The Twilight Saga

I guess it is better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all. That’s what I tell myself to make it though the day, to keep the pain at bay. But somehow the pain is never really gone. I can’t think about anything anymore. I am a wreck, a worthless, lovestruck girl.

POV Brooklyn Bliss
Chapter 1

The rain seemed to subside, as I unloaded the boxes from the truck. It was August in Billings Montana, my new home. I liked it here, but being a Junior in high school and having to move away from my friends in Florida isn’t ideal. ‘ We needed to get away’ was all my mother, Larina, had said. My mother was such a gold digger it wasn’t even funny. She had gotten away with about 2.3 million this time. I wanted a normal mom and a normal dad. She was like a sister who partied alot. She had me when she was 16, so I guess it was her time to be a teenager.

I walked up the front steps into the living room and to the stair case the lead to the basement. Mom bought a nice house in a “up-and coming” neighborhood. It was 3 bedroom, 4 bath, with a nice sized kitchen, a work out room and a finished basement. My mom said that the master was her room and the others were guest rooms. So that left me with the basement.....

“Mom!Can we go to the paint store?” I yell up the stairs.

“Yeah! One second honey, we need to get everything inside,” She answered from up stairs. When she said “we need to get everything inside” she meant “you need to get everything inside.”

“Almost done!” I yelled back as I walked into the basement. It was a big rectangular shaped room, with dark brown shag carpet and a small bathroom. The walls were a boring cream, but in my head they were going to be: a light red, a sky blue, a green apple and a light pink. I ran back up the stairs and saw my mom waiting to take me to the paint store to buy the new colors for the whole house.

“Ready?” she asked raising a perfectly plucked eyebrow.

“Yep, let’s go!” I said full of excitement.

The drive was short to the Home Depot. I walked straight to the paint section with mom trailing the whole way wanting to buy furry lights. We got to the paint wall with all the little paint swabs with a huge group of people standing in front of it.

“Excuse me,” I said walking up it a tall boy.

“Sure,” he said moving so I could see the section of red’s. I started looked for my mom who now wasn’t behind me anymore. All I could see was hot guys. They all looked the same but different too. They all were very tall, with rusty colored skin and black hair.

“Mom!?” I yelled walking though the crowd.

“Brooklyn?!” Mom called from somewhere in the crowd

“Yeah, come on mom.” I walked back to the wall when I ran into something hard. “Ow!” I said falling to the ground.

“Oh crap, my bad shorty,” somebody said grabbing me off the hard floor. When his hands touched my skin it was like a electric current flowing through our bodies, not to mention his hands were very warm and soft.

“Thanks,” I said getting up.

“Are you OK?” He asked in a rush with his hands still on me.

“Yeah, fine. Sorry ‘bout that I am really clumsy,” I said looking up into his beautiful dark brown and moss green eyes. Everything at that second melted away into another world. It was like I was looking into his soul, like could see what he is thinking this very moment. His eyes had a look in them that screamed love. Weird.

“Brooklyn?!” Mom yelled again which brought me back to earth. Damn! she had to ruin a perfect moment.

“Umm..I have to go,” I said looking away, yet he didn’t let go of me.

“OK but,” he said grabbing my hand again and pulling me close to him. “What’s your name?” I looked into his eyes again as his breath washed over me.

“Brooklyn Bliss,” I said in a low voice. “ And may I ask yours sir?”

“Collin,” he breathed.

“Brooklyn, there you are,” mom said from somewhere and pulling me from Collin’s arms. “And who is this?” She said in a sweet sickly voice while her eyes roamed his body. How in the world did I just go from the happiest person on earth to the maddest?

“This is Collin, mom,” I spoke with infuses on the mom.

She gave me a dirty look, “Well, hello there Collin, I’m Larina.”

“Nice to meet you,” He said politely.

“Nice to meet you, too.”

“Well, mom I think we have to go..” I said trying to get her away form him. He was all I have ever wanted ,but now he probable thinks I am crazy.

“Yes, we have to meet with the designers. Hope to see you again Collin,” mom said smiling. I rolled my eyes at her attempt to flirt.

“Bye Collin,” I said looking to see where my mom was. Soon enough I found her flirting with some of the other yummy guys. “Sorry ‘bout her,” looking at my mom.

“It’s cool, girls, no matter what age, love me,” he said with a chuckle and gave me a “one-of-a-kind”, heartbreaking smile.

“Oh yes, I bet they do,” I said chuckling with him. “I got to get her to the appointment so I will talk to you later?”

“Yes,we will,” He said in a sweet voice as I grabbed my mother and ran for the exit. I had to get her out of here. She ALWAYS embarrasses me and hits on my guy friends. Please god say that my mom finds a guy her own age so that she can leave the young ones alone.

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POV Brooklyn Bliss
Chapter 2

On the drive, to the meeting with the designers, I couldn’t pay attention to anything. All I could think about was Collin. He was what I have always wanted in a guy...boyfriend....husband. I knew it was wrong to be jumping into something before it was even something. For some reason, this boy I just meet, seemed like the one. Then again what do I know, I’m 16-years-old girl living with a barbie doll who thinks she is 12 years younger. I kept telling myself that I would never see him again and that I should forget everything about him. I didn’t even get his number! How stupid am I?

“Brooklyn? We’re here,” mom said snapping me out of ‘La La Land.’

“Oh,” was my genius response.

“Brook, ‘member to not say anything.”

“Yeah, I no.” What was the point in bringing me if I had no input?

“Good, Let’s go,” She said stepping out of the ‘Range Rover’ like a super model. We walked into the building that looked like it had been carved out of glass.

The whole appointment was a blur of colors and faces. The only face I wanted to see was Collin’s. Whenever I think about him I feel like a knife is being stabbed into my heart. Why was I even thinking about him? I just meet him like 2 hours ago and now all my thoughts consist of him. Suddenly I was laying in a sleeping bag on the floor of my new room. I slowly fell into unconsciousness.

In my dream I was with my grandmother, Irena. She was the sweetest person I have ever met. She died when I was 9, but I remember her every feature. Her black graying hair framed her gray eyes like the night sky framed the moon. Grandma walked slowly towards me wearing a beautiful white, silk gown. Her red lips smiled as she embraced me.

“Bliss, how ya’ holding up?” she asked in her southern accent. She was asking about my mom,
she knew mom wasn’t the nicest person. The only reason my mom had kept me is because my grandma couldn’t stand the thought of her sons baby dieing. My father was Irena’s son, he died when I was 2 in a car accident. I don’t remember him at all so I don’t think its right to morn his death.

“OK, I guess. I didn’t want to move, but I want the money for collage.” The only reason I was staying with my mom is to get the money to become a nurse. I didn’t want to be 40 and have a student loan, so the only option is to stick around just a little longer.

“I know, I left you the money I had. It wasn’t much but I hope it helps,” she said pulling out of the hug to look at my face.

“It does, don’t worry ‘bout me,” I responded with a weak smile.

She moved a lock of hair behind my ear and smiled back. “How I wish I could be with you now. My baby girl is growing up...your so beautiful,” she murmured as a tear ran down her cheek.

“Please don’t make me cry,” I said wiping the tear from her cheek.

“This isn’t why I came to talk to you though,” her tone becoming very serious.

“What is it?”

“Collin.” That’s all she had to say. She was watching down on me and is going to give me “ the boy talk.” Most people would have had boyfriends or met someone by the age of 16, but not me. I have had crushes, but nothing important or serious. People said I was beautiful and I could have whatever boy I liked. They were right, I could have anyone I wanted, but I never wanted a boyfriend, I just wanted a friend.

“Oh, that,” I said not meeting her eyes.

“Yes, that. I know you have really had a boyfriend and your mother has never cared if you did or not, so I am taking the responsibility of taking to you about boys.” Oh great!

“Grandma, I don’t think you have to be worried,” I said with chuckle and a reassuring smile.

“I know something you don’t so I think I do have to be worried.” What could my grandma possibly know?

“What do you know?” I said giving her a “what the hell are you talking ‘bout” look.

“It’s not my secret to tell.”

“What?!? I must know!” I said jumping up and down.


“It has to do with Collin right?” I said more to myself than her.

“Yes, but give him time.”

“So it means I will see him again?” I screeched.

“Yes, he is in your future. He needs you as much as you need him.”

“He needs me as much as I need him,” I said mumbling to myself again.

“Yes, don’t tell anyone you saw me. I must go dear,” grandma said pulling me into a warm embrace. Her woody scent washed over me in a calming waterfall.

“No! Don’t go yet!” I said pulling away to look at her.

“Yes honey, I must go. I love you with all my heart.”

“I love you too grandma, more than you could ever know,” I whispered into her ear and hugging her again.

“Bye, my dear,” She said disappearing. I was alone now, in this wired fantasy land. It looked like I was floating on a cloud in the middle of night with only the moon as a light. Even though it was dark and all I was wearing is a Nike sports bra and Aerie boxers I was warm and safe.

I awoke the next morning happy and well rested. School started in 4 days and I had no clothes so today I was going shopping.

I walked up the stairs to the kitchen to have breakfast and sneak out before mom was up or she would have a fit about me going shopping. She insisted that she would go shopping with me and we didn’t really have the same style. I like jeans and a cute top, she liked mini skirts and bras. I liked looking sexy but not over the top.

I dressed in and jumped in my 2010 Bentley Continental. It’s my baby and a gift from my mom’s ex-husband, Jim. He was a nice 80-year-old man. Kinda weird that a 33-year-old woman was married to him. He was a very nice man with 10.7 million from working on wall street. He always said I need a father and someone who cared and he tried his best but 4 months after my mom and his wedding he died of a heart attack. Mom got 2.3 million, but she wanted more.

I drove up to the mall and parked by the entryway and walked in with 4,000 cash, then 5 hours later walked out with 15 bags.The entire shopping trip I kept thinking things like: “Would Collin like me in this?,” “Where would I wear something like this with Collin?.” Then I had to tell myself it didn’t matter because I would never see him again.

In the end I bought: two pairs of jeans, three tank tops, two t-shirts and a sweater from ‘Pac Sun.’ Three pairs of jeans, a tank top and a pair of shorts from ‘Metroparkusa.’ Three tops from ‘7trends’ and four tank tops, two pairs of jeans, two sweaters, a hoodie, three t-shirts, and two pairs of shorts from ‘American Eagle’ and ‘Aerie.’ A pair of jeans, two tank tops, two t-shirts, a skirt, two sweaters, three hoddies from ‘Hollister.’ A pair of jeans, two t-shirts, a skirt, a hoddie and two sweaters from ‘Abercrombie and Fitch.’ Seems like a lot, but I don’t go shopping that often so I went a little over board. As I was loading up my bags, the voice I had been dreaming of became a reality.
POV Collin
Chapter 3

“Excuse me,” said the most beautiful voice I have ever heard.

“Sure,” Embry said moving out of her way. I looked to see who had spoken, to see a beautiful girl look around her for somebody. She had long black hair with pink underneath, layered, with side bangs and the deepest green eyes I have ever seen. She was wearing tight dark jeans and a long sleeve, green v-neck that showed off her figure. She was short, only ‘bout 5’3, but still she had a super athletic body. I needed to talk to her, to say something, but I didn’t know her name.

“Mom!?” mom she called scared.

“Brooklyn?!” someone answered her back from somewhere in the crowd. So that was her was perfect.

“Yeah, come on mom.” she said bored. I needed to talk to her, it was like my body just pulled me there. I was standing right in front of her, then she turned and walked right into me. “Ow,” yelled as she fell to the floor.

“Oh crap, my bad shorty,” I said grabbing her off the floor. When my hands touched her skin it was like a electric current flowing through our bodies.

“Thanks,” she said getting up.

“Are you OK?” I said freaking out. She better not be hurt!

“Yeah, fine. Sorry ‘bout that I am really clumsy,” she said looking up at me. Her eyes were green, but every green anyone has every seen. Near the iris, it was dark green, then lighted. The outer ring was a light green apple with a silver lining.

I didn’t know what was happening or what I was doing. She was with me and that matters. All the pain I had felt before didn’t matter, my name didn’t matter, my friends didn’t matter, nothing mattered but her. I was born a piece of clay, that through out my life I had molded into who I was now. At this moment she was crumbling the clay in her hands making me into a whole new mold that belonged to her. She was becoming a piece of me and I a piece of her.

“Brooklyn?!” someone yelled again which brought me back to earth. Crap! For the love of all that is holy, who would ruin this perfect moment?

“Umm..I have to go,” she said looking away, yet I couldn’t let go of her.

“OK but,” I said grabbing her hand again and pulling her close to me. “What’s your name?”

“Brooklyn Bliss,” she said in a low voice. What I really was asking was her whole name.“ And may I ask yours sir?” She said smiling and blushing the most beautiful color of red. It took me a second to remember my name.

“Collin,” I breathed, unsure if that was my name or not.

“Brooklyn, there you are,” someone said from somewhere and pulled her from my arms. “And who is this?” The woman said trying to flirt. Was she serious? This woman, if could call it that, looked like Joan Rivers on a bad day. She had long blond hair with a fake tan. She had boobs bigger than Pamela Anderson, and even bigger lips.

“This is Collin, mom,” she said as nice as she could. How could this messed up barbie be Brooklyn’s mom?

She gave Brooklyn a nasty look and turned to me, “Well, hello there Collin, I’m Larina.”

“Nice to meet you,”I said politely as I could.

“Nice to meet you, too.” she cooed.

“Well, mom I think we have to go..” Brooklyn said. NO DON’T LEAVE ME!

“Yes, we have to meet with the designers. Hope to see you again Collin,” Larina said smiling. I rolled my eyes at her attempt to flirt.

“Bye Collin,” Brooklyn said looking to see where here mom was. Soon enough we found her flirting with Embry and Seth. “Sorry ‘bout her,” Brooklyn whispered.

“It’s cool, girls, no matter what age, love me,” I said trying to lighten the mood.

“Oh yes, I bet they do,” she said chuckling “I got to get her to the appointment so I will talk to you later?”

“Yes,we will.” We have too! As soon as she walked away I felt dead. I needed her close to me. Her smell still lingered in the air. I need to see her and I will.

i love it... it is funny htat her mom was flirting Embry, Seth and Collin.... tots HILARIOUS!!!!


POV Brooklyn Bliss
Chapter 4

“Hey, do you need an help with those?” A voice asked me.

“Um..I’m good, thanks though,” I mumbled thinking my mind was playing tricks on me. I stood up to grab more bags to put in my trunk and there he was. Not a fantasy. Not imaginary. He stood there looking hot as ever. His black hair was cropped shorter than yesterday but still his eyes looked deeper than ever. He wore a black muscle shirt and dark wash jeans.

“You sure?’’ He asked.

“Oh, hey Collin.” I said embarrassed as my face turned red. “Than again...I kinda have a lot of bags,” I said chuckling as he grabbed the last four bags in put them in the trunk.

“Yeah, you do,” he chuckled with me. “Hey, do you want to get some Ice cream with me?” I was starstruck. I needed to say something or else he would think something was wrong with me.

“Sure...that would be great.” I said shyly. He smiled a breath taking smile.

“Good umm...I know this is going to sound weird, but my friends kinda...sorta have my car so could we go in your car?” He asked nervously.

“Do I want to know how they have your car?” I asked walking over to the drivers side.

“No, you don’t.”

I laughed,” Get in.”

“Nice car,” he commented jumping in. I turned on my car and the radio boomed California Girls by Katy Perry. I blushed bright red and hit the volume to turn it down.

“Thanks, it was a gift,” I said weaving the engine, he laughed. I turned out on to the freeway and sped up to 80 miles-per-hour. Some would say that I was showing off, but I always drove like this. I turned off the freeway to a small street with a little ice cream shop. I parked in front and turned the car off.

“That was fun,” he said with a smile.

“Yeah, it was,” I said getting out.

“Do you always drive like that?” he asked amazed that any person in their right mind would drive like that.

“Always,” I said walking over into the little ice cream shop.

“Thank you God! Someone else who drives fast!”

“Really? Most people think I am crazy!” I chuckled and walked up to the counter and looked at all the flavors.

“Hello, welcome to Jelly Beans, What can I get for you?” The girl at the counter asked eyeing Collin . She looked about 19 with blond hair, brown eyes and light pink lips. I wanted her to leave him alone and treat us like normal customers. Was I jealous? No I couldn’t be. I didn’t even know him yet.

“Hi, I would like two scoops of Mint Chocolate Chip, please,” I said taking her eyes off him.

“I will have the same, only with five scoops,” Collin decided. She handed us our ice cream and we found a little table in the corner. We sat down acrossed from each other even though I wanted him next to me.

“So did you just move here or have you always lived here?” he asked trying to make conversation.

“I just moved her a couple days ago from Florida.”

“Oh that’s a big difference from Montana, do you like it?” He asked me looking into my eyes.

“I miss my friends and living with my mom isn’t the best thing, but I guess I did need a change. Have you always lived here?”

“No. I was born in La’Push, Washington, but when my,” he stopped licking his ice cream cone and looked out the window deep in thought. “I had friends here so I came and moved in with them. The Cullen’s are a big family and just bought a house here so they let me move in with them. That’s why you saw me at the paint store.”

“That was one family?!” I asked in shock and I wanted him to be happy again, to get his mind off his parents deaths. He will tell me more when he is ready.

He just laughed and replied, “Yeah that wasn’t even the whole family.”

“What? Your joking,” I said licking my ice cream cone. It was so easy to be with Collin like we were meant to be.

“Nope, I’m not,” He stopped and licked his ice cream and continued. “Do you have any siblings?”

“No, I am an only. Do you?” I asked as a flash of pain was clear on his face.

“Umm...Yes but when my parents died...we became distant... She lives in California with her boyfriend.”

“Oh, I’m sorry for asking,” I said looking down from his sad eyes.

“It’s cool, you didn’t know,” he looked back at me and gave me a reassuring smiling letting me know that I didn’t do any damage.

“Do you play any sports?” I asked changing the subject.

“Basketball and Football when I was younger, but I haven’t in the last couple years. Do you?”

“Softball, Soccer, Basketball and a little bit of Volleyball.”

“Really? Good this town has no girls that know anything about sports.”

“Well. with my mom’s first husband, Albert, I was 10 and he got me playing Soccer and Softball. Then when he died he gave me money to join teams and go to camps for Basketball.” I said thinking of all the times Albert and I would watch ESPN on the couch with chips and a soda.

“How much older was he then your mom?” Collin ask just what I was trying to figure out.

“She was 26 and he was 78 so you do the math.”

“Weird of you ask me, by the way I thought it was funny how your mom was trying to flirt with me.” He didn’t think I was weird? He thought it was funny? Collin is the man of my dreams.

“Are you serious? You don’t think I am weird for having a mom like her?”

“One, I can tell right off the bat that you are nothing like her.” At this time we both had finished our ice creams and we were just sitting talking and enjoying every moment of it. “Two, you can’t control who your mom is. Third she is so not my type.”

“Well what is your type then?” I asked nervously and looked away. Once I got out that sentence I immediately wanted to take it back.

Well..Somebody honest, somebody who makes me laugh, and someone I can relate too,” Collin said looked into my eyes. My breath hitched.

“Oh.” That was all I could say.
POV Brooklyn Bliss
Chapter 5

“Yeah, but I haven’t met many people who fit that description,” Collin said looking away and leaning back in his chair. I didn’t know what to say to make everything not as awkward.

“Hey, Guys were closing!” the girl from behind the counter yelled.

“Maybe we should go..” I said standing up. He looked up at me and smiled. His lips framed his perfect teeth as his eyes looked me up and down.

“I think we should.” We walked out to my car when I got a great idea.

“Let’s get outa’ here and do something fun,” I suggested as I smiled.

“What did you have in mind?” He asked as I started the car.

“You’ll see,” I said backing out and getting on the high way. I went 80 miles-per-hour almost the whole way to my house. We pulled up to a pink, 2 story house with black shutters.

“Where are we?” Collin asked staring at the odd colored house.

“My house, come on,” I said getting out and unlocking the front door.

“Wow your mom is such a barbie, I’m sorry,” he commented walking into the living room and laughing.

“I could leave if I wanted, but I need her money,” I stated walking down to the basement.

“Ouch, and you call her the gold digger.”

“It’s just for school.”

“Sure, you know you want to be the plastic surgery princess,” he joked walking into the big room. “Is this your room?”

“Yep, my room and you are going to help me paint it.”

“Why don’t you want a bedroom upstairs?”

“Mom said that they were guest rooms,” I said looking at him.


“Yeah, she kinda doesn’t like me,” I said laughing, even though he didn’t think it was funny.

“You want help painting this?” he asked changing the subject.

“Please!? I need help!” I said getting down on my hands and knees.

“Sure, I got nothing better to do,” he said laughing.

“Yay! OK so I have my iPod you can plug into the speakers so we can have music. Then we need to lay plastic down so nothing gets paint on it,” I said pointing to my iPod. “Oh and I need to change,” I said walking over to my suitcase and pulling out an old t-shirt and soccer shorts. I think its time for a little teasing. I took off my shirt (I had a bra on) and put on the t-shirt, then took off my jeans (I had panties on) and put on my shorts. I turned back to Collin with his mouth dropped open.

I walked over and whispered in his ear, “Close your mouth, you don’t want flys do you?” I laughed and grabbed the iPod out of his hand and plugged it in. Then I felt warm hands around my waist. I froze, What do I do? I turned facing him and looked into his eyes. I didn’t want to kiss him until I was sure I wouldn’t be hurt. I wiggled out of his embrace and climbed out of his arms. I walked over and started laying down sheets for painting.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW!!! OH! Say it now!I'm back!I'm back!I'm back!I'm back!” No way! I turned to see Collin standing over the sound system singing. This was one of my favorite songs, Get up offa that thing bye James Brown!

“Oh My God!” I yelled and ran over to him and started dancing. When the song finished we got the paint out and started putting the tape on the far wall so there would be designs of white on the red wall.

“Did you have a boyfriend back in Florida?” Collin asked suddenly.

“Nope, I have never had a boyfriend. Have you?”

“Clearly, I don’t think, I play for that team, Brook,” then I figured out what he was saying.

“Oh, sorry. You so do not seem like you play for that team. Have you had a girlfriend?”

“One, but it wasn’t serious.” Then I got an idea. I dipped my hands in the red pain, then quietly sneaked up behind him and put my hands on his shoulders.

“Brooklyn!” He yelled grabbing my arms and laughing. I wiggled out of his arms and got more paint to put on his back, when he grabbed my foot and fell to the ground laughing. I sat down on him and pressed my paint covered hands to his cheeks. I started to get up when he grabbed my arms, rolling and suddenly I was under him. Collin wasn’t laying on me more like hovering over me. At the moment we both stopped laughing.

I stared at him, looking into his green and brown eyes. Did I want to be here? Under him? Did I want to kiss him? Yes. Not yes, but hell yes. I wanted him with every fiber of my body. Being with him made me so happy. I smiled and kissed his lips. Then the song I like it by Enrique Iglesias. Ironic, right?

My lips became instantly inflamed by the electricity flowing though our body's. The kiss started slow and sweet and progressed into rough and wild. Suddenly I needed him like I need air. I put my arms around his neck pulling him closer to me. He chuckled under my lips and traced my bottom lip with his tongue. Kissing Collin was like kissing the sun. His skin felt like a curling iron, but at the same time it was comforting. Then with out warning, he pulled back and looked at me in the most loving way.

“I didn’t think you want to continue,” he said laughing.

“No I don’t think so. Maybe later though,” I said crawling out from underneath him and grabbing a paint brush.

This.Is.Gr8 !! :)

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Looovvvveeeeeddddd it post soon love mizz.Tinker xoxo
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POV Brooklyn Bliss
Chapter 6

After our little moment.....we continued painting my room. We got the red wall with the white designs done and the green wall done. It was getting dark and I was getting hungry.

“I think we should go get pizza!” I said looking at our master piece, so far.

“Yummy, that sounds good...but I think we should change,” Collin commented looking down at our clothes. I had my aerie shorts with red hand prints all over and my pink t-shirt with green splatters. He had green and red hand prints allover his shirt and splatters down his jeans.

“Yeah, I will be right back,” I said setting down the paint brush, walking over to my suit case picking out some AE jeans and a Forever 21 tank top. I felt two warm arms wrap around my waist and pick me up. “Collin we can’t do this now. I am so hungry!”

“I know your hungry, I am too,” he whispered in my ear. I felt his breath on my neck, it sent chills of joy through my body.

“I need to get dressed,” I moaned.

“So get dressed,” he said.

“What if some pervert is looking in through watching me change?” I questioned.

“Who wouldn’t want to watch you change?”

“Really, what if a 45-year-old pervert was watching me change?”

“I would say it’s a nice view,” he chuckled and smiled a breath taking smile. I couldn’t help but laugh. I didn’t have a bad body but it wasn’t like Kim Kardashian. I was 5’3 with long black hair and green eyes. I had muscle tone but I didn’t look like a body builder.

“Really, you wouldn’t be mad at all?” I questioned walking into my bathroom to change.

“I would be, but I really don’t think some guy would put pictures of you on the Internet or anything,” Collin called in as I put on my jeans.

“What if though?”

“I would kill that guy,” he said completely honest in a low voice. I pulled on my shirt on and walked out to see him sitting by the bath room door. I sat down next to him as he lifted his arm so I could snuggle into his chest.

“Don’t worry. I won’t be posing nude or anything,” I reashurd him.

“Promise?” He asked looking into my eyes.

“I swear,” I said pecking him on the cheek.

“Give daddy some sugar,” he said in a husky voice.

“You are nothing close to my daddy,” I commented kissing him again.

“What happened to him?” He asked pulling back.

“We should go before you are tempted to kill someone.”

“Yeah, I am so hungry,” he laughed and knew that we should drop the “dad topic.” As we got up and walked upstairs to see my mom watching QVC with the phone stuck between her shoulder and her head ordering some useless beauty product.

“Hey Larina,” Collin said happily and politely. She looked at us, hand-in-hand as her eyed bugged out of her head.

“Hi,” she said staring and waving.

“Well, mom we are going to go get some food do you want any?” I asked as nicely as possible trying to piss her off. She shook her head and turned to the TV. “OK, bye,” I said pulling Collin to the door.

“Did you see her face?” I chuckled getting into the drivers seat.

“Why was your mom so surprised that I would hang out with you?”

“I don’t really hang with guys,” I said turning on the highway.

“Really? ‘Cause you act like you do.”

“The only guy I talk to is one of my best friends and he’s gay so it doesn’t count. Do you want to get new clothes?”

“Yeah, I think I need them,” he commented looking down again.

“That outfit is so messed up,” I said laughing and turning off the highway.

“Your hand prints are all over my chest in this shirt.”

“Yes and what is your family going to think?” I asked worried.

“That we had fun and I don’t really care what they think,” he said as I pulled down the long driveway that twisted and turned into the deep wood where his family was.


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