The Twilight Saga

Edward and Bella One Shot. Edward comes back in New Moon instead of Alice.


Edward POV-


I heard her truck pull up to the house and I took a deep breath. I was ready to help Charlie. Each step the person took to the front door was painful. Bella's seant still lingered in the air and a book of hers layed on the table. Oh, how I have missed my love. I should have never have left. None of this would have happened.


The door knob turned. Maybe I could go to to that city after this. I just hope Charlie forgave me before I died. "Jake, I'm fine!" She yelled. Bella? I jumped out a window and went to the tree closest to me. I watched her as she moved through the house.


She had no life in her eyes, she looked more pale and hin then before. My Bella didn't look like herself. I sighed, it was to much. I ran back to her front door. When I snuck in, a small sent hit me. Dog. A quiet growl hung in my chest. I walked on. I heard a male voice whisper something in an unfamilar language just as i walked through the kitchen doorway.


Bella was standing infront of the sink and Jacob Black stood too close for my liking. he cupped her cheek and started to close the distance. I claered my throat.


"Always in the way." I was confused on his comment.


"Edward?" Bella looked shocked. She stepped around Jacob and stood infront of me.


"Hello" I said. "I just came to make sure you were alive. Alice said you jumpped off a cliff?" I could the anger bubble in my system. "Bella...You promised you would stay safe."


"Why do you care?!" She yelled, anger slipping into her face.


"Because I never stopped caring Bella!" I said and walked out. She could be happy with Jacob. She needs a human...Wait Jacob isn't human. The dog smell was HIM. I growled as i walked to Carlisle's car. I gripped the steering wheel tight as the car went to the old house on audo. As i pulled into the drive way my phone rang.


'Bella's House' Said the caller ID


I flipped it opened and hit the 'ok' "Hello?" I asked.


"Edward! Please say you are still in forks." She begged. A small smiled graced my lips.


"I'm at the house." I reasured her. "why."


"Because...I love you Edward."  She whispered.


I layed my head on the wheel and let a soft sob escape my lips. I could hear Bella's sobs mingle with mine. "I love you. So much Bella, I'm so sorry. So sorry, love." 



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Plz read!!!!
i like it....well i like all ur storys ahahhahaha
thank you :)
thank you
Love it!!!! Write more please!!!!! :)
Thank you, im glad you liked it :)
 plz plz plz post more im dying here!!!!!!!!!!! update me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xoxoxox from argentina
Thanks. But Its a One Shot....
I loved it! But I also think you should have this as a story and not just a one-shot :)
I wouldn't know where to go with it. I mean I have idea's but idk if i would be able to full get this story out perfect.
i luv it


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