The Twilight Saga

It all started in 1881. Bella had a twin sister named Trixy and a brother named Jacob. Jacob was a werewolf that never dies and Bella and Trixy are half human and half vampire. Bella and Trixy have special powers. They met Carlisle and they all liked him very much. They became kind of like a family until Bella, Trixy, and Jacob had to leave. Then Carlisle created the Cullens. Bella and Trixy and Jacob are now in search of Carlisle. What happens when they find Carlisle's? This is a story about taking chances and twists.

p.s. Bella Trixy drink animals too and they also no that Carlisle made a family of his own. Im sorry if its confusing at first. Here are the main things you need to know.

1. Bella, Trixy, and Jacob are all related.

2. Charlie is their father.

3. Charlie doesn’t die easily.

4. Edward is a player.

5. Bella and Trixy have powers.

6. Trixy’s powers are seeing the future with no limitations but she has to concentrate really hard (which is hard for Trixy), and she can get anything she wants but she has to make a sentance that rhymes.

7. Bella’s powers are she can look like anyone she wants and she can move things without touching them.

8. Jacob is their brother.

9. Jacob is fast, super strong, and overprotective.

10. Bella and Trixy are not identical twins.

11. Bella and Trixy are both mentally and physically shields.


Should I write this?

(the Swans)





(the Cullens)








(friends of Bella and Trixy [will add as the story goes])









(Enemies[Will add as story goes])







(ok some of the enemies turn good at the end)

REMEMBER: these arent the only people in the story. there just the ones that have been mentioned! 


















Chapter14:Coming Soon!!

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Ya sure ill update you! thanks for reading

Chapter 12
Same Day
Bella’s POV
Meet With the Cullen’s

“Trixy hurry up!” I yelled.
“Man, it takes girls forever to get ready.” Jake muttered.
“Hey! I’m ready.” I argued.
“Ok, ok. I’m ready.” Trixy said, coming down the stairs.
“Finally! You take forever.” Jake mumbled.
“Oh whatever.”
We went towards the garage and got into Jake’s car. He started to get in the car but Trixy objected.
“Oh no you don’t. You can’t drive.” she said.
“Why not?!”
“You don’t even know where to go.”
“Well just tell me.” he growled.
“No, it’s supposed to a surprise!” she growled back.
I sighed. If this was going to be daily, I was going to blow.
I grabbed the keys when they weren’t looking, got in the driver’s seat and turned on the car.
I heard them shut up for a minute, and rolled down the window.
“Just get in were going to be late.” I said before they got the chance to whine.
Trixy was quicker then Jake and said, “I call shot gun, sucker!” and got in.
“Hey, that’s not fair!” Jake said while getting in the backseat. They argued the whole way there. It was kind of amusing, watching them fight. It made me laugh a couple times.
“So where are we going anyway?” Jake asked.
“I told you. It’s a surprise.” Trixy said.
Jake sighed.

Alice’s POV
“Esme, Edward doesn’t want to stay!” I yelled.
“There’s no reason for me to stay. Besides you know Fridays are the days I go with Alexander.” Edward argued.
“So, just find another day to do whatever you guys do on Fridays.” I argued back.
“Alice, I don’t even know the people you invited. Why would I want to sit down and chat with them when I have two perfectly hot girls, whose lips are lonely?” He whined.
Ugh, he annoys me so much sometimes.
I was already tiered of this fight, so I put my authority voice on.
“You are staying here. So make all the arrangements you need to make now, because you aren’t going anywhere.”
He sighed and took out his cell phone.
“Hey Alexander there’s been a change of plans…I can’t go tonight…because my annoying little sister doesn’t let me…ya so I’ll see you tomorrow.” Then he turned to me. “Happy?”
I smirked. “Let me know what you think after they leave.” I walked out of the room.
I heard Carlisle’s car pull in.
“Hey Carlisle, I invited some friends over who wanted to see you.”
“And who are these people?” he asked while hugging Esme.
I smiled. “It’s a surprise”

Bella’s POV
When we got there, we saw that the house was huge. It was so light and opened. It was beautiful, breathtaking. Even Jacob whistled.
“Come on.”Trixy said.
We walked to the front door, and I knocked lightly.
Edward answered it. Oh great.
“Well, well, well. Look who decided to visit.”
I rolled my eyes.
Trixy and Jake went inside, but I was stopped by Edward.
“Let me in.” I said.
“Ok I’ll let you in…if you give me a kiss.”
“Ha ha, don’t make me laugh.”
“Come ‘on it won’t kill you. In fact I rather think you’ll like it.”
I sighed. I guess I’d have to beg. I was good at begging but I didn’t like to do it.
I put on my puppy dog face and let me lip tremble.
“Please, Edward. Will you let me in?”
His face went blank and stepped aside. I walked past him, and from the corner of my eye I saw him shake his head as if trying to get rid of a bad thought. I smiled.
I went to stand next to my family.
Suddenly I felt someone pressing on my back.
“You’re in my bubble.” I whispered to Edward.
“Good. That means you’re partly mine.”
I would have said something back but the sight of blond hair distracted me.
My reaction surprised me. It was the same thing Trixy did.
We both squealed, and ran up to go hug him.
At first he was surprised but quickly hugged us back.
“Girls, you haven’t changed one bit.”
“Carlisle we missed you.” We replied together.
He laughed.
“Well I see you guys haven’t seemed to deal with your problem.”
“What problem?” we said together.
Everyone laughed.
We shrugged. I never got what they meant by that.
Jacob came closer to us. He said, “Carlisle, it’s been a while.”
Trixy and I stepped aside.
“It has been,” Carlisle agreed, “but you’re here now.”
“I guess.” And they hugged man style.
Suddenly Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, and Jasper came down the stairs. Behind them was a person I did not know.
“Bella, Trixy, Jacob. It’s so nice to meet you.” The women that I did not know said.
“Umm hello…”
“Oh I’m sorry. My name is Esme, Carlisle’s wife.”
I raised my eyebrows at Carlisle and he laughed.
“Hello Esme. It’s nice to meet you as well.”
Carlisle and Esme went to sit down on the couch and everyone followed.
“So kids what have you been up to?” Carlisle asked.
“Well we went to California and relaxed at the beach for a while, but had to leave. Then we went to visit Carmen and Elezar. They were nice enough to keep us there for 2 years. Everyone liked us there.” I explained.
“Oh. Did you have to leave quickly?” Carlisle asked. We knew the double meaning to his question.
“Yes.” I mumbled looking, down.
Carlisle sighed.
We moved on to happier topics and we laughed a lot.
Soon it was time to go.
“Well we must be going now.” I said standing up.
Alice put a sad face on. “Why don’t you spend the night?”
“Because we have a father waiting for us.” Trixy grumbled.
Carlisle laughed.
“Aw René. Always after the men in charge, huh?” Carlisle asked with a chuckle.
I shrugged. “Last time we saw her was in France. We had a great bond, but she wanted to be free and we are more limited to the places we go.” I sighed. Only Carlisle, Trixy and Jacob knew what meant.
“Well we should certainly do this again.” Carlisle said.
“Yes. Our home is your home.” Esme said.
“Thank you. It’s a very beautiful home. It was great to see you again Carlisle.” Jacob said. That just proves that Jacob can be formal when he wants to be.
Trixy and I hugged everyone except for Edward. Well Trixy hugged Edward but I didn’t. We walked to the door and I got stopped by Edward.
“Where’s my good bye hug?” he asked.
I teased him. “Oh I left it in the car. I’ll go get it.”
He sighed. “Please Bella?”
Holy crow, how did he do that. My mind went blank and before I knew it, I was leaning in for a hug.
It felt right, being in his arms. Like I belonged there. The electricity going between us was unbearable. I let go quickly and immediately missed the warmth of his body.
I ran to the car and let Jacob drive. I couldn’t like Edward. It was going to end badly if I did. Not just for me, but for him too.
I tried to shake of the feeling.
“What’s wrong, Bells?” Jake asked.
“I don’t know Jake.” I whispered.
Trixy was sitting in the front so she turned back to see my face.
I mouthed “We need to talk.”
“Ok.” She mouthed back.

Hey guys i'm sorry i havent posted in a long time, but i just didnt feel happy with this chapter, i'll try to post more on sunday. i'd post more on Saterday, but its my grandmas 80th b-day so ya. but anyway i promise to have the next chapter posted soon. in fact i've already finished it, i just need to edit. so until then Read,Comment and Enjoy:)
good chapter
pleeeeeeeeeeeeease post more soon
I am a new read and just finished what you have posted and LOVED IT!!! Can't wait for more!!!
thatnk you!! ill be posting in a bit!
amazingi cant believe it ur like so amazing i mean wiht the talents in ur writing skills come on those sort of things dont last forever so use them as much as u can plz and update soon plz and thank u very much and also i really enjoy ur writing and ur enthisiastic story it pulls the reader which is me in so update soon like the story .
thank you!! that means a lot!
haha thnks! i will!
omg this is so good
i love it!!! post soon and i hope edward and bella get together soon.


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