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Ok this is my third fanfiction and i just had to write another one! So this story is your typical Bella and Edward love story. But with a nerdy, Kinda dramary,Mean sick confusing obessed kinda way. But don't let that scare you!! I'm sure that you'll love it and won't be able to stop reading! Now on to the summary!! Wait i don't have one yet so just read the preface.... :)




***Oh by the way the title is a Katy Perry song and i do not own any of the chachter and i will NOT be adding any of my own.***


****And if you don't like the preface just request me so i can send updates to you and you can decide if you think it got any better!!****


^^~Summary~ vv


Bella's Swan's a popular girl who has a creepy stalker. She's mean's, She's nice, And she's a*edited by moderator*P!ss her off and you'll be p!ssed off too! When the new girl, Rosaile come's, She's the shiny new toy. She's pretty,hot and a total shopacholic! Bella quickly befriends her and Rosaile automatical become's part of the "G-Spot." But when someone messes with Bella's man Edward Cullen. She's gonna eat you up and spit you out like an barbie head!

So Watch out! NEVER! EVER,EVER Trust a pretty girl!


Preface.... :) Bella's P.O.V!


"There's a stranger in my bed, There's a pounding in my head, Glitter all over the room, Pink flamingo's in the pool, I smell like a mini bar, Dj's passed out in the yard, Barbie's on the barbeque, There's a hickie or a bruise." I sang to Katy perry's Last friday night (T.G.I.F) on my i-pod. I loved this song!  Her life sound's so much fun!! Unlike mine. I mean i was popular, I was pretty and rich. I went to school did my homework, Got stright A's and was in all honored classes. Considered a nerd to kid's but considered the perfect child to all parent's. But the thing is none of that matters. My life is not what it seem's. Everyday i'm putting on a smile to hide everything and say everything's alright but truth is it isn't. I'm scared of him, I want it to end. If i tell, I die. If i keep it a secret, I will continued to hurt in pain everyday. I just wanna live a normal life and have fun with my friend's. Is that so hard to ask for? Yeah, it's just my life.



Ok, So that probably wasn't that good but i know you wanna know the secret!! I just know you do. LOL but tell me what you think. Should i write it? Or not? It you guys think it's horrible i'll delete it. Ok so i guess it's up to you.



Check out my other stories as well!!!! Their very very good!! I promise


Revenge is sweet!!















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love it update me
write more soon :)
it sounds great
cant wait to read this story
please keep me posted
love it
that was an awe-some(in jersy anccent) preface
i hope u post soon and by soon i mean like now!!!! :] <3333
writee itt(:
Chapter.One (Bella's P.O.V.)

"Hey Bella, Did you hear? There's a new girl coming today and i heard she's hot!" My bestfriend Alice whispered in my ear.

"I hope she's not to hot, Then she might try to steal my Edward away from me." I said smiling at Edward across the lunch table.

"No one could ever steal me away from you, Your the only reason i walk this earth." Edward said leaning up across the table to kiss me.

"Eww stop my eye's!!" Alice screamed. I rolled my eye's. "I don't say that when you and Jessie do that." I said.

"Correction, Used to. Me and Jessie broke up." She said checking her nails.

"Why? I thought you were really into him" I asked.

"Because, He didn't know how to kiss." She said like it was obvious. The table broke out into laughter. You gotta love Alice. Then across the room i saw the principal. His arms folded across his chest and an unpleasnt smile. He began to walk over towards our table. Then stopping and looked at everyone before saying "Swan, Can you come with me, I have an request for you." I nodded and grabbed my bags. "I'll talk to you guys later." I said before leaving and giving Edward an kiss. Once when we were in his office he slowly closed the door behide him and locked it. Taking my face into his hands and then lightly kissing my lips. If i had learned anything it was too not yell or fight it because there would be painful consequences . As the kiss began to speed up i found myself sitting on top of his desk lightly m0aning. Another thing i learned was that if i felt like i liked it he would stop faster. But secrectly deep deep down inside i did like it. There was a part of me that wanted him to go on forever. Most girls think they want to be me right now because acually he was a very attractive man. He wasn't old either. Maybe late 30s. But if they were me they would hate him too. Finally he stopped. "Your lips tasted like strawberry's" He said fixing his clothes. "Bella, I think we should take this to the next level." My heart dropped. I knew what he meant. "Mr.Biers.We shouldn't be doing this!" I begged. "Bella, I told you to call me Riley! And yes we can and we are gonna do it!! Do you understand!?" He yelled. I nodded. He smiled "Now that's a good girl. How about tonight? Met me at my house at 6 and i'll cook us both dinner." He smiled and kissed me. "But that's not all what i called you in here for, I want you to show the new Students around." "Students? I thought there was only one." I said. "Where did you here that from? Your little pixie of a friend Alice?" He teasted. "No there's two an brother and a sister." "Oh." Was all i could say trying to calm down from him dissing my friend. There was an gentle knock on the door. He walk over to get it while i sat down in the chair and tried to act normal.

"Welcome!! I'm the principal Mr.Biers and this is Bella and she will be showing you guys around the school!.

"Hi it's nice to meet you! I'm Rosaile and this is my brother Jasper!" The blond Rosalie said holding her hand out for me to shake.

"Nice to meet you to! I'm glad to be showing you around the school." I said shaking her hand and smiling at both her and Jasper.

"Ok now, Run along." Mr. Biers said shooing us out the room and closing the door behind us.

"He seems mean." Jasper said.

"Trust me he is!! So what's your classes?" I asked them after telling the truth about how mean Mr.Biers was.

"Here Rosaile said handing me her list of classes and then Jasper did the same.

"Hum, It looks like me and you Rosaile have all the same classes so you can just walk with me and Jasper you have all the same classes as my boyfriend Edward. So i can get him to show you around if you want?" I said handing them there papers back. "Yeah that's fine with me." He replied. Lunch had just ended so Edward would be at his locker.

Hey Edward! This is Jasper and Rosalie the new students and you and Jasper have all the same classes together-"

"Hey you want me to show you around?" Edward budded in before i could ask him to do that." "I was gonna ask you that." I said.

"Oh sorry. Come on dude were gonna be late on your first day!" Edward said before turning around and kissing me on the lips. "Nice meeting you Rosalie." He smiled at her and headed to class. "Yeah were gonna be late come on." I said talking to Rosalie and heading to class are self. And once we arrived everyone was over her!!! Alice came over to me.

"Is that her?" She asked. "She's Hot!!" I stared at Rosalie. And looked at Alice "I know, A little to hot watch out for her!" I said glancing over at Rosalie again and sitting down. Yeah watch out for her.

*******School was the same as everyday!! Boring!!. And tonight i had a "Date" With Riley; My principal. While i had time i did my homework. Then finally it came to that time when i had to get dress and leave for my "Date". Pullling up at exactly 6pm and no earlier and no later. It was just getting dark. I reacher the door and there he was standing there looking smug.
He moved out the way so i could come in and then shut the door behide me. "Your just on time the food is done." He said and led me to a table. The food smelt good but all i could think about was did he put something in my food? But i ate hoping he didn't. "That was wonderful!" I said wiping my mouth trying to be nice. "Thanks I'm gladed you liked. But the best part hasn't happened yet." He said and then picked me up and carried me into a bedroom. He snatched off my clothes like they were on fire. Kissing me up and down my neck. Kissing me everywhere. My clothes was all over the room now and he wasn't stopping. There was like an switch and it had just turned on. I started to unbotton his shirt and then are bodies were soon touching. He quickly grabbed a c0nd0m and put on and then whispered "This may hurt a little bit." And then shoved it in. I couldn't help but let out and loud m0an in pleasure. I couldn't find the will to stop, And i didn't want to stop. It just felt so good. This moment couldn't hurt anything. I'll just live in the moment and enjoy every last bit of it as i could.

Sigh... So i hoped you guys liked this FIRST chapter!! If you didn't let me know and i'll be sure to make it different in the future! So please comment and leave your thoughs! PLease TeLL you Friends!!
Oh my??? Bella cheating on Edward with a PRINCIPAL?? wow .. that was unexpected.. I wonder how Edward would react ... post more pls
nooooo bella
what is she thinking
love it
cant wait for more
im speechless
it was really good
i hope bella realizes whats shes doin is wrong cuz eddy boy doesnt deserve that
post soon :]
I liked it! but i hope Bella comes to her senses soon... Post more soon!
wow didnt see that coming
write more asap


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