The Twilight Saga

It all started in 1881. Bella had a twin sister named Trixy and a brother named Jacob. Jacob was a werewolf that never dies and Bella and Trixy are half human and half vampire. Bella and Trixy have special powers. They met Carlisle and they all liked him very much. They became kind of like a family until Bella, Trixy, and Jacob had to leave. Then Carlisle created the Cullens. Bella and Trixy and Jacob are now in search of Carlisle. What happens when they find Carlisle's? This is a story about taking chances and twists.

p.s. Bella Trixy drink animals too and they also no that Carlisle made a family of his own. Im sorry if its confusing at first. Here are the main things you need to know.

1. Bella, Trixy, and Jacob are all related.

2. Charlie is their father.

3. Charlie doesn’t die easily.

4. Edward is a player.

5. Bella and Trixy have powers.

6. Trixy’s powers are seeing the future with no limitations but she has to concentrate really hard (which is hard for Trixy), and she can get anything she wants but she has to make a sentance that rhymes.

7. Bella’s powers are she can look like anyone she wants and she can move things without touching them.

8. Jacob is their brother.

9. Jacob is fast, super strong, and overprotective.

10. Bella and Trixy are not identical twins.

11. Bella and Trixy are both mentally and physically shields.


Should I write this?

(the Swans)





(the Cullens)








(friends of Bella and Trixy [will add as the story goes])









(Enemies[Will add as story goes])







(ok some of the enemies turn good at the end)

REMEMBER: these arent the only people in the story. there just the ones that have been mentioned! 


















Chapter14:Coming Soon!!

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ok. thnx 4 those nice comments on just the idea. i will write the first chapter 2morrow hopefully and i will message all that want one. thnx again for thos beautiful comments on the idea.
i cant wait until u read the story!!!!!!
yer u should carry
Triple YES!!!!!
you should write it i cant wet for the 1 chapter write soon.
Chapter 1
Present day
Bella POV
New Home

“But why do we have to move again.” Trixy whined.
“Because you were careless again and went showing of to the world your powers.”I said.
“Well its time the world would except us for who we are.” Trixy said.
“Well they don’t, ok Trix. Now stop whining.”Jacob said.
Trixy’s lip jutted out like a little kid. We were all moving to a new town in Washington. I think it was called Forks. There we would start another life but this time with our dad. “Well you guys, lets leave.” we all got together and held hands. “Trixy do your thing” It was simple I guess. All she had to do was make a sentence that rhymes and poof were there. I got to admit it comes in handy. “From here we rome, take us to our new home.”
It was disturbing, having her do that. Sometimes id rather go running, but it was faster that way. Once we landed at a beautiful, white 2 story house we knew this was our new home.
“Ugh, this house looks way smaller.” Trixy said, disappointment clearly in her voice.
“Just remember were her because of you.” I said. She glared at me. I just laughed.
“It cant be that bad.”Jacob said.
“Are u kidding me. It looks like a disaster waiting to happen.” Trixy said.
“Common. Or do you guys wanna stand here like idiots.”Jacob said.
Trixy and I sighed.
I hit the door as lightly as I could.
The door slowly opened.
“Hey dad.” Trixy said casually. She barged inside.
“Ok, were’s my room, im so tired.” Trixy said.
“Wow, wow, wow. Did you just call me dad?” Charlie said confused.
“Didn’t mom tell you?” I asked.
“Where moving in.”
“What?”he seemed confused.
“Were your kids.” Jacob said, putting our luggage on the floor which wasn’t much, we agreed to go shopping as soon as we got settled.
“Uh o, what did Renne do now?” Charlie asked.
“Well I don’t know what she did, but I have a pretty good idea of what you both did.” Trixy muttered. I couldn’t help but giggle.
He thought about it and then said “Well maybe you are my kids. How old are you guys?”
Trixy and I said “17" and Jacob said “18". After Charlie got rid of all the stupid questions, we chose a bedroom. It seemed that Charlie was ready for kids cuz the bedrooms sure looked like kids, but the were big. Trixy got first pick, like always. I got the bedroom next to her, and Jacob next to mine. Charlie’s bedroom was across the hall. I went downstairs to check the house out. There were like a billion rooms so that means a lot of stairs. Which would take a while to get down in my human form, which I was in at the moment. The living room was ok, the kitchen was pretty big as well, but what I liked the most was the music room. Well it looked like a music room.
It had a piano, all kinds of guitars, and that was pretty much it. I was about to sit and start playing when Trixy burst in shouting “It’s huge, and I absolutely love it!!”
“Ya it’s pretty big.” I said calmly.
“But remember, we have school tomorrow so we need sleep, and remember to the knifes somewhere unnoticeable.”
She pouted. “Do u actually believe we will have to change?”
I was apparently ruining her mood with my calmness instead of being excited. “No but we never no.” We stood there arguing then complete silence came over us.
I sighed and said “We better go to bed. I can feel tomorrow’s gonna be a long day.”

I dont no if its good so let me no if u think i should stop here, or go on. And if you like it and want updates, send me a friend request!
i like it! keep going! :)
love it
Write more!!!!!!


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