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Some of you know that I have been working and contemplating on writing another fanfiction, and I decided to pursue that desire. This is a story of Rosalie and her child. She never got her chance to be a mother, and after reading Breaking Dawn and Eclipse, I really pitied her in a way because she had her motherhood striped from her.

I hope you all take the time to read this, and I hope to hear positive feedback!

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This is extremely unique and totally good! Continue, but I don't want Bella to be like the by-otch in the story...I know you have to do what you have to do....but I really want her to be happy for Rose!
i love it!! i wonder why bella is acting like that??? please post more soon
i love it!
look forward to the the next chapter!
great idea, this is unique. and its really good.
keep me updated!
i luv it so much
write more
Omg that was so amazing, please keep writing!
THIS IS SO GOOD!!!!!!!! More soon plz, plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!! lolz, and keep me updated!!
I am so glad that you finally posted the first chapter!
Whats up with Bella?
I can;t wait to find out!!!!!
Please write more as soon as possible!
I am soooo happy for Rosalie and Emmett!
It will be interesting to see how she changes when she has a kid of her own!
don't worry I'll update asap!!

I'm so happy you all like my idea!

Krissie: My apologies for now further clearing the water with Rosalie's pregnancy. What happened was Carlisle "invented/discovered" as serum which can unfreeze her reproductive organs (since they said her body freezes when they're turned..) thus making her fertile again. :) I hope that makes sense.
Bella's behavior will also be addressed later
Oh my that was so good :D
Hey this sounds really interesting, cant wait to read more x Thanks


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