

Chapter 1

I swam deeper and deeper into the ocean escaping everything and everybody I’m on my own here no one can touch me or tell me what to do I make my own decisions when I’m here is just me and the ocean is like my own little world I always loved to swim is the only thing I do because I actually like to do.

“Miss Isabella, Miss Isabella” oh no back to reality I wish I was really at the ocean but no I’m in my bathroom in the bathtub. “What” I say to our maid Linda she is really nice and I really like her but I hate being disturb when I’m taking a bath I rather be left alone. “Your mother says you need to hurry up your brother and sister are all ready you need to get dressed or your mother will throw a fit, I already packed all your things there all downstairs” ugh “fine I’ll be ready in a minute” I muttered “Isabella I know you don’t want to go but everything will be fine you’ll see you might even like it” Linda says with a smile. I try to give her my best smile she hands me a towel and leaves “I doubt it” I muttered to myself.

Today were moving to Washington Forks my mom decided she wanted to live in a small town she says she is tired of living in the city she use to live in Forks before she met my father but she moved here when she and my dad got married I love it here in beautiful New York I was born here and I grew up here is my home and I don’t want to leave it unfortunately I don’t have a choice I never have a choice. My mom is always making my decisions on everything I do like for example what I study she has me taking classes studying French and taking piano lessons and taking ballet classes and I hate doing everything I hate French I don’t know why I need to learn it is not like I’m going to Paris and I suck at the piano I know how to play some notes but I always mess up and ballet well I can dance to save my life but my mom keeps insisting that I take it.

I’m surprised she doesn’t tell me what to wear but that’s my sisters job Alice she‘s 18 and I‘m a year younger than her. She is obsessed with fashion and is always using me as a doll and dressing me up and giving me makeover she has so many clothes she could dressed the whole New York population but I do love her I could always go to her when I need advice or just talk she always knows how to cheer me up. Since she is always happy and hyper she has so many friends everybody who meets her always want to be friends with her she is very social and you never get bored with her when ever your around her you cant help but be happy and laugh.

I’m on the other hand nothing like her I like to dressed up sometimes but fashion is really not my thing I’m not social I always like to be by myself and I’m not hyper like my pixie sister. I like to read for fun and just hang around in my room and I hardly go out and I’m shy I hardly speak to anyone and I have only one friend Angela Weber she is exactly like me. Sometimes we just hang out and read and discuss our favorite books. I’m really going to miss her we said our goodbyes yesterday and we promised to each other to keep in contact. When I finish getting dressed I look around my room one more time I’m really going to miss this place.

I headed down stairs to see everyone waiting for me, “Isabella what took you so long we’ve been waiting for you were all ready to leave” my mom said with a frown. “Sorry mom and please don’t call me Isabella you know I hate being called that” “ fine Bella whatever are you ready” “yes mom”. “Ok since were all ready lets get in the car the train well be leaving soon and we don’t want to miss it” my dad Charlie said. My dad Charlie Swan his a big time lawyer every time someone in the high class was having legal problems they would go to him.

We all got in the car and headed for the train station. The ride was not very long and when we got there it was very packed. “Wow check out the legs on that girl” my brother Emmett he was the definition of a ladies man he never had a steady girlfriend and only wanted one thing from a girl sex. Of course all the girls loved him he was handsome charming and was very built and hilarious he didn’t take life serious he thought life was just one big party. He even once had a affair with one of my moms friends of course my mom never found out just the thought of it made me shudder but he is my big brother and was 20 years old but sometimes he was like a big teddy bear, well with me and Alice he was. Well anyways my dad always told him that he should become a lawyer and work with him he hated the idea of working but he knew he had to do it.

“All aboard the train to Washington will be leaving” “EMMETT EMMETT” I yelled at him he was flirting with some blond. “Come on are train is leaving” I told him “I’m coming damn” he said. “So little sister are you ready for Forks lets hope there ready for us” Emmett said with a big smile rubbing his hands together. “Whatever Emmett” “Oh Bella cheer up its going to be great I sense a the our life’s will change that something special is waiting for each of us you’ll see” Alice says with her finger in her temple. “Oh please Alice don’t start with the psychic crap” I couldn’t help but laugh she swears that she is psychic. “Its true Bella I could see things no one can” with that she skipped away. We all got in the train ready for our destination to Washington Forks which I’m sure is a very boring town there all boring and I know I wont meet anybody interesting there just a bunch of town folks great what fun. I sat there with my nose in a book during the whole trip.

Chapter 2

The meadow I always liked to come here when I needed silent the only sounds are the sound of nature and of a river near by no one to bother me is the perfect place to think I sometimes come just to sit back and read poetry books. I sit here reading a book and I look up and see the same girl who has been haunting my dreams lately is always the same dream. She is looking out to the river and is beautiful as always but I never see her face. How could I find a girl beautiful when I’ve never even seen her face. All I know about her is that she has long brown hair to her back, a slim curvy body and her skin is pale and she always wears the same dress a blue one that comes to her knees with black heels that make her legs look longer. Every time I get up and walk to her and when I’m about to reach her she disappears and I wake up. Like now god who is this girl I keep dreaming about how could I keep dreaming about a girl I’ve never even met and who probably doesn’t even exist. I throw a pillow over my head and scream in it so my dad wont hear. I’ve been having this dream for the past two weeks every night and I never see her face.

“Edward get your lazy butt up breakfast is ready” my dad said well screamed to be exact. “I’m coming gosh” I yell back at him. I walk into the kitchen and all I smell is burnt toast. I don’t know why my dad keeps insisting on cooking breakfast he cant cook and always ends up burning the food. Thank god I do know how to cook or we would both be dead from starvation. “ The eggs are in the table”, “Uh dad these eggs are burnt I’m not going to eat them I’ll just make my own sit down and I’ll make breakfast for the both of us”.

“Nonsense this eggs are not burn there just a little dark” he says picking up the plate. “Oh yeah than eat them” I challenge him. “I will” he picks the fork and grabs a piece and eats it and makes a face like he is disgusted “ see there delicious” and gives me a fake smile. I cant help but laugh at him he gives me a defeated look “fine cook the damn breakfast” and throws the burn eggs away.

“You know your lucky you have me or you would have been starving” I laugh. “Well I never learned how to cook and your mother was the one who always cooked, she was wonderful you know you look like her you have her eyes and her bronze colored hair I see a lot of your mother in….” “Dad please I rather not talk about mom” I cut him off. I hate talking about her, I never got the chance to know her my dad says that I’m the spitting image of her. “You know it wasn’t your fault she knew having you could have been a dangerous to her life but she still decided to have you, she loved you before you were even born.” my dad always tells me the same thing, but if it wasn’t my fault why do I feel so guilty she died giving birth to me I killed her. We stay quite when I finish cooking breakfast and eating I head upstairs without a word to my father to get ready for work.

When I’m finish getting ready I go downstairs and see my dad doing the dishes and leave before he says anything else about mom. I get in my car that me and my dad both paid for I told him I would pay for it myself but he kept insisting on paying for half of it, it was a 1940 Chevy pickup and completely black. I go to pickup my best friend Jasper we’ve been friends since we were kids and been inseparable. He really is cool I always go to him when I need to talk and I could never hide anything from him he could read me so easily he always know how people around him feel and he is also very persuasive. He has a twin sister named Rosalie who I admit is beautiful she tried dating me once but I never gave her a chance she was to vain and only cares about herself she spends most her time in front of a mirror is annoying really and it would feel weird dating my best friends sister and I wouldn’t want to ruin my friendship with Jasper for a girl. So now she hates me for turning her down and holds a grudge against me.

I park in front of Jaspers home and honk the horn before I get to honk the second time he is out the door running towards the car. “ Hey Edward” he says breathless getting inside the car. “Hey Jasper” . “So… did you hear” Jasper says. “Hear what” I say to him a little confused since Jasper is usually not the one to gossip about things. “ About the family moving here there suppose to come today they bought that house that use to belong to the Pattinson’s” I start the car and head to the farm that Jasper and I work at and I start getting curious about the family. “So Jasper who are these people moving in and how did you hear about this” “Edward this is Forks….” that’s all he needed to say news in Forks spread fast and gossip even faster “…and the family are very rich apparently well known in New York the Swans the guy who bought the house is a big time lawyer and has three kids I think, two girls and one boy.” “ How old are the girls maybe I could have some fun with one of them I’m tired of the girls here there all the same predictable and shallow” I say.

When we get to the farm and start our work Jasper starts the conversation where we left off. “Edward don’t even think about it these girls are not in the same class as us they would never give a farm worker a chance and besides aren’t you seeing Jessica.” Ugh Jessica that girl is so annoying I don’t know why I asked her out big mistake she was the biggest gossiper in this town she knows everything about everyone nothing gets pass her. “Yeah but I’m going to breakup with her at the end of this week” I say with a nod. “Right because of your rule of dating a girl for only two weeks and dumping her” Jasper says and shakes his head. “What?” I say annoyed. “Edward when are you going to settle for one girl and get serious you’ve dated practically every girl in this town don’t you think is time to settle down.” “Huh Jasper are you serious you sound like a girl whats next were going to paint each others nails tell each our secrets and have a sleepover” I say grinning at him. “Forget you man I’m serious” and I know he is by the look in his face. “Look Jasper I do want settle down I just haven’t found the right girl for me until I do I’m going to have fun with my life I’m 17 and have plenty of time to find the girl who is right for me” I tell him with a serious tone and I will find that girl and once I do I wont let her get away.

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i liked it please keep me posted.
I will thanks for reading it.
loved it
Chapter 5

When we finish getting out of work we go straight to town to the little store owned by Mr. Peterson who is in his late 60’s he was a short and was kind of chubby with a grey mustache and bald. He use to be the chief of police and when he retired he decided to buy this store. He bought it 20 years ago and he loves it, everyone loved coming here he really was a great man everyone loved him. When we go to his store he would tell us about his days as the chief of police but before that he was in the navy and he would tell us story about that to and about the girls he would get I really admired him and enjoyed hearing all of his adventures.

“Hey Mr. P” I say as soon as come inside the store Jasper also greets him. “Edward Jasper how was your day” Mr. P looks up from his newspaper and smiles at us. “It was good lots of work” I say heading for the fridge grapping a soda for me and Jasper when I put in the counter and hand him the money. “Oh no Edward keep your money is on the house today” Mr. P gives me the money back. “Are you sure” I tell him he just nods. “So Mr. P anything interesting happened today” Jasper ask. “This is Forks nothing interesting ever happens here its been pretty empty today.” Mr. P says with a sigh. “Well lets hope the new folks moving here will make Forks more interesting if were lucky there kids might be trouble makers that would bring some excitement to this town” I say to them hoping its true this town is to damn boring. “ Ah the new people moving here I believe there name is the Swans” Mr. P says. “Yep” Jaspers says popping the ‘p’ “there suppose to arrive today but I doubt there kids are trouble makers Edward there probably a bunch of stuck ups all rich kids are” Jasper says with a shrug but he’s probably right.

When I turn around I see Jessica Stanley heading for the store I curse under my breath I really don’t want to deal with her right now so I go behind the counter and duck down hoping she didn’t see me. “Hi Mr. Peterson, Jasper where’s Edward I saw him come in here” Jessica says with the most annoying high pitch voice the only reason I kiss her a lot is because that’s the only way to shut her up. “Eddie boo what are doing behind the counter are you hiding from me?” damn it she found me and I hate being called that I get up slowly and give her the smile I know all the girls love and go crazy for. “Hello Jessica I was just picking up a penny that I dropped I would never hide from you babe” I go to her and give her a chaste kiss. “Oh Eddie boo so are we still on for the movie tonight” she says with a voice that I think was suppose to sound sexy but it just sounded annoying like always. “Of course babe I’ll be picking you up at 8 sharp like I said before” I say a little irritated I cant wait to breakup with her. “Ok I’ll see you later love you” she kisses me before heading out.

“Oh god” I put my hands between my face and I hear Jasper and Mr. P chuckling behind me. I turn around and glare at them “not a word” then they both raise there hands in a defensive matter.

When we leave Mr. P’s store I drop Jasper at his house he tells me he will meet me at the movie theater that his dad is going to drop him and Rosalie off. I was sort of hopping he would ride with me so I wouldn’t have to be alone with Jessica. When I get home I cook something quick and eat it quickly and leave my dad some food so he could heat it up later since he is at a friends house playing poker. I head upstairs to get ready and when I finish I see that is already 8 and I go to my car to pickup Jessica. When I get to her house she comes out skipping with a big smile plastered in her face. Before she says anything I speed off to the theaters.

When we get there I see Jasper and Rosalie already there I get out of the truck and open Jessica’s door and help her out hey I might find the girl annoying but I still have manners. I head towards them and greet them of course Rosalie ignores me. “So Eddie boo which movie are we going to watch” I look at Jessica and tell her “The Ghost of Frankenstein.”
“Oh I heard that movie is scary good thing you’ll be there to protect me” I just roll my eyes man this girl is stupid than I hear Rosalie snicker.

When we get inside the movie theater we sit in the sixth row and of course Jessica cant keep her hands to herself. Halfway through the movie I hear a girl scream but not because she’s scared but happy about something than I hear a man scream at her to shut up when I look back I see a small girl jumping on someone and see two people going to her I cant see who it is since its dark than I see them leaving out of the theater. And here I thought this night was going to be boring that was fun to watch. “Oh hey someone forgot there purse it probably belongs to the girl who went all psycho on that guy I’ll go take it to her” Jasper reaches the purse behind him and leaves than Rosalie follows him.

“Finally alone” Jessica leans in to kiss me but I fake a yawn, “actually Jessica I’m really tired I think I should take you home lets go” I grab her hand and exit out the theater. “Wait I have to go to the bathroom” Jessica says. “Fine I’ll wait for you outside” she than goes running to the bathroom and I go outside to wait for her. When I look to my left I see Jasper talking to a very short girl with short hair and I see a big guy standing to the left of her and I see him checking out Rosalie and to the right of the short girl I see the most beautiful girl I have ever seen she wasn’t beautiful like the other girls but her beauty was unique. She had long brown silky hair and her face was heart shaped she had high cheekbones and the most beautiful lips there were pink and plump, and her body wow she was slim but not to slim and had curves in all the right places her skin was pale. When
I gaze into her eyes I see that she has the most wonderful big brown eyes I have ever seen and I cant look away, I could stare at them forever. I smile at her and she smiles back and I think I see her blushing wow I never seen a girl blush. I have to know who she is I’ve never seen her she must be new in town. I decide to go to her but the short girl drags her away.

Than Jessica comes back wrapping her arms around my waist and when I look towards the brown eyed girl I see that she was staring at me but then quickly looks away she gets into a car and drives off. I take Jessica’s arm off me and walk towards Jasper and Rosalie “hey who were they” I ask Jasper not really caring who the other two people were just that one girl. Jasper turns to me with a big smile in his face. “Those were the Swans they seem pretty cool the short one with the short hair is Alice she’s pretty huh and the big guy is Emmett and the other girl was Isabella I asked the one named Alice out and she said yes man, I’m taking her to the movies tomorrow” and his smile got even bigger which I didn’t think was possible I’ve never seen Jasper this happy over a girl. “Hey Jasper didn’t you say that girls like that didn’t go for farm workers” I remind him of what he told me at work this morning. “Yeah that’s what I thought but I told her where I worked but she didn’t care” I was happy for him he didn’t date many girls so I’m glad the little one didn’t turn him down. I wanted to ask more about the one named Isabella but I didn’t want ask with Jessica right beside me.

When I drop Jessica off I turn to her and with a serious face it was now or never and I had
to do this now if I wanted to pursue anything with that Isabella girl. “Jessica look I had a great time with you this past week but I don’t think is working out we should break up” when I finish telling her she looks at me like she’s shocked. Then she finally speaks up “but Eddie boo you cant break up with me I love you and you love me” she tells me I see a tear coming down her face. I did feel kind of bad I hated to see girls cry, “look Jessica I don’t love you I’m sorry but I don’t, you should get inside now.” She was about to say something but I cut her off, “please Jessica don’t make this difficult is over I‘m really sorry you deserve someone who actually has feelings for you and cares about you” and with that she gets out slamming my door and running towards her house.

When I get home I go straight to my bedroom and change into my pajamas and throw myself in the bed I really did feel bad for Jessica but I had to do it I cant ask Isabella out and still be with Jessica and besides the girl was getting in my last nerves. So I just laid in my bed thinking about Isabella when I feel my eyes getting heavy than I fell asleep a short moments after.

When I fall asleep I have that damn dream again I’m in the meadow reading a poetry book and I look up and see the same girl and she still wearing the blue dress that looks beautiful on her pale skin hugging her amazing curves. When I stand up and go to her to reach her this time was different she didn’t disappear like she usually does. I turn her around and I finally see her face she looks up at me blushing and smiling I see that is Isabella Swan, she was my dream girl this whole time my dream girl finally had a face.
Oh man, Jessica is so annoying lol. However, Edward aka Eddieboo lol... is such a doll...I cant wait until they finally meet!
Edward with Jessica? That's was weird.
Nice Melissa! Keep on writting!
yes I did that song was the reason I wrote this it inspired me. I also love the song.
god! i love this story already! i can' wait to see where it all goes! please hurry with more!
Thanks for reading it and I'll keep you updated.
LOVE IT you have to keep me updated
Interesting story! I like that you made Edward a farmer. ha, ha, ha!
it was either that or a factory worker is the 1940's those were the most popular jobs back than for lower class.


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