The Twilight Saga

Plot Line: Bella and Timothy grew up together, they always been the best of friends. But at the age of 12 and 10 they were torn apart after Tim's parents died. Now 10 years later...they cross paths once again. What will happen?

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Preface: Memories

Chapter 1: News

Chapter 2: New Home

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I am glad you do :)

Sad!  What a big responsibility for them!

Yeah very sad...poor Lily.

Mhh there might be some challenges ahead for them 3 

I have to admit this story is good I cant wait to read more

I'll try and post soon

Chapter 2: New Home

Bella’s P.O.V:

I was not sure how to comprehend what just happened. Me and Toby were the legal guardians to my little cousin Lily. I was not sure who was more shocked by that news-my parents or me and Toby. We never really talked about starting a family yet. I sighed softly as many thoughts were running inside of my head, I hoped we could do what was best for Lily-I knew I’d try my best to be a fit guardian for my little cousin. I adored Lily, she was always so bubbly and open. But part of me worried that side to her might be gone as she was grieving over her parents.

It would take us a while to adjust to the change of events-all of us would need time to accept what had happened. Later that day, My dad and Toby went to get Lily’s things from her old home. I took Lily home in hopes she might eat something, since she hadn’t eaten all day. But all she did, was stare into empty space...her eyes watery and puffy red. She seemed spaced out. I sighed softly placing a kiss to her head gently.

The house seemed rather empty as me and Toby were not finished moving in. The house was newly built as an early birthday present for me. It was a family home, it had a big kitchen, a large living room/dining room. It had 3 bathrooms, 1 was downstairs, the other 2 were upstairs-one of them was ensuite to mine and Toby’s bedroom. Other than that the house had other 3 rooms-1 would be Lily’s and the other 2 would be guest bedrooms, or in the future the room to mine and Toby’s children. That’s if he ever had one. But that thought would be discussed another day.

As I looked around the kitchen, I remembered the day that Toby first took me the house, when it was still in the process of being built.



I just got back home from work and Toby greeted me as always,with a tender kiss that made my heart skip a beat. He seemed rather happy about something-more excited then he usually looked. “What’s going on?” I asked tilting my head at him slightly.

“That’s for me to know and for you to find out, my love.” He replied as he placed a kiss to my forehead before he took me back outside and to his car. I didn’t complain, since it was not in my nature to argue with him-we never did to be honest. That was one of the things that kept us going strong and happy.

I looked out of the window as Toby drove, I was curious where he was taking me and slightly nervous. He stopped after about an hour and I looked around...we were in the middle of nowhere really. Once we got out of the car, he walked behind me “Just hold onto me, so you don’t fall.” he chuckled as he then put a blindfold over my eyes.

“Alright...I’ll try just make sure you direct me though.” I laughed, knowing how clumsy I got and a blindfold made it 5 times worse. The blindfold was rather tight around my eyes and I couldn’t see. I felt Toby’s arm wrap around my waist tightly, for security and some balance and we started to walk. I had to grip onto his arm with one of my hands so I wouldn’t topple over as my legs felt bit shaky since I could not see, but the darkness due to the blindfold.

As we walked...I sound heard what sounded like waterfalls, they were rushing full and alive into a lake or river...or whatever kind of water source that was nearby. I could smell newly fresh cut grass, the bark of the trees, birds were chirping and the nature around us seemed alive and fully awake-we were in the Canadian woods.

He stopped me after a while of leading me somewhere, we went in a kind of zig-zag direction for a while “Can the blindfold off now?” I asked, once we stopped.

Toby chuckled smiling “Go ahead.” he said, I could hear the huge grin in his smile. I took off the blindfold and blinked a few times as it took me a while for my eyes to adjust. I felt Toby brush a few strands of my hair away from my eyes as I my eyes first landed on the massive waterfalls-the water was crystal blue and the water was rushing down in a beautiful lake that was in the middle of the woods. I looked around to see cliffs near by and the was truly the most beautiful sight I ever seen. I blinked as I then noticed a house right in front of was half built. “A house?” I asked, It was supposed to come out as a statement instead it came out like a question.

“Happy early birthday love.” I heard Toby whisper into my ear smiling. His words took a moment to sink into my birthday was not for another 4 months. “I know we always talked about having a bigger house...this is perfect...isn’t it?” Toby asked with a smile on his lips. I couldn’t help but smile back with flushed cheeks from the surprise. He truly was an amazing man.

End of Flashback.


I snapped out of the hay-daze when I saw the van pulling outside of the house. Or rather in the middle of the forest. “I’ll be right back sweetie.” I told Lily, kissing her head softly before I walked into the hall-way and opened the door walking outside. It was late in the afternoon.

Toby looked at me worried “How’s Lily doing?”

I sighed softly “Could be better.” I told him and I leaned against him softly, as he wrapped his arms around me giving me a comforting squeeze.

My dad looked at us giving us a encouraging smile “I am sure you’ll do right by Lily. I have faith in you both...if you ever need any help,you know who to come to.” he told us. I imagine, that Toby’s parents would tell us the same. I gave dad a soft nod, before he helped the two men and Toby move the beds into the house. They took Lily’s bed upstairs into the room that was supposed to be hers. It was freshly done and painted two days ago.

Once the bed was in place, they set down her desk by the window so she could have a lovely view of the nature. Toby grabbed her boxes setting them on the floor, so we could unpack her clothes...books and other things. I softly placed her toys on a shelf near her bed, setting her favorite teddy bear on the bed, once I put the sheets down and dressed the duvets and the pillows were fluffed. In the mean time, Toby unpacked her books and clothes setting them on the shelves and in the closet.

I heard soft footsteps and looked up to see Lily standing in the hallway-she was biting her lip as she looked at us both. “What is it sweetie?” Toby asked looking down at Lily, with a gentle smile.

Lily was rubbing her eyes “Can I take a nap?” she whimpered. I was not sure, if she always asked permission to take a nap with her parents, but maybe she was not used to taking naps around me and Toby, so that’s why she asked.

I nodded softly with Toby “Of course you can sweetie. Do you want me to read you a story?” I asked, hoping it might help her send off to sleep. She nodded a bit as she walked over. Toby placed a soft kiss to her temple as Lily climbed into her freshly made bed and cuddled her teddy bear close to her.

I grabbed a book of her shelf. Lily liked the Greek Gods and Mythology for 2 years now. I flipped over to the last page where she had left off with her mom and cleared my throat story before I started to read.

“Hades was one of the many children of Cronus and Rhea. Because an oracle once predicted to Cronus that one of his offspring would defeat him and steal his throne, the Titan decided to swallow all of his children alive the moment they came into the world. Rhea, who yearned for a baby of her own, soon grew tired of this and decided to fool her husband. After giving birth to her youngest son Zeus she wrapped a stone in a baby's blanket and gave it to Cronus to devour. She then quickly hid the infant safely away on the isle of Crete. Just as was promised by the priestess, Zeus grew to manhood and returned to overthrow his father. Cronus was given a magic potion which caused him vomit up the other siblings. Out popped Poseidon, Hades, Hestia, Demeter and Hera.

The universe was then divided among the three brothers by the act of drawing lots. Zeus was granted the sky, Poseidon the sea and Hades dominion over the underworld. Though Olympus and earth were considered neutral territory belonging to all, Hades preferred to spend most of his time residing in his own dark domain.

Usually having no first hand knowledge of events happening in the world of the living, Hades would instead piece together bits of information provided by mortals taking oaths and invoking curses in his name.

However, there are a few instances when the beauty of a female caused the usually grim spirited god to venture into the light of the upper world. One such woman was a nymph known as Minthe. The maiden was dazzled by the sight of Hades' chariot of gold and the four powerful steeds that were guiding it. The god was having no problem attracting attention to himself, and would have succeeded in seducing the impressionable young girl had not Queen Persephone showed up to intervene. She immediately turned the unfortunate nymph into the fragrant plant that we know today as mint.

On another lustful pursuit, Hades tried to take the nymph Leuce by force. When she resisted she was transformed into a white poplar and taken into the depths of the underworld. There she would be destined to remain forever, sadly standing beside the pool of memory.”


By the time I finished reading to Lily, I could hear her soft breathing as she fell asleep. I gently closed the book setting it aside, placing a kiss to her temple before standing up without making a noise. I closed the curtains slightly and then walked out of her room, leaving the door slightly ajar. I joined Toby downstairs who was looking through some letters and mail that were in the mailbox outside of the house.

I wrapped my arm around his waist softly leaning against him, resting my chin on his shoulder looking over it to see what he was reading. I smiled softly as he kissed my forehead gently. It seemed like a rather important letter about his job, so I didn’t really read it as I didn’t want to be nosy. Toby wrapped one arm around me whilst he read his job letter, before he spoke “Lauren called while you were, upstairs.” he told me softly

I smiled softly “How is she?” I asked looking at him softly. I knew how much he adored his little sister, the were close-something that me and my brother werent. At least not now a days anyways.

“She’s Engaged.” he said, he smiled rather nervously-to be honest, she worried Toby sometimes, but he had the right to worry. She was his little sister. “She invited us to New York for 4 days.”

I couldn’t hide the surprise and shock that invaded my facial expression. I was rather speechless, but deep down was happy for her. Lauren was a good friend of mine and I wished her all the good luck in the world she and whomever she was with deserved. But then again, New York was far away and going my plane would not be the best solution...since I had a phobia of planes and just the thought of them made my stomach churn. And now there was also Lily to think about.

It was if he had read my mind “We’re not going to go on the plane love.” he reassured me “The car’s big enough for the 3 of us to go.” he told me with a soft smile.


10 Minutes Before: Toby’s P.O.V:

I watched Bella with Lily for a few moments, before I smiled softly and walked back downstairs. I walked outside for a few moments grabbing the mail. I walked inside setting the mail down on the table as the phone started to ring “Hello.” I picked it up before speaking “Toby Anderson speaking.”

“Oh Oh...did I get in trouble?” I heard the familiar voice on the other line-it belonged to my sister. She had a much stronger American accent than I had. Even though, we were both American/Canadian after our parents, my accent was more half and half.

I laughed softly “You better not have.” I teased “So has my little baby sister been?” I asked leaning against the fridge.

I heard Lauren giggle over the phone-the smile evident over the phone in the way she laughed. “I’ve been great. But I missed you and Bella like crazy. How is she doing?” she asked.

“Aww...we missed you too sis.” I told her and smiled softly, knowing how Lauren looked up to Bella. Those two were like two little Ninja’s sometimes. “She’s doing good...we had a bit of shock today. I’ll explain it you another’s bit long and rather serious to just discuss over the phone.” I told her, running a hand through my hair “Anything new going on with you over in New York?” I questioned, having a feeling that my sister was calling for a reason. Sometimes she just called to have a chat and tell us she missed us, but something in her voice told me there was something more to this call.

“I am Engaged.” She said after a moment of silence. I blinked almost dropping the phone from the little sister was Engaged. My reflexes were fast and I gripped the phone properly before it fell to the floor.

“Tobe….you okay?” I heard my sister ask, as I was silent for a few moments. As usual, she called me by my usual nickname.

I snapped out of the shock “Yeah...I am just surprised.” I said honestly “Congratulations my little sis.” I said, smiling softly as I spoke.

Lauren giggled over the phone as she smiled “I noticed...did you almost drop the phone?” she asked.

I laughed softly shaking my head “How on earth did you know?”

“I know you too well.” she said, I could tell she was smirking proudly. I just rolled my eyes into the back of my head as she spoke once again “There’s an Engagement party next week. You and Bells are invited.” she said happily.

I had time off next week and so did Bella, so it was kind of suited that the party was during that week. “We’ll be there.” I told her and I smiled softly.

She sounded rather excited as she spoke: “Yay...I get to see two of my favorite people again for 4 days.” she giggled, I knew she had a few favorite people in her life and I was happy me and Bella were on of them. “I love you bro.”

“I love you too sis.” I told her smiling softly, before we ended the phone conversation and I set the phone down. I then grabbed the letter for me and started to open it. It looked like it was a letter from work. As I began to read it, I heard footsteps and I knew it was Bella coming back downstairs from upstairs. She soon was in the kitchen and I felt her arms wrap around me softly, as she leaned against him. I kissed her forehead softly, as I wrapped one of my around her whilst reading the letter. Bella looked like she was curious but didn’t read what was on it-she never was really that nosy about my job, even though she was worried sometimes, she didn’t pry. Once I finished reading, I set the letter back into the envelope and smiled down at Bella “Lauren called a few moments ago.” I told her.

I saw Bella’s face light up at the mention of her name, It made me smile. Those two sometimes acted like twins, it was pretty funny. “How is she?” she asked with a soft smile, looking up at me.

“She’s Engaged.” I told her softly and I watched her wondering how she might react. “She invited us to New York for 4 days.” I added after a while.

Bella seemed to look shocked and surprised at the same time. Her expression mimicked mine almost to the exact precision that I had worn on my face a few moments ago.I then saw a familiar fear  and worry grow in her eyes. I knew what was on her mind and I looked down at her with a reassuring smile “We’re not going on a plane love. We’ll be taking the’s big enough for the 3 of us.” I told her and I heard her sigh of relief.

“Okay Phew.” she breathed out smiling “I am happy for her.” she said softly as she smiled softly. I smiled, knowing she would be. I leaned down gently and I kissed her, as I held her in my arms.

Love it :) you really put a lot of work and thought into it you make it seem more like a movie than just a normal book :) please keep us updated we love it :)))))))

I am glad you think so :) the way the ideas play out inside of my head are like a movie and are inspired by a movie where a sister ends up with her dead sisters' children, after an accident kills her and her husband. Forgot the title now. But yeah :)

I will do.

Awwk :( No one should die :'(

Apart from Bella's aunt and uncle, that died in chapter 1, I don't plan on having more deaths in this story

Poor Lily!  I wonder what will happen in New York?

Yeah...Lily's not sure how to cope with the situation at the moment,

I have a few things in mind as to what'll happen in New York-and let me tell you Both Bella and Toby be shocked at a few things


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