The Twilight Saga

Ok this is my third fanfiction and i just had to write another one! So this story is your typical Bella and Edward love story. But with a nerdy, Kinda dramary,Mean sick confusing obessed kinda way. But don't let that scare you!! I'm sure that you'll love it and won't be able to stop reading! Now on to the summary!! Wait i don't have one yet so just read the preface.... :)




***Oh by the way the title is a Katy Perry song and i do not own any of the chachter and i will NOT be adding any of my own.***


****And if you don't like the preface just request me so i can send updates to you and you can decide if you think it got any better!!****


^^~Summary~ vv


Bella's Swan's a popular girl who has a creepy stalker. She's mean's, She's nice, And she's a*edited by moderator*P!ss her off and you'll be p!ssed off too! When the new girl, Rosaile come's, She's the shiny new toy. She's pretty,hot and a total shopacholic! Bella quickly befriends her and Rosaile automatical become's part of the "G-Spot." But when someone messes with Bella's man Edward Cullen. She's gonna eat you up and spit you out like an barbie head!

So Watch out! NEVER! EVER,EVER Trust a pretty girl!


Preface.... :) Bella's P.O.V!


"There's a stranger in my bed, There's a pounding in my head, Glitter all over the room, Pink flamingo's in the pool, I smell like a mini bar, Dj's passed out in the yard, Barbie's on the barbeque, There's a hickie or a bruise." I sang to Katy perry's Last friday night (T.G.I.F) on my i-pod. I loved this song!  Her life sound's so much fun!! Unlike mine. I mean i was popular, I was pretty and rich. I went to school did my homework, Got stright A's and was in all honored classes. Considered a nerd to kid's but considered the perfect child to all parent's. But the thing is none of that matters. My life is not what it seem's. Everyday i'm putting on a smile to hide everything and say everything's alright but truth is it isn't. I'm scared of him, I want it to end. If i tell, I die. If i keep it a secret, I will continued to hurt in pain everyday. I just wanna live a normal life and have fun with my friend's. Is that so hard to ask for? Yeah, it's just my life.



Ok, So that probably wasn't that good but i know you wanna know the secret!! I just know you do. LOL but tell me what you think. Should i write it? Or not? It you guys think it's horrible i'll delete it. Ok so i guess it's up to you.



Check out my other stories as well!!!! Their very very good!! I promise


Revenge is sweet!!















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*new reader* love the story! plz keep me updated! :)


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