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"We have to do this Bella. You are my life now, but you're the only one who can do this" Edward said to me, grabbing my arms with his two ice cold hands. I shook my head and agreed. I didn't know if anyone was supposed to see me, or if the place was under surveillance, but I had to try, for him, for my family, and for me. Selfish girl.

"Yes. Yes. I can do it" I said, trying to convince Edward, who seemed a little confused by my words. "I can do it Edward, I may trip or fall but it will be right on time"

"That's my Bella" he said, with that lovely smile that drives my heart crazy "Remember, enter and go through the crowd, turn right through the narrow hall and in the end of the hall go upstairs. Turn left  when you're up and then go downstairs, turn right again, go through the parking lot. Across the parking lot, right in front of you there's going to be some stairs, go up and be careful. Once you're up, there's going to be a rail that you're going to have to climb, then jump down, but that second I'll be down there to catch you."

"Okay. Okay. I can do it" I was almost hyperventilating, but more than fear, it was adrenaline, running through my veins again, like that time I jumped off the cliff just to hear his beautiful, velvet voice.

"Go! Go Bella, be careful"

And so I looked at him for the last time before I ran like crazy and entered the building.

The doors were bright blue and the walls were built of blue painted bricks, the rails of the stairs that I went up were wide, bright red. The spiral stairs ended with me looking at the direction of the window that Edward was left the last time I looked at him. I turned right, just like he told me. I went through a short hall and downstairs. But these were different stairs, like belonging to a parking lot. Just like I thought, I went down to the parking lot. Everything was gray, A wall was in front of me when I went down, I turned right again, just like he had told me. There was no one around. I ran across the parking lot, almost closing my eyes, until I tripped and I had to open my eyes to run in the right direction. I started running again, almost out of breath now. I finally made it to the stairs, but these I had to climb. So I started climbing until I got to a little terrace where...

...a vampire was biting someone... 

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thxxxx god it was just a dream it would've broke her heart if charlie was a vampire

and don't worry we'll wait
I was panting, again, just like in my dream. But now I was relieved. Not entirely, but almost there.

"Edward? Oh Edward! You're not mad at me, are you? You just have to understand why I want it... I need to be with you forever and..." The last image of my dream hit me suddenly "Oh my God, is Charlie okay? and Sue?" Edward nodded impatiently, and then put a finger in my mouth to shut me up.

"Bella? Love, you're okay, everyone's okay, what's the matter? Where's this coming from?"

"I just... I just... I had a terrible dream..." I cringed at the memory of it.

"Do you want to tell me about it?" He asked, as he cradled me in his arms and put his chin in my head.

"Later, I just, need to forget about it right now. I'm still processing."

"Okay, it's okay, you're fine, I'm not mad at you, for any reason" he paused and kissed my hair tenderly, "and I want to be with you forever, too"

We stayed that way for a few minutes, listening to our breaths, and probably to my heart, before he said "Charlie's waking up, I should go"

"Okay..." I sat on the bed, and turned to see him staring at me, lost in thought, "what?" I asked.

"You're just so weird..."
more more more!!!!!!!!!!and again..not to sound pestering opr anyting..the girl in she u??????
u r very good!!keep it up!!!!!!!!!!
patience patience! I'm just updating the other fan fic BREAKABLE, and don't worry, it's ok your asking, no, it's not me on the pic lol

Here's the other link to breakable.
An interesting beginning, please let me know when there is more and I will definately read and comment. I am interested to see where you go with this!
"Oh, thank you!" I answered, upset. I got up, grabbed my clothes and didn't bother to look at him.

"You know I mean it in a good way. For example, I am too". Again, Edward surprised me when he got a little bit too close... I wanted to give him a venomed look, but the intensity of my feelings detoured to another train of thought, making it impossible to not want to kiss him. He leaned to kiss me and I forgot I were ever mad at him. He smiled, beautiful as always. "I have to go"

"See you in a bit" It was hard to articulate anything else when he left me breathless.

He left and I saw him leave through the window. I followed his shadow, or what seemed to be his shadow, until I couldn't see him anymore. I sighed. Would Edward ever want me to be with him forever? But no, he was too stubborn. The last time we hit the subject I was in the hospital and James had just been killed. I would've been killed too if my boyfriend and his family wouldn't have saved me. I was forever in doubt to them. This made me think of Esme, just a few days ago she had mentioned something about a birthday party. She thought I wouldn't hear her, but I was already trying to find a way to avoid such event. I thought of visiting Reneé, but I couldn't bare leaving Edward for a whole weekend. I would figure something out soon.

I was having breakfast when I finally heard the Volvo pull over in front of the house. For the last 15 minutes I'd been checking the clock like crazy, because Edward had taken longer than the time it usually took him to go home and drive his car back here. He entered and I thought I imagined the dark look he had in his eyes, it took only a second to compose himself when he looked at me.

"Shall we go?" he asked, anxiously. I knew he was anxious because he usually played with the car keys. This time, he didn't.

"Sure" I left the plate in the sink and grabbed my bag before I went out the door.

We arrived to school quicker than other days, I knew there was something he didn't want to talk about. Mr. Sheff's class started late, and just a few minutes after it started someone knocked the door.

"Yes?" Mr. Sheff examined someone the class couldn't see, condescendingly. The voice that came from outside the classroom mumbled something unintelligibly. Edward was holding my hand harder than usual.

"Ouch" I muttered, when I noticed he wasn't aware of his lost look outside the window. He turned to look at me in surprise.

"Sorry" He raised my hand and kissed it. I think I heard Mike Newton buff when Edward did this. What was his problem? Couldn't he get over it? Edward turned to give him a dark look that made Mike shudder, his face got pale, and in a second half the classroom where giggling.

Everyone stopped giggling when we saw a tiny girl coming to the classroom, pale. So pale that almost reminded me of someone. The Cullens. My stomach knotted as I felt my face go paler than usual. Edward immediately stood up.

"Are you feeling better Bella?" He asked in a loud voice, as if wanting someone to hear him. I stared at him, trying to make sense of his question.


"You're pale, you said you fell off the stairs this morning and hurt your hand. You don't look okay" His fabulous acting abilities gave immediate response, as Mr. Sheff, worrying more than any teacher for his students asked me if I was okay.

"I'm..." I turned to see Edward and he raised one eyebrow "I'm not okay, Mr Sheff, I'm a little dizzy". I tried to look as sick as I could, my face, paler than usual too, and my knotted stomach were really helpful and it was almost unnecessary to act.

I knew Edward was trying to get me out of there. And just in a second I realized why I recognized the little pale girl that had entered the classroom just a few seconds ago...

It hadn't been just a girl in my dream.

"I think I'll get her to the nursery" Edward said, so worried

"No. No, Mr. Cullen. You can stay here" Mr Sheff turned to see his nephew, Mike Newton. Oh no...

Edward stood on my foot and made me scream out of pain, "Ohh". I leaned to see my foot and Mr. Sheff thought I was fainting. "I think I better carry her, or do you think Mike could do it alone?"

"No!" I screamed.

"Okay, Mr. Cullen..." said Mr. Sheff, suspicious of the little stunt Edward had created.

Edward carried me before I could object, and tried to seem like he was making an effort to do it. Still, it looked like I was light as a leaf, and as I looked back, I saw Jessica and Lauren take a breath in surprise.
holy snapples write more this is amazing i totally love itt
lol i love the story plz keep writing
Who is the girl? and why does Bella have to get out of there? I need to know plz keep me posted.
hey im a new reader and i love your story please keep me updated on ur ff please!
write more
OMG...OMG!!!!!!1...thta was AMAZING!!!!!......pls...update soon!!!!!!
euni...u did a wonderful job..poor bellla....hahah...alright..keep me updated and once again....goood job!!!!


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