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"We have to do this Bella. You are my life now, but you're the only one who can do this" Edward said to me, grabbing my arms with his two ice cold hands. I shook my head and agreed. I didn't know if anyone was supposed to see me, or if the place was under surveillance, but I had to try, for him, for my family, and for me. Selfish girl.

"Yes. Yes. I can do it" I said, trying to convince Edward, who seemed a little confused by my words. "I can do it Edward, I may trip or fall but it will be right on time"

"That's my Bella" he said, with that lovely smile that drives my heart crazy "Remember, enter and go through the crowd, turn right through the narrow hall and in the end of the hall go upstairs. Turn left  when you're up and then go downstairs, turn right again, go through the parking lot. Across the parking lot, right in front of you there's going to be some stairs, go up and be careful. Once you're up, there's going to be a rail that you're going to have to climb, then jump down, but that second I'll be down there to catch you."

"Okay. Okay. I can do it" I was almost hyperventilating, but more than fear, it was adrenaline, running through my veins again, like that time I jumped off the cliff just to hear his beautiful, velvet voice.

"Go! Go Bella, be careful"

And so I looked at him for the last time before I ran like crazy and entered the building.

The doors were bright blue and the walls were built of blue painted bricks, the rails of the stairs that I went up were wide, bright red. The spiral stairs ended with me looking at the direction of the window that Edward was left the last time I looked at him. I turned right, just like he told me. I went through a short hall and downstairs. But these were different stairs, like belonging to a parking lot. Just like I thought, I went down to the parking lot. Everything was gray, A wall was in front of me when I went down, I turned right again, just like he had told me. There was no one around. I ran across the parking lot, almost closing my eyes, until I tripped and I had to open my eyes to run in the right direction. I started running again, almost out of breath now. I finally made it to the stairs, but these I had to climb. So I started climbing until I got to a little terrace where...

...a vampire was biting someone... 

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I went pale in a second, my knees started shaking, because I'd never seen someone being bitten... I started panting, not only because I had run like crazy, now my life was in danger and my mission, my only mission in life, the only thing I'd die for if it was ever needed from me, was going to be unfinished.

I stood there, just waiting for the two vampires now, to end with my life.

What's so horrible? , the voice in my head said, Wasn't this what you wanted? To be like him?

"Yes", I thought to myself, "but not right now, it's not the moment..."

The two vampires, blood thirsty, looked at me. One of them in extreme pain, I could tell. The newborn. It was a she. A girl that reminded me a lot of Victoria. Her hair was wild and blonde, not as long as Victoria's. The other was a man, but his expression was too blurry: he ran towards me and a scream chocked in my throat. But he passed right through me. I was defenseless. The girl looked thirsty. Thirsty for me. And then she spoke.

"I had read about this... But it's our nature... I can't not kill you..." She was holding herself to a concrete column that held the rail in its place. I was panting and paler than before, my eyes were wide open, in shock.

For the first time, I wanted my savior to come for me. To come and defend me. But I knew he couldn't come, he didn't know about this.

"I... I... Please don't do this! Please... Please..." I kept repeating, more praying for Edward to come than her to kill me. My words were screams, I could tell for her expression, even though for me sounded like whispers. My ears were buzzing like never before, my blood pulsing loudly in my ears, my head, my knees... I felt like fading out when I heard a velvet voice behind me. The most beautiful voice...

"Not again!" I thought to myself, suddenly with fear. The last time I'd heard that voice was when he had gone. Did that mean that he had left me here again? No, he couldn't. It was...


"Bella, wait!" It said, with anguish.

It put me back to the ground, and I stood strong suddenly, ready to run and jump down the rail, across the newborn standing in front of me, with an excruciating pain in her expression.

"You can do this!" I screamed. I didn't know where that came from. The girl wide-opened her eyes, like a mirror to mine.

"Yes... Yes... I can..." She said, almost sounding tired of fighting her instincts, but still in the need to do it. She amazed me when she pulled herself to the wall and let me through right when I started running to jump down the rail. I ran, still with fear that maybe she'd change her mind, and jumped down the rail right at the moment that I realized...

Nobody was down there.

"NO!" was the last thing I heard.
Omg write more
plz plz
amazing chapter i cant wait to see what happens
This is really good!
When will you post more!?
I can't wait to see what happens!
Will you please update me when you post?
y do ppl always stop where the story gets exciting
Wow, a little confusing but sounds interesting. I would like to see where this goes. Post more.
I couldn't decipher the words I thought I heard after I jumped. I remembered myself being carried by Edward's arms... Someone looking at me... Nauseas... Vomiting... Blood-thirsty eyes too close to my face... But everything was blurry...

That's why, when I woke up in Edward's room, it was a little surprising to find 3 pairs of blood-thirsty eyes in front of me, too. My lids weighed a lot more than what I remembered that last time I'd been in Phoenix. My whole body felt asleep, but my eyes were in great need to find him.

"She's waking up" A girly voice said.

"Shh. Let her sleep as long as she has too" Another voice demanded, not as beautiful as the one I was looking for.

"Oh... This is very interesting. I want to write about this, you know? I'm suddenly inspired!" That voice sounded like it belonged to someone on her forties, maybe? But much more familiar to me than the other two voices.

I heard a few steps, a sound I was actually familiarized to. Those were his steps. My mind started to come out of unconsciousness as I felt him close to me, a breath that made me go insane every time it was close to me, because it had the most precious scent I had ever known. I felt his lips touching slightly my forehead, his hand reaching mine. The care he put to that kiss made me enjoy the lightness of his hand in mine, and gave me time to think again before I opened my eyes. Just as I felt his hand moving, I held it tightly. I knew his strength was nothing compared to mine, but for his expression when I opened my eyes, I knew he had felt the pressure of it. I felt perfectly fine right when I found his face in front of mine. Was he even more beautiful than the last time I'd seen him?

Actually, I felt perfectly fine. I wasn't tired at all, even though I'd been sleeping for who knows how long.

Our eyes encountered and nothing else mattered, because I saw myself in them. Everything was so detailed for my human eyes... When I came back to reality, after analyzing his pupil and his eye-color, I heard a lot of noises coming from downstairs. What was that smell? Roast beef? Ugh. I didn't feel like eating that stuff right now. I wasn't hungry.


The thought of hunger made me feel some kind of burning in my throat and my hand dropped Edward's to reach for it.

"Oh no...", the girly voice said. I immediately looked around the room and recognized the girl. She was the newborn that I had met before I...

"Why is my throat burning?" I turned to Edward with confused eyes, but already knew the answer.

No, this couldn't be it. Was I... Was I a vampire now?

"Am I vampire now?!" I asked, screaming, so quick that I didn't even realized I'd given it much thought before I vocalized it. I felt slow even though I was really fast.

"Dear God! Bella, no! You're dehydrated! Calm down!" Edward said through his teeth, angry because of my excitement (even when I was scared to death) at my nearly experience of becoming like him. Though I felt relieved once I thought about it.

I felt tears well up in my eyes, that dissipated any doubts I could've had.
Post more soon.
lmao. i thought that was funny. i had to have someone explain some of it to me tho...
xcellent....................... plz write more
hi dat was really awesome:)
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