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                                            ch 1


i just moved to la push lasted week and so today is my first day of school i whent  and got out  jeans

and a  bule top i had 30 min to get to school so i got my back pack

" bye " i said when i whent into my car and i drove all the way to my school

my new school is called la push high i found a parking space  and got out my back pack and got out

a paper that has all my classes in it and a paper that said were my loker is

when i walk in the school i looked for my loker then i found it my loker was right next to a boy

"hi" i said

"hi i'm jacob are you new" he said

"yha i am new " i said

"cool what's your name" jacob asked

"belle" i told him

"oh that's so cool i have a friend name bella " he said

"cool " i told him i put my back pack in my looker and got out the things i will need for class

"hey do you know were engish is" i asked jacob

jacob looked at papere that said were my engish class is

"yha" he said "we have engish at the same time " he said follow me

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                                                       ch 3

                 the teacher did not even know the jacob whent outsaide she just whent on  teaching

                 then the bell rang i whent to all my class and then i was time for lunch i whent back to my

                 loker to put my books away and get money for lunch jacob was at his loker too

                 "so um were did you go " i asked him

                  "what" he said

                  "in engsih class" i told him

                      "oh um my friend um whanted to tell me something " he said

                    'oh ok were is the lunch room " i asked him

                    "here" he said walking to the lunch room

           i know he was hideing something when he said he whent with his friend to talk


thank you :) :) :)



thank you :) :) :)


It's been a while


ok i'm sorry i will :)


this is lovely but make ur chapters longer plzzzzz!!! i <3 ur story! update me i'ma add u! :)

                                       ch 4

     jacob walked me to the lunch room then he said " do you whant to sit with me or whatever you whant were you whant to sit " i looked around the lunch room jacob pointed to a table under a sign that says things to do if there is a fire like walk dont run even toght most pepole would run but whatever then he said " i'm siting there do you whant to um came sit with me or "

" its ok i will find some where to sit " i said i bought i lunch box with me half the pepole had lunch boxs my lunch box was bule with a brown bow on it i whent over to a tadle and whent over to a girl wereing a purpul tank top " hi" i said "can i sit here" i asked "yha " she said and moved over and let me sit next to her there where 6 outher pepole at the tadle "my name is penny " she said " mines is belle " i said "oh yha your new girl right " she said  " yha"  i said and i opend my lunch box and toke out my sandwich when lunch ended jacob came over  "so lets go to our lockers "  he said ok i got up and we walked to our lookers "so " he said " i dont think we have any outher clas so do you whant to come over afer school" he said " ok " i said and whent off to clas

when school end i waited at jacob looker "hi" i said " hey" he said walking with he to his house i called my mom and told her that i was going to jacob after school when me and jacob got to jacob house jacob open the door there was a girl siting on the couch "bella ? " he said  "hey jake " she said  who was bella and why was she on jacob couch

Nice...straight forward but a little hard to understand..

and yea y is bella on jakes couch?!?


...Thanx by the way 4 updating...


Thank you :) i will updat today or tomorre :)
Y did u stop dis is aaawweessoommee!!!!!!!!


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