The Twilight Saga

     The first time I ever had any contact with Edward Cullen was when I smelled him. It was actually... a good smell.  But I had to keep my emotions under check, otherwise the others would know.

     "Hey! Leah!!" Embry called out. I turned around slowly. "Where were you today?"

     I thought for a quick second. "Do really want to know the answer to that question?" I retorted. He shrugged, but stayed where he was. " Its THAT time of month, now scram." His eyes got huge, and his cheeks flushed. He stuttered something, and ran off.

     'I ove being a woman' I thought. I walked to my house, and grabbed my bag, and stuffed it with food, and clothes. I needed to get away and fast.

     "Leah...?" Whimpered Seth. My ever-so annoying brother. "W-where are you going?" He asked quietly.

     "I need some alone time, Seth... Just... I've been stressed lately, and I need to clear my head." I grabbed a cross I made from grass, and twigs. "Here, in case you come face to face with a vampire." He smiled at that. I ruffled his hair as I walked away.

     "Where are you going?" He asked again, with more confidence. I glanced back at him.

     "Canada-ish." I replied. I hopped off the deck.

     "ISH???" He asked. 'I'll just leave him wondering.'


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I like this :) keep me posted


sounds good!

thanks! haha

Cool! :) Keep me posted!




CH. 2!

I jogged down our road, and then into the forest. Then, I sprinted like no tomorrow. I HAD to get away. Edward was driving me insane. I think he knew it too. I was dodging trees like it was nothing. I arrived at this patch of beautiful grass, it had flowers, and it was so bright. I smiled, and stopped. I liked peaceful places like this. I layed down in the warm sun. 'how bright and happy. I wonder if anyone else knows of it...' I thought.

"I do." A silky voice said. "I come here to think on my own." He strolled toward me easily.

I sat up, and glared at him. "How long have you been watching me?" I spat. He shrugged and sat by me.

"Ya know..." He took a deep breath, "You don't smell like the other werewolves."

"You don't smell like other vampires." I said quietly. I looked at him, and he was studying me with an odd face. "What? Do I have dirt on my face?!!" I gasped and rubbed my cheek.

He chuckled. "No, you're just..." He shook his head. "Different. I don't understand why we like each other." I shook my head. He pushed a loose peice of hair behind my ear. "You're so... beautiful." I closed my eyes, and he leaned in and pressed his ice cold lips to my forehead. When I opened my eyes, he was gone. 'Must have been a day dream' I thought. But when I looked beside me, there was a body impression in the grass. 'Then again... Maybe not.' I layed back down, and soon I was asleep.

Short and sweet :) I wonder how Long Leah will keep her/Ed a secret, as she is a Wolf surely the others must smell him on her. Lol

and that is why she is running away ;)

still, they might find out another way? No?

okay yea, but i cant decide how i want it to happen...


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