The Twilight Saga

Keeley Kendal is a normal 12 year old girl living in Louisville Kentucky. Until she meets this group of people that change her life forever. They called themselves angels, but not the kind of angels you think of. They are beyond average humans. They have abilities. One person might read minds and another person might have the strength of 500 average men. They live in a place like Narnia so no one knows they exists. They call it Utopia but its nothing like a perfect world.There is evil around every turn. The angels are there to protect the People of Utopia and the people of the normal world of evil. In Utopia the Name Keeley Kendal will be known forever.




"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry" "Are you okay?' I said. Wow he is hawt!!
"It's okay" he
"That’s my mom I have to go bye” he just stood there staring at me like I was the greatest thing since sliced bread.
That was not a little weird at all.
We are going to this party at this new restraunt for my uncles birthday and my mom had to get a cake. It wasn’t the best day of my life but at least we are out from school for Christmas break.

When we got to the restraunt everyone was waiting on us. We sat down and ordered then I had to use the rest room.
As I was walking to the restroom I saw the guy from the store. He looked about 15 years old and he was with a man that looked maybe 20.
“Hi” he said “I’m Tom”
“I’m Keeley, sorry about today”
“Like I said its ok”
There was something weird about this guy. Maybe he is from out of town.
“I’m Charlie” the older guy said “You have this glow about you and..”
Wtc I have this glow about me, what the heck is he talking about “What are you talking about”
“ I’m so sorry that just came out” the older kinda freaky man said
“We are not freaks” The man said like he could read my mind.
“Well in a way we are” said Tom “We are special people with unusual abilities”
“and we feel that you have the thing about you, what we call a glow, that you could become one of us”
Wow! Special abilities I wonder what it is. My life needs some fun. A smile came across the older guy’s face.
“Come with us and we will tell you our story”
“okay but what about” I said looking at where my famly was sitting.
“They won’t even know your gone” said Tom
I grabbed my pocket making sure I had my phone and grabbed his hand
I have no idea what I’m getting myself into but I have a good feeling about it.

do you like it should I write more??? Comment please

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it sounds really good, if u write it let me know
thnks I will!!!
Chapter 2- Wow!
I don’t know how but in a few seconds we were in this huge building with pieces of art of everywhere. It was so beautiful. I had a de ja vu moment. It was like I have seen this all before in a dream. Everywhere people where moving nonstop. I had this incredible feeling like this was the place I was meant to be.

‘Welcome to Utopia’ said Charlie
‘It’s kind of overwhelming at first but you will get used to it’ Tom said looking deeply into my eyes.
‘I have this feeling that I am meant to be here, that this place is going to feel like home soon’ I said not to anyone particular.

‘Come this way so I can answer all of your questions’ said Charlie.

I had this feeling that he would be my very own big brother. We walked down this hallway that seemed to go on forever until we reached a door. The door was so cool to look at. It was painted so that it look as if there was a hallway never would stop. Charlie very quickly typed in a code and all three of us walked in.

‘So lets start with some of your questions’ Charlie said as we sat down.

‘What exactly are you? What evil do you fight? What is this place? Can I be a part of it?’ I said very eager to find out the answers.

‘Well I will start from the beggining, We are people with powers. Long ago one of my ancestors found that he was different from every one else. He had the ability to fly. He started to searched for people like him. He found a lot of people. Soon some people started noticing these people’s powers and they called them angels. So that is what my ancestors people called themselves. As his group of people grew bigger and bigger he needed a place to take everyone. So he started searching for an empty town that they all could stay. That is when he found a time traveler and this time traveler told my ancestor about a place. Place that he called Utopia. It was just like our “dimension” except for one little thing. You could go to Utopia for 10 years and it would only be 2 minuets in regular time. He told him that he would age in Utopia then He would come back to real time and look the same as when he left regular time. So the time traveler took everyone here, where you are right now. That is what this place is.’ explained Charlie

‘So does everyone have different powers? Are you born with them?’ I questioned

This time is was Tom that spoke ‘There are different categories of powers. So a group of people might have the same ability. Most people are born having their power. But in cases, like yours, we have a way of giving mugles powers. A mugle is anyone without a power or human .In those cases you wear a ring but you only wear a ring for about a week so your power can ‘sink’ in.

‘Why do we need these powers what kind of evil do you fight?’ I was kind of scared to hear the answer to this question.

‘In Utopia there are people with abilities that all the want is power and control. We have laws just like any other country and we are the “police”. But most people just want to have a normal life.” said Tom

I’m liking Tom more and more. He is so cute and he seems really in to me!

‘What are your powers’ I said wanting to know more about Tom

‘My power is super strength’ powdly said Tom

‘I am a “special angel” or in other words an absorber. I have the most powerful ability.’ Charlie said as he got up and pulled out a ring from his desk.

please tell me if you do not understand anything so I can fix it..thank you for reading and tell all your friends about my story!!!!
i like it, update me if u keep going
I like it. I think I'll have to read more before i can really get into it but Im interested in reading it.
Chapter 3-I’m confused again!

‘Don‘t worry you will find out soon about all the different powers. Let‘s just focus on you getting your power. When you put the ring on you might feel a little light headed. You might also faint but don‘t worry that mean you are getting your power. Are you ready?

“Here goes nothing‘ I said

Charlie handed me the ring and put it on. As I put the ring on I felt some kind of power run through me. I had that butterfly feeling everyone talks about in my stomach. Then everything went black. I woke up in Tom’s arms.

‘You blacked out for a minute, it’s ok I caught you before you hit the ground’

‘So how do I know what my power is’ I asked Charlie

‘What was that’ I heard something really loud the kin of sounded like a bird chirp but twenty times louder.

‘You have “supper hearing” it is not the greatest of powers but it will take a while to get use to.’ Charlie said.

It was like I was hearing for the first time. Everything was so loud. I could hear all the people in all the other room of the building talking.

‘Are you ready to meet the people that you awill be spending most of your time with the next couple of months.’ Charlie asked

I was confused again ‘What, I mean who’ I asked

‘We work in groups, Kind of like the power rangers, everyone in the group will each have a different power. The people in your group will become your family. You will spend every waking moment with them and during the first few months your goal will be to get to know the people in your “family”.

OMG I love the POWER RANGERS!!-stay focused Keeley.

‘Will me and Keeley be together’ Tom asked Charlie when looking at me.

He had this certain glint in his eye when he looked at me that told me he wasn’t just like any other guy. Duhhh Keeley he has super strength.

‘Of course Tom, follow me’

For some reason Charlie reminded me of Willie Wonka when he was showing the kids his factory. You could really tell that he felt very proud of this place, and of what they were doing for their community. I felt as if I would do anything to make him proud of me.
I took one last look at the door of his office. Man that thing was awesome.

‘Here we are’ Charlie said as we walked into another room.

Tom and I went to sit down and Charlie started talking

‘Hello, look around, get to know these faces because these will be the faces you will be seeing a lot from now on. First off we are going to go around the room and say your name and your power. You can go first’ Tom pointed to a guy around Tom’s age with blonde air.

Are all the guys this HAWT? He hair longer but not too long blonde hair. He was about 5ft 6inch. I would have been lucky if he would have given me the time of day and now he is part of my family, I can’t believe it.

‘I’m Matt Presley and I read minds’

Next was a girl that had black hair that cam don to her shoulders. She was really tan and seemed shy.

‘I’m Kim Peyton and my power is telekinesis’

Next was a girl that looked just like me! We had the same hair color. Our hair was thw same length. She had brown eyes. It was so weird.

‘Hi, I’m Jessica but I go by Kaylee and I have what you would call super vision or x-ray vision’

Right beside Tom was another guy. He was about the same height as me (5ft 4inch.) He had light almost brown red hair and seemed really shy.

‘I’m Ted and I can control the weather’

Tom stood up next. He looked a little nervous. I wonder why he is so nervous?

‘Hello, I am Tom Williams, my power is strength’

Then I stood up. I was so excited to tell everyone my name!

‘My name is Keeley Kendal my power is super hearing’

Thank you for reading my story you guys are awsome. Please comment I will take criticism any day.
awesome, whn i waz little i used 2 luv the power rangers lol
i still do but I'm a dork

I picture Keeley to look a lot like me


i tired to get the pictures to be a little different bc the only difference is that Kaylee doesnt have bangs and she wears it all the time like this
Chapter 4-girlfriends
“For the next week you all will be training. You will learn how to use your power to the best of your ability.” Charlie said as week walked down the “training” hallway.

We stopped at the last door in the hallway everyone else knew where to go, but Charlie had to show me.

“Hello, I am Mason” a shorter man with bright red hair and white skim opened the door and spoke to me.

That week flew by very fast. I learned so much about my power. Some bad things like my power being the low of the low when it comes to what rank your power is. Some good things like it being very easy to control and nothing can get past my ears. I am going to like being able to know what people say about me behind my back. Also my ears will actually burn when someone says my name or is talking about me.

Our whole team is having our first test today. I walked in and saw Kim and Kaylee but they were not talking.

“Hey what’s up” I said.

“Hey” they said together

“I am so bored I can not wait to get this show on the road” said Kim

“I could really go for some strawberry ice cream right now” Kaylee and I said at the very same time.

“That was creepy!” said Kim

“Jinx” we said “Double jinx” “turkey”

We all started laughing

I think we are going to be really good friends.

“Are you ready” Charlie asked when the whole team was together.

“Yes Sir” we said

The test was a simulation of what we might face when we are on duty. We worked together very well. We all need each other and knew that. That is what I think really helped us. Each one of our powers fit together perfectly.

“Congratulation you passed your first test.” Charlie almost screamed.

We were told later that no other team has passed there first test before

sorry for not updating in forever its just hard to write the begginng because i really want to get to the good part.I changed the story to a flashback so I can do more with it. Thank you soo much for reading. Tell me what I am doing wrong, tell me what I am doing right please. I cant get better without you.Tell your friends
im working on a better version of the i wont be adding anything else


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