The Twilight Saga

It all started in 1881. Bella had a twin sister named Trixy and a brother named Jacob. Jacob was a werewolf that never dies and Bella and Trixy are half human and half vampire. Bella and Trixy have special powers. They met Carlisle and they all liked him very much. They became kind of like a family until Bella, Trixy, and Jacob had to leave. Then Carlisle created the Cullens. Bella and Trixy and Jacob are now in search of Carlisle. What happens when they find Carlisle's? This is a story about taking chances and twists.

p.s. Bella Trixy drink animals too and they also no that Carlisle made a family of his own. Im sorry if its confusing at first. Here are the main things you need to know.

1. Bella, Trixy, and Jacob are all related.

2. Charlie is their father.

3. Charlie doesn’t die easily.

4. Edward is a player.

5. Bella and Trixy have powers.

6. Trixy’s powers are seeing the future with no limitations but she has to concentrate really hard (which is hard for Trixy), and she can get anything she wants but she has to make a sentance that rhymes.

7. Bella’s powers are she can look like anyone she wants and she can move things without touching them.

8. Jacob is their brother.

9. Jacob is fast, super strong, and overprotective.

10. Bella and Trixy are not identical twins.

11. Bella and Trixy are both mentally and physically shields.


Should I write this?

(the Swans)





(the Cullens)








(friends of Bella and Trixy [will add as the story goes])









(Enemies[Will add as story goes])







(ok some of the enemies turn good at the end)

REMEMBER: these arent the only people in the story. there just the ones that have been mentioned! 


















Chapter14:Coming Soon!!

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LOVE this!!!

Chapter 13
Same Day
Bella’s POV
When we got home Charlie got the door before we even reached it.
“Where were you guys?!” he asked, looking pissed off.
“At a friend’s house.” My voice sounded like monotone.
Jacob was trying to figure out what I meant when I said I didn’t know what was wrong, and Trixy was eager to go upstairs and talk. Charlie, trying to be a ‘good’ father, was mad at us for not telling him where we’d be.
“Next time you have to tell me where you guys are going, ok?”
“yeah sure.” I said.
You could tell Charlie had no experience with being a father, but you had to give him credit for trying to be one.
I went running at full speed, with Trixy behind me, to the music room, yelling “Goodnight!!” to Charlie and Jake.
I sat on the piano bench and Trixy sat on the floor in front of me.
“So…” she began.
“I think I have a problem.” I said doubtfully.
“Ok tell me about it.”
“Today at school, you know how Alexander was close to me he almost kissed me?”
“Well I didn’t feel anything for him. Not even hate.” I said not meeting her eyes.
“I’m confused. Isn’t that good?” she asked.
“Well, yes. But I think the reason for that is because I like someone else.” I muttered.
She squealed.
“It’s Edward, isn’t it?!” she half yelled.
Shhh!!! I don’t want the whole world to know. Yes, I like Edward but only as a friend. But I think that’s the reason, because I have new friends and more worries that I think I’m tired of fighting with Alexander.”
“I still don’t see the problem.”
“Well obviously he is going to want to talk to me, and I’m afraid that…that well I might like him again.” I stared at the floor.
She laughed.
“You sound so 6th grade.” She muttered.
“Ha thanks.”
“Look Bella, you and Alexander used to be so…hmm close. Just think that he’s still your friend and you guys are just having a friendly conversation.”
I sighed. I was getting bored with this conversation so I decided to change the subject.
“Does Jake know about Alexander?” I asked.
“No, but I think he’ll find out soon.” She muttered.
I sighed again.
“Come on. Let’s change into our human forms so we could go to bed.”
She frowned but said “Kay.”

Hey guys, it's a short one today...ill try to update more often now but no promises. please read and comment!!
love it anyway!!
I just read the whole thing its really good more more plz.
thanks Sidney!
goooooooooooood chapter
haha thanks C.O.O.L! that means a lot
omg lovin it! i totally agree with you Bella cullen. jealous edward means sexy and irrisistable edward! lol jk but no seriously!
omg that wopuld be great! you guys will defanitly see jealousy edward...but i was thinking of making him jealousy wen edward and bella are already dating hmm desions desions:)
I finally read it yay so glad i did write soon.
yay! plz write more


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