The Twilight Saga

Leah's life takes an unexpected turn when she meets her imprint, will she ever cope with the difficulties of life or the possibility that she may become a mother? This is about Leah, the only female werewolf throughout the Quileute history, and she was constantly faced with the reminder of who she was and what she now can't be. Will Leah's decisions change the Quileute lifestyle for the worst? This is set around the time of Eclpse.

Disclaimer- All the character from Twilight belong to Stephanie Meyer. All the characters that are made by me are mine.



LPOV                                              Chapter 1


Jeez why cant Leah move on with her life and stop dwelling on the stupid past. As soon as the thought reaches my mind I come to a screeching halt, hackles raised, teeth bared, and a position ready to attack. I let ou a ferocious growl. 

 Shut up Paul! You don't know a thing, absolutely nothing! So why don't you stick your foot where your mouth is before I do it for you! I threatened before turning and running on all fours to get as far from that idiot as possible. How dare he talk about me like that?


I heard before changing back to my human form so I wouldn't have to hear thier obnoxios voices in my head.

 Gosh it stinks being the only female werewolfs in a pack of stupid male wolfs. I ran to a nearby tree and jumped up to retrieve my clothes from the top branch because guess what?

When you change to a wolf you don't get to keep your clothes, how messed up is that? When I changed to a wolf for the first time I found out the hard way because those idiots forgot to tell me when I was out looking for any leeches (A.K.A Vampire blood-suckers) and it's our job to destroy those parasites so that they don't kill everyone.

 So one day after about three hours of patrolling I'm ready to change back and go home, and when I do I find that I'm stark naked!

 After about five minutes of totally freaking out I realize that I can't go back to La Push like this so I grab a large log to cover myself and head over to a nearby house.

Of course with my dumb luck the very person to open the door was a short, chubby, greasy haired freaky man.

To make a long story short it was one of the most embarrising times of my life and it came really close to another embarrising moment when I changed human in front of the pack, six teenage boys including Paul and Sam!

You think tomatoes are red not as red as my face that day,you could've probably lit a candle off of me. I'm not sure which of those times was more embarrising, but I was sure to make their lives miserable if any of them thought of me naked after that.

I was still walking around aimlessly, but just the thought of Sam brought back my anger. I really hate the whole werewolf mind reading thing, yes it may come in handy during a fight, but it still stinks.

Sam was the first one from our pack to change as was he the oldest, but he's only a couple months older than me,and he also thinks he knows everything just because he's the stupid Alpha wolf.

 We would have been together if Emily my cousin hadn't stolen him from me, I'll never forget that day...


We brought Emily my cousin to live with us when her uncle whom she was living with at the time mysteriously passed away.

I loved Emily she was like the sister I never had.

While she was living with my family, we were best friends and practically did everything together. At that time I was dating Sam, we'd been together for two years and I absolutely adored him. He was always so sweet to me and would usually take me home fron school.

He told me he wanted to go on a date with me, and have a picnic with on the beach,it was in only a week and I was so excited.

The next day he wasn't at school I hoped he was okay, he didn't come to school for five days and I had to get rides from my friends because I hated riding the bus.

I was extremely worried and started to hope he was still alive, I mean jeez he wasn't even picking up his phone and nobody said they heard from him.

When I got home I saw Emily sitting on the couch with a huge bandage on her face, underneath it was a large claw mark that slightly disfigured her lip. I immediately asked her what happened and she just looked at me tears brimming her eyes and shook her head saying nothing.

It wouldn't take a genius to figure out she was upset and didn't want to talk about, but I was seriously curious and she could tell me anything.

So after persistently questioning her she told me she was walking in the woods when a bear attacked her.

I could tell she was upset and that was normal, I'd be upset too but her eyes held something else regret, guilt? I didn't dwell on it my best friend was upset.

I gave her a warm hug and tried to comfort her, she burst into tears and cried in my arms.

The next day was Saturday me and Sam's date. He hasn't been coming to school and I wasn't so sure he would even come, but I was going to go, and unless he was suffering from fatal medical injuries or was seriously in trouble I was hoping he would show up.... for his sake.

We were seniors in high school and I was kind of hoping he would propose to me, so I went to the La Push beach and waited.

Five miutes later I heard footsteps and turned to see Sam walking towards me shirtless, and as fine as ever.

Not exactly what I thought he'd wear when he proposed to me but there's a first time for everything. "Sam" I yelled giving him a hug. He stiffened. "I was so worried where in the world were you, are you okay?" I asked trying to give him a kiss, he turned his head so that I only kissed his cheek.

I was confused he had that same sort of expression Emily had when telling me about the bear attack, something was up. "Sam what's going on?" I asked histeria creeping into my voice.

He was silent for a while with a grim almost bored expression on his face.

 "I imprinted on Emily."

At that moment it felt as if my heart stopped beating, I wanted to crawl in a hole and die. It took me a moment for my brain to process what he just said. I heard the wolf stories at the bon fires Sam would bring me to, but those were myths, legends.

 "But that's not possible because you'd have to be a...."

I couldn't finish my sentence I already knew from the hard look on his face, the amount of school days he missed, and when I touched him his temperature felt kind of hot.

I felt betrayed and disappointed. I loved him so much, I loved Emily she was like a sister to me! How could they? Why can't I have any happiness in this screwed up life of mine.

At the moment I just felt so angry at Emily, Sam, and especially those no good blood sucking vampires, it's their fault that Sam's not mine!

 In fact they're the ones who killed Emily's uncle which is why she had to live with us,and they're presence triggers the werewolf change thus turning Sam into one and making him imprint on Emily and so I hate them so much.

I felt tears build up and one accidentally spilled on my cheek.

Sam looked horrified. "Lee Lee honey, you know I didn't mean to!" He pleaded using the nickname he always used when I was upset and moved closer to me.

"Don't touch me and don't ever call me that again!" I screamed pushing him and running awayas fast as I could. I suddenly realized how Leah got her scar and I didn't even care.

~End of Flashback~

I was now drowning in my self pity, I sighed Paul's right I really needed to get over Sam and all this craziness. I walked slower wondering where in the world I wandered off to in my little flashback, when I smelled the most arousing smell I had ever smelled before.

It was sweet with a nice musk smell to it, I heard a twig snap and quickly spun around.

"Well hello there."

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Josh <3 josh <3 josh <3
Hey guys I'm having serious writers block, so sorry that I haven't written yet. I know what the plot for the next chapter is, I'm just thinking about how to put it out hehe ... gaaah!!! I'll try to post asap, thanks for being so awesome :) 

I know!!! I feel sooo bad but I'm so lazy!!! Forgive me I'll write the next chapter soon. :(


love your story...please update again soon :)

Left shattered but never completely broken, drowning yet still breathing, falling yet never touching the ground.

How can one live this way in an undisturbed almost make-believe version of life? One cannot grasp the odd and cruel tendencies of this world...


Chapter 13


Alice are you completely sure?

She shrugged and looked as if she would burst into tears if she could. "I don't know, everything is so hazy and hard to see, I mean even more so than usual. Usually I can’t see anything because you’re here and Josh is here but suddenly I could see everything and I don’t think that’s a good thing at all!”

She wouldn’t meet my eye and I had a feeling that there was something more that she wasn’t telling me, “Alice…” I said whispered slowly not speaking again until she looked at me.

“What are you not telling me?” She looked down and I saw fear and sadness in her eyes “I saw the Volturi.”

I felt goosebumps erupt on my skin yet I couldn’t exactly pinpoint why, I knew a little about the Volturi from what Jake had told the pack. He mentioned how creepy they are and how they’re like the vampire police or something.

I didn’t know what they had to do with Josh and me.

“Alice what are you so afraid of, they won’t hurt me or Josh we’re werewolves and the Volturi only mess with your kind.”

Alice shook her head slowly “No they kill anyone that risks exposing our kind to the humans, and I think somehow they’ve found out about your baby and they fear it will cause trouble for them.

The realization of the risk Josh and I could be in hit me like a ton of bricks and I felt as jolt in my stomach and I rushed out of the room to the nearest trash can.

Josh appeared in the room immediately “Baby are you okay?” He held my hair back and waited until I was finished, I wiped my mouth with a napkin and gave him a look that said “What do you think?” Six months pregnant and he’s still not used to me throwing up, jeez.

He stepped back with his hands up in the air, “Yikes, sorry sorta obvious I guess.”  I shook my head at him, “Look Josh we have something to tell everyone and it’s very important.” I heard Alice walk out the room to go call the Cullens and Bella to meet in the dining room area.

 He heard the alarm in my voice and his face went very serious. “Oh no what is it…Is it the baby?” He asked quietly

“No!” I gasped, punching him in the shoulder angry that he’d even come to that conclusion.

He stepped back, rubbing his shoulder “I’m sorry I just wanted to make sure!” I glared at him “Well the baby is fine but this situation that we might be in is not.” I felt tears threaten to surface, stupid hormones.

Josh pulled me into his embrace “Leah, please what’s going…” Alice suddenly burst into the room, “Okay guys everyone is in the meeting room let’s go and tell everyone already!” She looked so jittery as if she had just drunk nine mugs of coffee.

Josh looked me in the eye and kissed me “Whatever it is, we’ll get through it together.” A traitor tear slipped down my cheek, I cursed it. “Together” I whispered

We walked hand in hand to the meeting room and saw everyone seated looking at Alice and I curiously, well… all except that mind reading Einstein haired Edward guy.

 He looked purely shocked with his mouth hung open and his eyes wide as saucers.

His expression made Bella and the rest of the Cullens who had not yet heard the news, uneasy and fearful and almost simultaneously they all squirmed in their seats, I raised a brow that was probably one of the freakiest things I’ve ever seen.

I shook my head and tried to concentrate on the major problem going on.

Edward quickly fixed his expression and immediately a neutral expression replace his shocked one, Alice and I explained to everyone the vision Alice had, and what it might mean.

Josh stood up from his seat growling in fury “What, who do these freaks think they are, they don’t know us and yet they feel the need to attack us?” He walked over to the wall and punched it, he breathed through his nose to try and control the shaking.

 “Although how in the world did they even find out about the baby we never told anyone except….” He pause and his eyes flicked to mine

 “The Quileutes”

I stood up from my chair as well “What are you trying to say? They would never betray us like that!”

His nose flared with pure fury “That traitor, it was him I know it he attacked me and now he wants to get his revenge by being the Volturi’s little lap dog!”

His harsh and angry words were getting on my nerves and I felt defensive toward Sam “Shut up, we were all stressed that day and you’re just jealous that Sam and I were once in a relationship and you can’t stand it!”

I felt Jasper trying to put calm over us but we were already so heated up.

His expression changed from anger to confusion “What?” Then from hurt and right back to anger.

Oh crap he didn’t know that I was in a relationship with Sam, why the heck did I tell him that?

“You and Sam were in a relationship? That’s why he attacked me isn’t it? He was jealous and still has feelings for you… and you do too don’t you? Even while you’re with me… You little *edited by mod*

My hands moved before I could even think and I slapped him with all the strength I possessed.


Just silence, so quiet you could hear a feather drop.

His hands slowly went to his face and he closed his eyes, his expression so full of pain and disappointment it hurt to see his beautiful face so full of sadness.

I reached for him “Josh I…”

He opened his eyes and snatched his arm from my grasp as if I’d burned him and then left without another word.

I stood there feeling as if I was lost in space, I tilted my head in confusion and felt so odd and almost cold this was new to me I’d never felt so incomplete so broken not even when Sam left me I couldn’t understand why my brain was getting foggy or why I was starting to feel my fingers going numb.

“Leah!” I heard, yet the words sounded so far away, “Leah please you must breath, don’t do this stop and think about the baby!”

My baby the thought of my baby brought a surge of air surging into my lungs and it soon occurred to me that I was wheezing uncontrollably while Alice pounded my back to get the oxygen to enter my lungs and I was shocked to find that my eyes were gushing tears like a waterfall.

Then it hit me, Josh has left me and I turned around in Alice’s arms and sobbed like a baby.

Even though the Cullens and I were so close I always kept my distance and never really touched them unless absolutely necessary and here I find myself in none other than Alice’s arms sobbing uncontrollably and clinging to her for dear life.

It’s official I’ve finally reached my cracking point.

I know you guys hate me by now and I totally deserve it I mean I'm probably as worse as Josh right now... Really I am so sorry :( I got sidetracked and to be honest I haven't been on the site for a while sooo if you even want to bother reading my story anymore here's Chapter 13 I hope you like it. Very sorry again for the neglect


love the update!  you are a wonderful writer!

Thank you so much really that means a lot to me :)


love it

Chapter 14

Alice's POV

Leah then smacks Josh really hard I mean even for a vampire like me who has never actually experienced pain in a VERY long time I can tell that that must have hurt even for a were vamp like Josh.

The tension in the air was so thick that I didn’t even have to look at Jasper to tell how awkward and fierce the air in the room was.

Leah suddenly breaks the silence “Josh I” she reaches for his arm and he quickly snatches it back, uh oh this cannot be good, and just like that he walks out making sure to slam the door a little harder than necessary and a piece of wood cracks and falls to the ground.

The silence was deafening, we all stared at Leah waiting…

Just waiting for her to explode…

Break something, have a temper tantrum anything but she just stood there and tilted her head to the side as if she didn’t understand what just happened.

Maybe she was in shock, as she stood there we were shocked to suddenly see her face turn blue and her heart rate triple and we all gasped in horror.

Oh my gosh she’s killing herself!

I once read in an article about how when dogs get depressed to a certain extent or when they’re isolated or neglected they would jump off balconies to their death.

Could Leah be killing herself out of depression or fear of negligence from her loved one?

“Leah!” I jump to my feet just as she starts to fall to the ground and I grab her and begin pounding at her back to get the oxygen to flow into her lungs. Even through my efforts she refuses to breath and I begin to get fearful as her heart rate begins to slow down.

“Leah please you must breath, don’t do this stop and think about the baby!”

I continue pounding at her back and almost squeal in relief as she suddenly swallows a lungful of air and as she opens her eyes tears begin to fall and I try my best to wipe them away but they keep coming.

I guess the realization has finally hit her, she suddenly grabs me and embraces my five foot two form and sobs into my hair.

I try to ignore the instinctual disgust of having snot and werewolf stink in my hair, oh my goodness it will probably take years to get the smell out and… Shut up Alice your friend Leah is upset over her boyfriend be more sympathetic. I internally chastise myself and force myself to wrap my arms around her scorching hot body.

After a few minutes I gently pull Leah into the living room and sit her down on the sofa, and her tears and sobs slowly decrease.

Everybody else is silent and Esme sits down on the other side of Leah and raps her arms around her and Leah flinches.

“Honey please don’t be too distressed it’s normal for people in a relationship to fight it doesn’t have to last forever, you two are such a wonderful couple and you are bringing new life into this world.

 I know that Josh loves you and the baby very much I’m sure he only left the way he did to cool off and I’m sure he’ll come back and everything will okay.”

Leah looked up at her in hope, “You really think so?”

 “Of course, and if Josh loves you as much as I know he does he’d be begging you to forgive him in no time at all but you have to take better care of yourself young lady you gave us quite a fright there.” Esme said sternly

Leah’s eyes widened at her tone and she smiled softly “Really Leah, have you eaten anything at all today?” Carlisle asked switching to doctor mode instantly

“I ate an apple not too long ago” She answers guiltily

“That was about eight hours ago for breakfast.” Edward replies and is rewarded with a harsh glare from Leah, he shrugs unruffled by her wrath.

I jump up to my feet eager for the chance to brighten the mood a little “Well we better get some real food in you then!”

“Yah as interesting as you looked when you went all chameleon-y on us I must say that blue is definitely not your color.” Emmett jokes Leah suddenly looked down sad at the reminder of Josh’s departure. Rosalie then smacked him in the head “Idiot” She snarls.

“Aw Rosie I didn’t mean anything by it!” He pleads as she drags him out of the living room by his ears.


The Cullen’s weren’t so bad I could see why Bella adores them so much, after eating I felt sort of better and I really wanted to go and find Josh to tell him I was sorry for the things I said, I really wanted him to know that he was the only man I loved.

How could he think that through everything we’d been through all the awesome times we had shared that I would that I could love anyone else, I mean how could he be so stupid so foolish to even belittle the love I had for him.

I felt a little kick in my stomach and I smiled sadly “That fool” I whispered a stupid tear slid down my cheek.

I stood up my mind was made, I had to go and find Josh before he did something stupid like confront Sam or something but I doubt he was that dumb… I better hurry.

I slipped on my shoes and just as I was opening the front door the evil pixie was right behind me. “And where do you think you’re going missy?”

I glared at her, “Well if you must know I’m going out to find Josh and you can’t stop me.” I narrowed my eyes defiantly at her, she smirked at me “I don’t have to.”

Suddenly Emmett and Edward were standing right behind her, jeez you can’t keep any secrets in this house huh? “Nope.”Edward answered to my unspoken question.  

Get out of my head you mind reading freak

He knows how much I hate it when he does that stuff “Oh Leah hurtful” He pouted faking mock hurt, I rolled my eyes at him.

“Alice!” I growled, she raised her hands in the air in surrender “Seriously Leah we just want to keep you safe and I can’t see you in my visions and that means I don’t completely know when the Volturi are planning on attacking nor do I know what they’ll do.”

I sighed in defeat, she did sort of have a point “Don’t worry Edward and Emmett are going to look for josh for you, is that okay?” I nodded and started to turn around, she grabbed my hand “Don’t worry it will all work out?

I forced a smile and turned around “Emmett, Edward if you find Josh tell him that I love him and that he’s my imprint and that he’s a fool for doubting my love… our love.

I walk back to the guest room that the Cullen’s had allowed me to sleep in, I really hope Josh and Edward find him.

Well here's chapter 14 hope you like it!
I love it!  I can't wait to see if emmet and edward find josh and what happens next!  please update again soon!


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