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Ok this is my third fanfiction and i just had to write another one! So this story is your typical Bella and Edward love story. But with a nerdy, Kinda dramary,Mean sick confusing obessed kinda way. But don't let that scare you!! I'm sure that you'll love it and won't be able to stop reading! Now on to the summary!! Wait i don't have one yet so just read the preface.... :)




***Oh by the way the title is a Katy Perry song and i do not own any of the chachter and i will NOT be adding any of my own.***


****And if you don't like the preface just request me so i can send updates to you and you can decide if you think it got any better!!****


^^~Summary~ vv


Bella's Swan's a popular girl who has a creepy stalker. She's mean's, She's nice, And she's a*edited by moderator*P!ss her off and you'll be p!ssed off too! When the new girl, Rosaile come's, She's the shiny new toy. She's pretty,hot and a total shopacholic! Bella quickly befriends her and Rosaile automatical become's part of the "G-Spot." But when someone messes with Bella's man Edward Cullen. She's gonna eat you up and spit you out like an barbie head!

So Watch out! NEVER! EVER,EVER Trust a pretty girl!


Preface.... :) Bella's P.O.V!


"There's a stranger in my bed, There's a pounding in my head, Glitter all over the room, Pink flamingo's in the pool, I smell like a mini bar, Dj's passed out in the yard, Barbie's on the barbeque, There's a hickie or a bruise." I sang to Katy perry's Last friday night (T.G.I.F) on my i-pod. I loved this song!  Her life sound's so much fun!! Unlike mine. I mean i was popular, I was pretty and rich. I went to school did my homework, Got stright A's and was in all honored classes. Considered a nerd to kid's but considered the perfect child to all parent's. But the thing is none of that matters. My life is not what it seem's. Everyday i'm putting on a smile to hide everything and say everything's alright but truth is it isn't. I'm scared of him, I want it to end. If i tell, I die. If i keep it a secret, I will continued to hurt in pain everyday. I just wanna live a normal life and have fun with my friend's. Is that so hard to ask for? Yeah, it's just my life.



Ok, So that probably wasn't that good but i know you wanna know the secret!! I just know you do. LOL but tell me what you think. Should i write it? Or not? It you guys think it's horrible i'll delete it. Ok so i guess it's up to you.



Check out my other stories as well!!!! Their very very good!! I promise


Revenge is sweet!!















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This is really good please keep me updated
love it <33
but she can't do that
keep me updated!!!
god bella needs to wkae up n end it.poor edward but what has riley got on bella to be doing this.update soon.
OMG!! That is so weird!!! It was like you were meant to find it!! Well i hope you like it!
Thanks!! Well i was gonna update monday but then my laptop died; I have been having problems with my charger. And i was right in the middle of writing the next chapter. And i didnt really wanna try to remember what i wrote because i really liked what i wrote so yeah, But hopeful i'll have an update monday or maybe even sooner!!. Lets hope have our fingers crossed! :)
Not even waiting or relaxing i got up and dressed. Riely didn't even stop me; He just stared and smiled. I guess i had gave him what he wanted. I walked out of the room passing the table were we ate at and out to my car. Starting me yellow camero i was reliefed. I could go home and shower. I felt dirty and wrothless; Not wrothy of living.
Boy could i marry the guy who invented the shower. I could take showers forever!! I love showers more than anything, air, water,food. Oh but of course i love Edward more! Speaking of Edward T.G.I.F and he had an away game so he wouldnt notice i wasnt there. See Edward dosent care if i don't go to his away games. Apparently he plays good no matter what but at home games i have to go; I'm his good lucky charm. And trust me if i don't go then there's no point in even trying to win their gonna lose anyway.
While waiting for the sims 3 to load up on my laptop i threw some comfterble clothes on an sat in my chair.
Hours had flew by and i didn't even notice it was past 11:30pm and Edward was lying in my bed.

"When did you get here and how?" I asked and saving and quiting my game.

"Ummm... Maybe 20 mins, And i came in through the window." He smiled.

"Why didn't you tell me you were here?" I asked cuddling up to him.

"It's fine, I know how much you love playing the sims."

"It's sweet of you but next time please tell me when you climb through my window ok?" I made him promise.


I smiled and hugged him tighter. "So did you guys win?" I asked closing my eye's.

"Did we win?" He asked suprised. "We wooped them!"

"Hahaha." I laughed.

"You know that Jasper kid, He plays football too. He wanted to play but the seasons almost over with. He seems pretty cool." Edward said. I thought to myself, I knew they would like each other. I smiled.

"You know his sister, Rosaile seems pretty cool too." I open my eyes alert.

"When did you talk to her and why?" I asked probably sounding jealous and to demanding.

"At the game, Emmett wanted me to go talk to her for him." He answered. I relaxed, My face probably turning red. Of course Emmett would like her. She was a beautiful BLOND for crying out loud!!

"Oh that was nice of you to do that for him." I said trying to sound calm.

"Yeah, He begged me the whole time so i kinda had to. You and her would good friends!" He exlaimed.

"No we wouldn't." I denied.

"Yes you guys would! She likes everything you like." He disagreed.

"NAME SOME!" I demanded.

"Lets see, She doesn't like wearing that much make-up, She loves technolofy, She a book nerd,-"

"Bookworm." I cut in.

"Yeah that too, She likes to sing like you, She's clumsy, And probably a lot more things too." He said after nameing and counting out like 6 things on his fingers.

"I do like those things." I said thinking about it. Me and Rosalie? She didn't look like the friend type. More the emeny type.

"Just give it a shot Bells that's all i'm asking." Edward begged looking at me.

"Aww fine for you!! Not me, You!" I said and rolled over supposely mad. But Edward knew better. He was probably smirking. "Thanks! That's why i love you!" Why did he want me to be friends with her so bad? All i could do was hope it wasn't bad.

I hope you guys liked this chapter! I was gonna update last Monday but my computer had died while i was in the middle of writing this chapter!! So i wasnt gonna update till i got my computer fixed( i have been had problems with my plugs/chargers.) But then i couldnt wait that long so i was like i'll just try to remember. So i did remember most and there it was!! With the rest of the chapter. Haha that was long but anyways Comment and tell me what you thought!

Oh yeah and a picture of Bella's car!!!

ahh first comment ! this was so cute! Bella and Edward are cute/ love this story(:
she shoud feel guilty 4 what she did wit HIM
any who plzzzzzzzzzzzz go on

[not erin]
love it
cant wait to read more
update soon please
awwwwwwwwwwww not first comment but great fantastic i think im spelling this wrong ! supercalafregalisticespeealadoshas
that was from mary poppins but anyway i hope u can read it and i loved ur story so much plz update soon and i agree tgiwf
that is thank god it was friday !!
that was awesomeness!! :}
i hate her principle what does he think she is some kind of prostitue gosh
u sleep with her u gotta do something nice or say something wen she leaves

not arguing with you just reiley or watever his name was

love the story hope u post soon!!
one question why didn't Bella tell someone the FIRST time Riley make a move on her.. that is just disguting but love the story !! LOL I know is confusing but plzzz tell me she's gonna do something about it!!


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