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Scarlet is a young girl of 8 and she is a Witch but sadly she has no one, one day when she is walking in the woods she gets attacked and turned into part Vampire, she still has her Witch side in her so she grows fast but stops ageing at a certain age. Aro finds her and takes her in and to the Volturi, he thinks of her as his daughter. Ben the new member of the Volturi, he does not fit in and no one talks to him, he has good in him and Aro makes him Scarlet's guard. When Scarlet grows up she and Ben fall in love. What will happen?


Chapter 1~New Members

Sneak Peak of Chapter 2~Fight

Chapter 2~Fight

Chapter 3~A What?

Chapter 4~ Visitors and The Ball Part 1

Chapter 4~Visitors and The Ball Part 2

Chapter 4~Visitors and The Ball Part 3

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Hey, Guys before I just want to say thank you so much for voting on the next part of Chapter 4, and for the royal readers you are, Having taken everything into account as to where you wanted the story to go and where I wanted to go, and me not wanting to disapoint anyone, here is the last part of Chapter 4. Read and Enjoy :)

Chapter 4-Visitors and The Ball Part 3

Jake's Pov:

I walked into the throne room of the Volterra Castle and saw Bella sitting on someone's lap, the guy was tall and rather handsome, I felt my heart ache in pain and felt a bitter jealousy rise in me "Bella" I said, trying to hide my hate and resetment for the unkown guy who has his arms round Bella.

"Jake what are you doing here?" Bella asked with a shocked look on her face as she got up walking over to me, it was like she was making sure I was really here and not an illusion. I wrapped my arms around her hugging her tightly.

As we touched I felt a jolt of electicity fly throught us both, it was new and rather exciting, when I pulled back to look at her, my whole world changed in the whole moment.

It's not Gravity pulling you down to earth, its her. You'd do anything for her, be anything for her. Nothing matters but her, you become what ever she needs you to be, a friend, a Brother, a Protector, a lover.

"Jake? You okay?" Bella asked me "You haven't answered my question yet" She said reminding me that I didn't say why I was here. I wanted to answer but something would not let me, It was like I was too transfixed on her, her eyes, her breath, everything about her. I was so still I could not even more, as images of us and our future flashed in my mind.

From the corner of my eye I noticed the other guy watching, did he feel jealous? I asked my self.

Peter's Pov:

I watched Bella with the guy who she called Jake and my heart ached, I was in pain. Why did I feel like this? I felt so attached to Bella it hurt watching another guy being so close to her like this, I knew she was in pain from lossing the love of her life but this was.....different. I never felt like this about anyone in my life before, it was like I could not live without her, she meant to much to. I closed my eyes trying to shake off that strange feeling but whatever I did I could not make my self do so. I sighed deeply as images of me and Bella flashed in my mind.

It was very warm summer day, I was strolling along with beach with Bella by my side, I slipped my arm round her waist kissing her hair softly and then her lips, I held her close "I love you Bella" I whispered against her soft tender lips.

"I love you too Peter" she murmured softly and slipped her arms round my neck, I leaned my forehead on hers and smiled at her, I was so deeply in love with Bella and I would never, ever hurt her or let her get hurt. I promised my self that.

Then a joyful sound filled my ears as a little girl about 4 or 5 ran over to me and Bella shouting "Daddy.......Mommy" she  leaped into my arms as I kneeled down and hugged her

"How's my baby girl?" I asked with a bright beam on my face.

It took me a while to get back into reality and realise Bella was my soul mate, my Imprint but watching in his arms didn't feel right. I looked away and walked out of the throne room and into the hall, I needed to clear my head. I walked and I heard Bella "Peter, don't go" she called out and I could hear her running after me, she caught my wrist stopping me and turned me around. I looked at her silently.

I sighed "Bella...I" I was about to say but Bella pressed her finger to my lip stopping me from talking, from saying what I wanted to, I wrapped my arms round her and leaned my forehead on hers.

"Peter, please you have to understand there's nothing between me and Jake, he's just a friend, he has feelings for me but he doesn't understand I don't feel that way for him, I never did" she said, her eyes never leaving mine "I know it sounds crazy but....I feel for you" she said. 

I looked at her and cupped her face in my hands softly, she closed her eyes leaning into my hands and I pressed my lips against hers kissing her softly as I held her close, my lips moved with hers as I kissed her with tenderness, love and the passion I felt deeply for her. She slipped her arms round my neck tangling her fingers in my hair softly as she kissed me back the same way. I felt my heart leap in joy, I loved her deeply and I would do anything for her. The moment was so perfect until Jacob had to ruin it.

"What is the meaning of this"? He yelled as he pulled Bella away from me, he had tight grip on her shoulders and I saw her wince, the very thought of him hurting her made me shake and uneasy. I was part Wolf and Vampire, so I could control my self a bit better then normal werewolves but if I lost control or got to angry I would be very lethal.

Bella tried to get away from him, I could see the struggle in her face and she slapped him across the face as he let her go "Leave Peter out of this Jacob and get over your self, I don't love you, I never did!" she yelled, I could see the frustration, almost taste it at the tip of my tounge.

Jake growled and he leaped on me and shoved me to the floor and we both skidded across the clean floor and hit the wall, I snarled and kicked him away, he hit the wall and phased.

"Stop it" Bella yelled and stood in the middle of us looking at me then Jake "Jake don't you dare hurt him" She said, both me and Bella could tell a fight was about to break out.

Bella's Pov:

I frowned seeing Jake attack Peter like that and I could tell a fight might break any time soon, I hated how Jake could not move on. I felt nothing, nothing, NOTHING!! for him! I was in love. not with Jake, with Peter. There was nothing I could do about that.

Jane walked up behind me and she smirked "Well hello there" she said and shoved me to the floor, my head hit the wall and I slid down and winced in pain.

I  saw a smirk on her face and then felt something wet on the back of my head, I touched my head and then looked at my hand and saw Blood.

A/N-So this was the last part to Chapter 4. Overall in this whole chapter that has been split into 3 parts, there has been a lot of drama. A new character showed up in the picture, Jake caused a scene and Bella is in love again, but what will happen to Bella now? and How will Bella's and Peter's love Develop? What will Happen between Ben and Scarlet? I know they were not seen in this chapter but you will see them in the next. Happy reading :)


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