The Twilight Saga

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What if Bella was never in forks, she was a vampire who lived with Aro as princess Isabella and Edward was in love with someone else? What will happen when fate brings them together?



Ch. 1



Jane walked into a room with a smile on her face. Did jane even know how to smile? "Come sister, Father wishes a word with you." She said. A girl with long flowing brown hair smiled the most breath taking smile. "I'll be down in a minuet, dear." The girl said softly.


The vision faded and i continued to get ready for my date.


"Edward?" Alice asked coming into my room without asking.




"That was the third vision of them this week. something is wrong." she said sitting on my bed. Her pixie face was laced with confusion. I sighed and walked over to her.

"It's fine Alice. It's nothing. Now i have to leave i'm meeting Jay at the dinner." i smiled at the thought of her. She was the love of my life and i would mary her one day.



Sorry it was short. Should i write more? 

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plz plz plz post more! I love this!
I will :)
Im a new reader & im loving your story!!!!!!! I cant wait for more!!!!! Please update me! Can you add me? Please write soon!!!!!!
Thank you so much i will be updating very soon!

Bellas POV

"Izzzzzzyyyyyy" Jane yelled even though I could hear her perfectly fine since I'm a vampire.


"What Jane?" I asked.


"When need to go find your dress for your 250 birthday party" Jane singed  from my doorway. Ugh I hate shopping I  thought to myself 


"Do we have to?" I whined.


"YES!!!" Jane yelled. God she was over excited.


 "Let me get dressed" I said defeated.

Edwards POV

"Everybody please come to my office" Carlisle whispered.


We all walked in and Carlisle had the biggest smile on his face. He looked at us started to read the piece of paper in front of him.

Dear Cullens,


I formally invite you to my daughter's ,Isabella Volturi, 250th birthday and would like you to stay 2 more weeks after the the party.You'll be the only clan staying Requested by my daughter.
                          Your Friend,
                               Aro Volturi

Bellas POV

"Izzy look at that dress isnt it pretty? navy blue will look good on you" Jane said . Jane pointed to the most beautiful silk blue dress i had ever seen.


"It's very pretty" I said in a daze as I looking at the full length dress.


"Then go try it on" she half yelled sang. When I slipped into the dresses room and slid the silk dress over my skin I looked in the mirror and gasped. I saw a different girl in the most beautiful dress. I walked out to show Jane and she had the biggest smile on her face. God what's up with everyone be all smiley for god sakes even the guard looked happy I thought to myself.


"Do you like it?" I asked  


"Do I like it?" She laughed "I love it the color suits you very well" Jane said


"Well let's get it and go home I need to go hunting" I said. The Next two weeks flew by. I didn't think they had passed until jane danced around my room at 6am.


"What do you want Jane?" I half growled. I hated when she came in here with out me saying she could.


"It's you birthday Izzy!" She sang.


I jumpped up excitedly, I would see Carlisle and his family today. I ran to Aro's office and knocked on the door. "Aro, Can i ask you a question?" I asked nerviously.


"Later child, it's time to get ready guest will be arriving soon" Aro said


" ok I'll be done as soon as I can" I sighed and reluctently went back to my room where Heidi and Jane waited for me.                


"okay Izzy, sit in the chair and don't move." I did as they said and felt things being smeared onto my skin. I flinched as someone glided a liquid accross my eye lashes. I tuned them out and thought of traveling the world. I would go anywhere and do anything i wanted. Maybe I would even find a mate, but would Aro let me?


"You are done!" Jane yelled excitedly. I opened my eyes and saw a diffrent person looking at me. I was beautiful. I looked at the clock and it was alomst 6pm. How long does it take to do hair and make-up?!


"How will you get ready in time?" I asked them in a panic.


"Izzy we don't need to get ready at a specific time, this is your party, you have to be on time." She explained like i was 2 years old.


I growled at her. "Izzy, just go get dressed and don't mess up your hair or make-up, or we will kill you." I had no doubt Heidi was serious so when they left i quickly changed and walked out of my room. Instently I was flanked by two gaurds.


I walked down stairs everyone was chatting then they heard me coming they all got quiet my dad took my hand as I got to the bottom of the stair we walked to the thrones. Aro gave a very embarrassing speech about me throughout the years that I was with him. My uncles laughed when he was done and I slapped them both on the head that got everyone laughing.

After I sat down in my chair i turned to my father. "Dad we are the cullens" 


 "They will be down here in a little bit I told them to go put there stuff in the guest bedrooms" Just as he saud that carlisle walked in and I ran at vampire speed and gave him a big hug he start laughing


 "Well did someone miss me?" he said in between laughs.  


"YES!!! Don't ever leave again" I said in between giggles

Edwards POV

When finally got to the castle. When we got there Carlisle Just got the biggest smile on his face and was staring at something I fallowed his gaze and.....

omg awesome chapter (giggles to self) ahahaah
thank you for the advice, ill do that next time :)
YOU WROTE IT HAHAHAHA i forgot to add that... :( im sorry

hahahaha it ok 


good theme

great idea

awsome story

thank you
Love it!!!!


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