The Twilight Saga

Plot Line: Bella and Timothy grew up together, they always been the best of friends. But at the age of 12 and 10 they were torn apart after Tim's parents died. Now 10 years later...they cross paths once again. What will happen?

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Preface: Memories

Chapter 1: News

Chapter 2: New Home

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Preface: Memories

Bella’s P.O.V:

Time sits

Time stands

Time is time.

Time craws

Time walks

Time is time.

Time runs

Time flies

Time is time.

Time changes

Time stands-still

Time is time.

Time goes forward

Time goes backward

Time is time, it is time

Those words were true 10 years ago and still stand true today. Time was a curious thing. It still puzzled me sometimes, as I stood there in the middle of the town square, watching the biggest grandfather clock in town. Many thoughts were running inside of my head...but one of them was how fast time flew by. It had been 10 years to the day...since me and my best friend Tim parted our ways.

When he felt like I was falling into oblivion. The emotion and physical pain, I was going through was unbearable. I knew Tim since we were little kids, he was the only person that understood me perfectly, he was always there for me, when I needed a shoulder to cry on. When I needed to be protected...especially from my older brother Stanley and his violent behaviour...which occurred out of nowhere. The first time, that happened it happened, I was only 7 years old and Tim was 9. I still remembered the day clearer than any other day...the memory still scared me sometimes. But now I was 20 years old...and could defend my self more, than I could back then, but sometimes the fear still returned.

I onced used to trust my brother, with my life, with everything I had...that was not the case anymore. It was like we became strangers that once shared a house...lived with the same parents.

As for the and Tim parted, was the day after his parents died in a fatal car crash. One of the most loving people, I had ever met, slipped away from his life and he left in the care of his rather strict and somewhat harsh aunt Marge. She never liked me...she always acted like she did...but it was all fake. Since that day, 10 years ago. I never saw Tim again. For the next 5 months after that...I can recall crying myself to sleep every night, till I had no more tears left to come out of me. Since, then I never cried again. It seemed, I had no more tears to express my emotions through...did that make me dead inside? It certainly felt like it...until 5 and half years ago. That’s when I met Toby Anderson...a person I never thought, could have become such a big part of my life like he is now.

I still remembered the day clearly in my head, it was like fate had brought us together:


It was a few days just till I would be 15. I wasn’t really sure if I was even looking forward to mom claimed, I would officially reach a dating age. Dad didn’t seem so happy about that-he kept whining about how his little girl was all grown up. How I didn’t need to hold his hand anymore, and didn’t hide under the bed, when I had a nightmare. I had to keep reminding him, that I was now 6 anymore. Although, as much as I wished I could go back to the somewhat days of my childhood, I couldnt.

As I walked along the peer at the beach. The light wind tousled my brown hair slightly, even I had a head band keeping my hair away from my eyes. I looked at my own reflection in the mirror of a shop and sighed. I was always the palest from my family and practically mousy-with the hair. I sighed shaking my head back and then turned back to lean against the barrier looking out at the waves crashing against the rock.

“I wouldn’t lean against that, if I were you.” I heard a voice warning me. I looked up to see who was speaking...but the barrier started to wobble and I gasped losing my balance and landed straight in the water. I winced gasping at the coldness as I came up the top, spitting out some of the water that entered my mouth.

“Here...take my hand.” I heard the voice again...a kind voice at that. I blinked a little to see a hand outstretched to my standing from where I fell. I reached up taking the person’s hand and got pulled up from the water onto the shore. I blinked when I saw it was a rather handsome male...he looked around 18/19 at my best guess. “I...Thank you.” I choked slightly on my words. I was not usually this clumsy...I was trying to not be as clumsy...but was failing epically.

He looked at me, with a small smile on his lips. His eyes were crystal blue and I almost felt a shiver go down my spine, at his charming smile. “You’re welcome….you should be more careful.” he said. I nodded taking a mental note of that. “I am Toby by the way...Toby Anderson.” he said holding out his gloved hand. His fingers were visible though. He was dressed like a downright bad-boy.

I couldn’t help but smile back softly “Isabella...Isabella Swan.” My hand clasped his shaking it softly “But, I go by Bella.” I explained to him.

As we shook hands, his eyes lingered on mine “Pleasure to meet you Bella..are you always so clumsy?” he teased chuckling a bit.

I laughed a bit biting my lip “Yeah...I guess I am.” I told him with a soft smile, looking into his blue eyes.

Many mixed thoughts were running in my head that day, the day that our story began.

End of Flashback.

LOVE IT :) Please keep updated :) 

I will do :)

I'll try and update soon on both stories :)

Thank you :) I am glad you like it

I wonder what will happen if Tim returns?

Umm Good question :) but Tim's path will cross with Bella's soon-But with twists that neither of them suspect

really good so far, can't wait to read more!

I will update when I get back from my Holiday :)

Chapter 1-News

Toby’s P.O.V:

I would usually be at work but I had a few days off. I was glad, I did since working for CSI was a tough job and we barely got days off. It was one crime after another...sometimes more crimes at once that needed to be sorted out. It caused my head to spin into oblivion sometimes. But I never complained much, it was a strong job that kept the money coming in. I worked there since I was 19 years old...which was around the time I first met Bella. 5 years older than her, our relationship wasn’t the most smoothest at first-due to her brother mostly. Her obnoxious brother Stanley disliked me. He thought I was too old for her and that I’d end up using her for my own fun. The thought of me using Bella, disgusted me. She was the single most important thing in my life...well apart from my family that is.

Bella’s parents on the other hand, always seemed supportive.They wanted Bella to be happy and as long as she was happy with me or with how her life was going-they were happy. Although I was sometimes referred to as a ‘Bad Boy’ mostly by Bella-due to what I wore when we first met. My younger sister Lauren said I looked like a homeless person. Jokingly off course, so Bella defended me by saying I was going for the bad boy look, I could cope with that. It stuck ever since then. My baby sister Lauren and Bella became best friends soon after we met, just like Bella’s parents my family was supportive. Bella was a big hit with my mom and my dad too. I never seen either of them so exited about any of ex’s-but to be fair, they were not as caring, sweet and perfect like Bella was. I guess that’s what my parents so happy.

The rest of Bella’s family gave me a bit of a mixed reaction-they were bit cautious since they were not sure what to expect. But Lily-Bella’s 6 year old cousin was the most welcoming, I only met her 3 years ago. She was the most adorable little kid ever. She reminded me a lot of Bella-bubbly, clumsy and cheeky. If people didn’t know that they were cousins, they might have assumed they were sisters for looking so much alike. Me and Bella sometimes looked after Lily since her parents traveled a lot due to their job-Lily’s mother Julia was a doctor so she was sometimes needed overseas. Whilst Bella’s uncle Hugh was in business and his company was getting transferred. Lily didn’t like the idea of moving away from Canada, so she kept close to home-either with Bella’s parents Richard and Emma or us two.

The sun was high up in the sky and shining down on us. Lily was sitting on a picnic blanket with Bella’s mother Emma watching me, Bella’s father Richard and some family friends playing Rugby with the teenage kids. It was our usual weekend-since Richard helped train teens and younger kids, we decided on weekly games. It was always fun-it had been tradition for almost 6 years now.

As I sprinted across the field with the ball...I felt familiar legs wrap around me causing me to fall down into the grass with a chuckle. “Bella..” I said and she was smiling at me cheekily, as she had jumped on my back. I smiled and I pressed a kiss to her lips as I got us both up. “You’re back early.” I said. She would usually be at work-she worked at a pre-school. It was quite a well suited job for her, since she loved working with kids-and the way she was with Lily, showed how much potential she had to be a good mother one day.

She giggled “Today’s Saturday..” she reminded me “I don’t work the weekends silly.” she said tapping my nose. I mentally slapped myself as I chuckled wrapping my arm around her waist pressing a kiss to her temple softly. I breathed in her scent softly, my other hand found hers and our fingers entwined gently. My thumb gently caressed the finger that was wrapped in an engagement ring-It had been about 5 months since me and Bella got engaged. The thought still made my stomach flip with happiness, she would be my wife in a few short weeks. I still remembered Bella’s mom and my mom weeping with joy when we broke the news at a family dinner few days after the engagement.

Lily skipped over and she wrapped her arms around Bella’s waist giving her a hug.”Me missed you.” she said

“You saw me this morning sweetie.” Bella giggled as she ruffled her hair playfully. I chuckled and I smiled softly.

“Are we not allowed to miss you after a few hours?” I asked giving Bella my best puppy dog look-my blue eyes going all wide and adorably soppy.

Bella let out her adorable groan as she tried to cover her eyes “Dear God...not that puppy dog face again.” she let out a half whine-half giggle. I chuckled as I always knew the look won her over. Everyone else laughed softly.

“You taking a break than Tob?” Richard asked looking at me. I gave him a slight nod-someone else could take my place on the team. At the moment, I wanted to spend some time with my fiance and her little adorable cousin.

I smiled down at Bella and whispered into her ear softly “We both know that look wins you over.” she said. At that comment, I felt Bella elbow me lightly in the ribs. I chuckled as we walked back over to the blanket to sit next to Bella’s mom...when a strange man dressed in a black and white suite stopped us.

“Are you Tobias Jay Anderson and Isabella Mariana Swan?” he asked looking at me and Bella.

“It’s Toby and Bella..” Bella chirped in. She hated to be called Isabella and I much rather prefered to be called Toby rather than Tobias. It made me feel like I was in trouble “But yeah...we’re them.” I added before Bella could scold the man even more-I knew how annoyed she got when someone got our names wrong.

“Could I speak to you two alone?” He asked

I frowned-there was something strange about him and I looked at him squinting my eyes at him slightly “No...not until you tell us what brought you here and who in the worlds heck you are.” I said, my arm tightened around Bella’s waist as Bella held Lily closer to her in a protective manner.

The suited man sighed softly as he looked at me-I was not sure if he was fazed by my words or not, but if he did, he seemed to be keeping his cool and calm under control rather well. “I am Collin Williamson...Julia and Hugh Collin’s Lawyer.” he told me.

Bella’s ears seemed to perk up slightly at the mention of her aunt and uncle “Their Lawyer…is something wrong?” Bella’s mother asked before Bella could form any words from her lips.

The lawyer sighed looking at us all-he was silent for a few moments debating what to do or say. I looked at him trying not to look frustrated, since he was silent for the best of 5 minutes before saying: “Julia and Hugh sadly died in a plane crash overseas.” he said after a while. At the horrible gut wrenching news, Lily let out the most heartbreaking sob-half wail and half scream of what sounded pain, sadness and disbelief.-I felt my heart and gut sink. Bella had tears in her eyes and I felt her tremble.

Both Bella’s parents looked shocked beyond disbelief-grief visible in their eyes. “Wh...what about Lily?” I choked out after a while. Where would Lily go now? She had no legal guardians...or that we knew of anyways. She was a little child, she needed a safe home and family.

The lawyer reached in his bag and he pulled out an envelope handing it to me. I looked inside pulling out what looked like a will or some sort of letter. It stated that me and Bella would be Lily’s legal guardians if anything happened to her parents. I stared at the letter speechless.

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