The Twilight Saga

Leah's life takes an unexpected turn when she meets her imprint, will she ever cope with the difficulties of life or the possibility that she may become a mother? This is about Leah, the only female werewolf throughout the Quileute history, and she was constantly faced with the reminder of who she was and what she now can't be. Will Leah's decisions change the Quileute lifestyle for the worst? This is set around the time of Eclpse.

Disclaimer- All the character from Twilight belong to Stephanie Meyer. All the characters that are made by me are mine.



LPOV                                              Chapter 1


Jeez why cant Leah move on with her life and stop dwelling on the stupid past. As soon as the thought reaches my mind I come to a screeching halt, hackles raised, teeth bared, and a position ready to attack. I let ou a ferocious growl. 

 Shut up Paul! You don't know a thing, absolutely nothing! So why don't you stick your foot where your mouth is before I do it for you! I threatened before turning and running on all fours to get as far from that idiot as possible. How dare he talk about me like that?


I heard before changing back to my human form so I wouldn't have to hear thier obnoxios voices in my head.

 Gosh it stinks being the only female werewolfs in a pack of stupid male wolfs. I ran to a nearby tree and jumped up to retrieve my clothes from the top branch because guess what?

When you change to a wolf you don't get to keep your clothes, how messed up is that? When I changed to a wolf for the first time I found out the hard way because those idiots forgot to tell me when I was out looking for any leeches (A.K.A Vampire blood-suckers) and it's our job to destroy those parasites so that they don't kill everyone.

 So one day after about three hours of patrolling I'm ready to change back and go home, and when I do I find that I'm stark naked!

 After about five minutes of totally freaking out I realize that I can't go back to La Push like this so I grab a large log to cover myself and head over to a nearby house.

Of course with my dumb luck the very person to open the door was a short, chubby, greasy haired freaky man.

To make a long story short it was one of the most embarrising times of my life and it came really close to another embarrising moment when I changed human in front of the pack, six teenage boys including Paul and Sam!

You think tomatoes are red not as red as my face that day,you could've probably lit a candle off of me. I'm not sure which of those times was more embarrising, but I was sure to make their lives miserable if any of them thought of me naked after that.

I was still walking around aimlessly, but just the thought of Sam brought back my anger. I really hate the whole werewolf mind reading thing, yes it may come in handy during a fight, but it still stinks.

Sam was the first one from our pack to change as was he the oldest, but he's only a couple months older than me,and he also thinks he knows everything just because he's the stupid Alpha wolf.

 We would have been together if Emily my cousin hadn't stolen him from me, I'll never forget that day...


We brought Emily my cousin to live with us when her uncle whom she was living with at the time mysteriously passed away.

I loved Emily she was like the sister I never had.

While she was living with my family, we were best friends and practically did everything together. At that time I was dating Sam, we'd been together for two years and I absolutely adored him. He was always so sweet to me and would usually take me home fron school.

He told me he wanted to go on a date with me, and have a picnic with on the beach,it was in only a week and I was so excited.

The next day he wasn't at school I hoped he was okay, he didn't come to school for five days and I had to get rides from my friends because I hated riding the bus.

I was extremely worried and started to hope he was still alive, I mean jeez he wasn't even picking up his phone and nobody said they heard from him.

When I got home I saw Emily sitting on the couch with a huge bandage on her face, underneath it was a large claw mark that slightly disfigured her lip. I immediately asked her what happened and she just looked at me tears brimming her eyes and shook her head saying nothing.

It wouldn't take a genius to figure out she was upset and didn't want to talk about, but I was seriously curious and she could tell me anything.

So after persistently questioning her she told me she was walking in the woods when a bear attacked her.

I could tell she was upset and that was normal, I'd be upset too but her eyes held something else regret, guilt? I didn't dwell on it my best friend was upset.

I gave her a warm hug and tried to comfort her, she burst into tears and cried in my arms.

The next day was Saturday me and Sam's date. He hasn't been coming to school and I wasn't so sure he would even come, but I was going to go, and unless he was suffering from fatal medical injuries or was seriously in trouble I was hoping he would show up.... for his sake.

We were seniors in high school and I was kind of hoping he would propose to me, so I went to the La Push beach and waited.

Five miutes later I heard footsteps and turned to see Sam walking towards me shirtless, and as fine as ever.

Not exactly what I thought he'd wear when he proposed to me but there's a first time for everything. "Sam" I yelled giving him a hug. He stiffened. "I was so worried where in the world were you, are you okay?" I asked trying to give him a kiss, he turned his head so that I only kissed his cheek.

I was confused he had that same sort of expression Emily had when telling me about the bear attack, something was up. "Sam what's going on?" I asked histeria creeping into my voice.

He was silent for a while with a grim almost bored expression on his face.

 "I imprinted on Emily."

At that moment it felt as if my heart stopped beating, I wanted to crawl in a hole and die. It took me a moment for my brain to process what he just said. I heard the wolf stories at the bon fires Sam would bring me to, but those were myths, legends.

 "But that's not possible because you'd have to be a...."

I couldn't finish my sentence I already knew from the hard look on his face, the amount of school days he missed, and when I touched him his temperature felt kind of hot.

I felt betrayed and disappointed. I loved him so much, I loved Emily she was like a sister to me! How could they? Why can't I have any happiness in this screwed up life of mine.

At the moment I just felt so angry at Emily, Sam, and especially those no good blood sucking vampires, it's their fault that Sam's not mine!

 In fact they're the ones who killed Emily's uncle which is why she had to live with us,and they're presence triggers the werewolf change thus turning Sam into one and making him imprint on Emily and so I hate them so much.

I felt tears build up and one accidentally spilled on my cheek.

Sam looked horrified. "Lee Lee honey, you know I didn't mean to!" He pleaded using the nickname he always used when I was upset and moved closer to me.

"Don't touch me and don't ever call me that again!" I screamed pushing him and running awayas fast as I could. I suddenly realized how Leah got her scar and I didn't even care.

~End of Flashback~

I was now drowning in my self pity, I sighed Paul's right I really needed to get over Sam and all this craziness. I walked slower wondering where in the world I wandered off to in my little flashback, when I smelled the most arousing smell I had ever smelled before.

It was sweet with a nice musk smell to it, I heard a twig snap and quickly spun around.

"Well hello there."

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Thanks I'll right the next chapter as soon as possible, maybe sometime today or tomorrow

Very good...can't wait to read more!

Thanks send me a friend request if you want the latest updates. :)

Chapter 2

"Who, who are you?" I stuttered, I stared at him never breaking eye contact, he was beautiful with brown eyes and nice olive toned skin he was wearing tight fitted jeans with a blue muscle shirt that showed off his great body and his ten pack. Just looking at him I knew he was special.

"My name is Josh Bluestone, what's your name beautiful?" Josh said giving me an earth-shattering smile. I smiled back just staring as his beauty and mentally screaming at the fact that he just called me beautiful, then I realized he had asked me a question.

 "Oh! My name is Leah Clearwater... Your different somehow but I'm not completely sure how." He was definitely different from anyone I'd ever met I just couldn't figure out how, but I knew when I first layed my eyes on him that I would do anything to protect him and make him happy.

Did I imprint on Josh?

"I am different, I'll tell you my story if you walk with me." Josh said reaching out his hand. I knew I couldn't refuse even if I wanted to, and I didn't want to refuse. I grabbed his hand it was warm.

When our hands touched I felt a spark of electricity he smiled widely at me, I automatically smiled back extremely full of joy that he felt it too. We walked around in the woods.

 "I was born in Forks in the Quileute tribe and I am eighty-two years old." Talk about age difference... waits a minute?

"Quileute tribe, and how can you be that old?" How is that even possible?

"Yes, I am part of the Quileute tribe and I'm a werewolf and I assume you are too?" I was speechless as I stared wide eyed, mouth hanging open with what I think would be a dumb-struck expression on my face. He smirked "Yes how did you know?" I wondered "Your scent and the heat from your hand."

He replied lifting or still entwined fingers. "Oh" I said dumbly. Good job Leah, have some dignity or at least pretend you have some sense, jeez I mentally scolded myself. Josh chuckled.

"Okay well how come your fingers aren't hot?" I wondered "Oh? I thought I had sexy fingers." Josh said examining his nails." I smacked him across the head. "Oh shut up you know what I meant" I said giggling. He suddenly had a grave expression on his face, I didn't want to see him upset and before I knew it I gave him a hug.

"What's the matter?" He hugged me back.

"come." He led me to a large tree stump to sit on, I sat and he sat net to me. "It's a long story, so well here it goes." I stayed quiet waiting for him to begin, and making a silent promise not to interrupt or speak until he finished his story.

"I was twenty-two and my brother Sachi was a werewolf too, he became one at seventeen when a male vampire came into our tribe and started trouble. I wasn't there when it happened I was out at sea fishing. The tribe and I didn't think I had inherited the werewolf gene, since I was twenty-two and my brother was seventeen when he changed.

When I came back the tribe was at ruin and I found out my brother and sister died because of that vampire." He remarked with a bitter expression I squeezed his hand to urge him to continue.

A week later I went out into the woods to get firewood. I heard a twig snap and sensed something was following me, I smelled a really strong sweet smell and I felt my temperature rising and I was shaking but before I could change into a wolf I was attacked and bitten by a female vampire whom I assume was the mate of that male vampire who came before.

She meant to finish me off but I kicked her really hard in the chest making her fly and crash into a tree, she was surprised at my strength and ran away. I was on the floor shaking, but I never really turned into a wolf yet so the venom wasn't poison to my body.

 I heard voices heading in my direction and I was scared, I began to shake violently and I changed to a wolf and ran as far away as I could I knew the tribe wouldn't except me because I was so different." He stopped and stared at me waiting for me to probably run away in disgust.

"Well what do you eat?" I sure hoped it wasn't human blood, don't let it be human blood please Lord not human blood. "I eat regular food like hamburgers, but I can't eat salad or lettuce, stupid digestive system won't let me. He said chuckling I laughed with him mostly out of relief. "No I would die before drinking the blood of humans." He shuddered,

I gave him a warm hug "I know you didn't ask for this, and I won't hold it against you."He looked at me with such adoration in his eyes. "Leah I think I imprinted on you." I smiled

"Me too" I said looking up at him.

Our faces were only inches apart, Josh leaned in and kissed me I kissed him back with equal passion I loved the feeling of him holding me, we fit together perfectly. Josh pulled away and smiled at me "You want to see my house?"

"Sure" He bent down "Come on, hop on" I looked at him confused "Are you sure?" I wasn't so sure about treating my new imprint (eeek) like a pack mule, especially with the very possible probability that I'd be too heavy or he'd drop me, it woouldn't really hurt anything but my pride.

"Of course, and we'll get there quicker pleeeaaassee." He pleaded giving me the most cutest puppy dog eyes ever. How could I say no? "Okay" If he drops me I'm gonna kill him... probably not

I climbed on his back and he quickly sped in the direction of his house.

Wow, he sure is fast I think he's faster than me! We soon reached a nice brown and green house, it kind of looked like Jacob's house but the inside was so different. His kitchen tiles were the normal black and white checker style and he had nice soft leather couches and a t.v. in what I assume was his living room his walls were a nice cozy tannish color.

I didn't fully get to analyze the room because Josh kissed me and I melted at his touch kissing him back enthusiastically he ran his warm tongue over my lips and I gasped in air and threaded my fingers in his hair.

I could definitely get used to this I thought smiling as his hands trailed down my side. 

sorry that half of the words are black and the other half is white I don't really know why it did that and I'm not sure how to fix it so yah I hope it's not too much of a problem hehe and I hope you guys like this one I really enjoyed writing it, and please review whether good or bad I'd like to know what you guys think. :)


very, very good...please write more


 Chapter 3

I woke up in Josh's arms, wishing I could wake up like this everyday. Mmmm his pillows smelled so much like him. "Hello beautiful" Josh said smiling and kissing my forehead "Hello handsome" I replied "Um Leah?" Josh looked nervous all of a sudden. "What's wrong Josh?" I was worried about his sudden change in attitude

"Um nothing, I was just wondering if, well if you will be my girlfriend." I wanted to smack him for being unsure, he's my imprint and I'm his imprint we belonged together. "I would love to be your girlfriend Josh" he smiled and kissed me, I smiled then gasped when I saw his skin.

The areas where the sunlight hit his skin were very pale while the other half of his face where the sun didn't hit it was a normal color, it wasn't ugly just strange.

"What?" He asked giving me a confused look.

"Your skin." He looked down at his hand. "Oh it does that when the sunlight hits it, I guess it's a vampire thing although I heard they sparkle like human disco balls." He said chuckling, I laughed along and looked out the window. “What time is it?"

"10:25 why?" I jolted up "Oh my gosh I have to go!"

"Why" I grabbed my stuff and quickly put on my shoes. "I just left without a word, my mom and my brother are probably worried." I explained

"Do you want me to come with you?" hmmm maybe I shouldn't tell anyone yet, I really didn't want to have to get into any drama or have to explain my boyfriends' special qualities today. "I won't tell them just yet, but I don't think I can keep it from them for long because of the whole werewolf mind reading thing.

"Oh well if you really want to keep us a secret from the pack the best thing to do is to distract yourself from thinking about me, it's 85 percent efficient." I nodded my head "Okay I'll try it, but speaking of that, shouldn't you be in our pack since your a Quileute?"

He nodded "Officially yes but I guess when I became a were-vampire.... That's what I call myself by the way." I laughed at the perfectness of his nickname and the originality. "Yah so since I'm not fully a werewolf and my pack are all dead I have my head all to myself." He said smugly

I threw a pillow at his head which he easily caught and then he pounced on me, I squeaked "You shouldn't start something you couldn't finish Leah" Josh warned playfully.

I giggled and looked at the clock, 11:32 "Josh I'm sorry, I have to go!" I gave him a quick kiss and practically flew down the stairs. "Bye Leah!" Come back and visit me soon." Josh said as I dashed out the door. " I promise"

 I said knowing he heard me, I ran past some trees my thoughts only of Josh then I realized that I had to wash off! As much as I loved the scent of Josh on me, I wanted to keep us a secret for now. So I ran as fast as I could to the La Push cliff and when I got there I jumped off.

I let out an excited scream and splashed down into the water hard. That was fun, freakishly fun. "Whooo!" I yelled as I splashed around and swam in the water scrubbing my hair and arms, washing off every trace of Josh's lovely scent.


 I heard Jacob call from the shore, I swam over to him "what's up?" I asked casually. Jacob frowned "Cliff diving, really?" I arched my eyebrow "You had us all worried sick and you go cliff diving!?" I looked down at the floor... uh water

"I'm sorry Jacob." he looked at me with disbelief. "What?"

Jeez, what is he so shocked about? "I'm sorry for worrying you guys." Jacob blinked a few times "Yah, um it's fine." I smiled “I'm gonna go home and change.”


Jacob's POV

What in the world was that! "No joke, Leah was actually kind of cool!" I said to Quil, Embry and Paul. "Leah, as in Leah Clearwater?" Embry asked suspiciously "That's the one, I figured she'd say something smart but then she said she was sorry for worrying us and she actually smiled!"

Quil and Embry gaped at me. "Sorry if I don't believe you man." Paul shook his head "Here are some of Leah's characteristics... One, she can't take a joke,

two, she's moody,

and three she never says sorry and barely ever smiles.

Paul and Embry nodded their heads in agreement "Whatever man" I replied. We heard the howl for the pack meeting. "Well I guess we'll find out." Quil said as we dashed out towards the woods.

love it keep me update

 I apologized to my surprised mother and brother and told them that I spent the night at a friend’s house. What is up with everyone?  I heard the howl for the pack meeting, I wonder what Josh is doing.

No No No! I can’t think of him at all if I want to stay with him. “Leah, you can do this”, I told myself, I'll think of flowers or something to distract myself. I was the second one to get there other than Sam. Soon the others followed after and sat in the circle formation.

Okay guys we’re going to…What? Leah said sorry? Sam asked. Yup

Jacob and Seth said.

Have I never said sorry before?  I thought to myself

No you never apologize for anything. Paul said angrily, thinking of the time when I “accidentally” pushed him into a fountain full of water and just walked off.

Wow, that was rude, I thought.

No kidding. What’s with the change of heart Leah? Paul asked.

I don’t know. Daffodils, roses, bluebonnets, daisies…um…

Why are you thinking about flowers?

I didn’t like all the attention focused on me. Sam can we please change the subject.They were shocked again.

She's actually talking to Sam?

She doesn't even seem angry anymore.

 I told you Paul!

The chaotic chorus of voices all chimed. I growled, starting to get annoyed.

Okay guys, that’s enough. So as I was saying, we’re going to be split up in twos so it will be me and Seth---

Aw! I wanted to go with Jacob! Seth whined.

Shut up Seth! Sam barked.

Embry with Paul. Quil your with Jacob and Jared and Leah by yourself because you’re the fastest” he said, waiting for my reaction.

Okay I agreed. Oh… yes well that s all. He was surprised that I hadn’t argued. We all went out to our positions.


This week was perfect. Josh and I are such a great couple. He said he loved me and I love him too. I’m so happy I met him and I’ve managed to keep the whole thing a secret from the pack. I can’t wait to see him tonight.


“Okay guys. Something is up with Leah” I told Paul, Quil, and Embry. They all nodded their heads. “Definitely man, she doesn’t really even get mad at us if we think about her naked.” Quil remarked. Embry jumped up suddenly, “I got it! She was taken by Aliens last week and they turned her nice and she never told us about it.”

“That’s it!” I yelled. Embry arched an eyebrow. “Really, you think she was taken by Aliens too?” I sighed,

 “Of course not, that’s crazy! No, I meant her attitude change started when she left about a week ago. So I think something might have happened when she left that she’s not telling us about.”

Quil’s eyes widened, “Oh! That kind of explains why she’s always thinking about flowers or random things, probably to distract herself or keep us out.”

“Right, so what do you think we should do, Jake?” Paul asked.

“Well, I suggest we just wait until she decided to tell us. I mean, she’s been really cool and I like the new Leah better than the old one.” He nodded, “Yah I guess you’re right.”

I'm sorry I'm not going to be writing this story for about a week I was writing out the next chapter and I accidentally went to a different page and erased everything I had written so I'm really mad right now and just need time to cool off. :(
love it keep me update please


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