The Twilight Saga

All Human.

This is based on a book called Leaving Paradise by Simone Elkeles. 

Edward hit Bella with his car while driving drunk. He left the scene after he hit her. Bella has had a bunch of surgries just so she could walk again, but she still has a limp. Edward was in jail for hitting her, driving drunk, under age drinking and leaving the scene.  Now their both of them are going back to school since it happened.  What will happened?! *ques dramatic music*

Main characters belong to Stephanie Meyer

The whole storyline belongs to Simone Elkeles, I changed it up also

Cullens- Elizabeth(40), Edward Sr.(40), Edward(17), Alice(17)

Swans- Renee(37), Bella(16)

Others in the story~ Emmett McCarthy(18), Rose Hale(17), Mrs(Betty).Dwyer(72), Phil Dwyer(40), Charlie Swan(43), Jacob Swan(17), Leah Swan(17), Seth Swan(16), Sue Swan(42), Esme Whitlock(37), Carlisle Whitlock(38), Jasper Whitlock(18)


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I'm finally getting out of here! A year in this place and I survived. Well first I have to get the approvle of the rewiew committee. As I'm in my cell with my cell mate, Frank, who is in here for harrasing a cop and then trying to steal his gun, they walk a new kid in. It kinda like the pound when they bring a new dog in all the other dogs get all excited, running to the front of the cage to bark at the new dog.

Anyway the kid looks about 12 and is crying so much his state-issued suit is soaked.

"So your going back home Cullen?" Frank asks.

"Yep, finally." I say grinning.

"When you get to Spoons-"

"Forks." I correct him.

"Forks, whatever, can you call my girl and tell her that she better still be waiting for me." That's the reason he was harassing the cop. He was betting his girlfriend and she called the cops.

"Sure." I say. I dout I'll do it.

"Cullen, lets go." The guard says opening the cell to get me. We walk to where the committee is waiting. We walk into the room where there is a bunch of rich looking lawer people sitting around a table. I'm directed to sit at the head of the table in a metal chair.

"You ready to leave and live a free life?" A man with a tupa asked.

"Yes sir." One of the guys I used to share a cell with told me to keep my answers short and be nice to them. He's been to juvie 5 times

already but always gets to go home.

"Can you tell me what happened the night of the accident?" He orders next.

"Yes, sir. I was on my way home after a party and I was drunk. I lots controll of the car and I hit someone." I hate talking about it. I wish I could just forget everything about that night.

"Did you know who you hit?"

"Yes, Bella Swan, my neighbor." We've known eachother forever. She was also my sister's best friend.

"What did you do after you reliezed you hit her?" I don't get why their asking me these questions if they know the answers.

"I left."

"Why'd you leave." He orders not even making it sound like a question this time.

"I wasn't thinking right and I was scared."

"Okay go wait in the hallway." He says and has the guard take me out of the room while they talk about if I'm free or not. I'm waiting out there for about 30 minutes when they call me back in.

"We've maked decision." The guy says. "Your released but you have to do 150 hours of community service. If mess up once, like drinking or anything like that, it's back here for you. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, sir!" I'm so happy about getting out of here I can't help but say thank you to them as I leave. I have to stay one more night then tomorrow I get to go home. He informs me that I will have a transition coach which is a guy who will come check on me every other day till I'm done with community service. Which is fine with at least I get to go home.



Right now I'm hating my life. I'm at physical therapy which I hate. Here's a list of things I hate: physical therapy; which I have to do so I'll be able to walk without feeling pain, Edward Cullen; if it weren't for him I wouldn't have to do this, my dad; for leaving me and my mom, and finally life; if I wasn't alive none of this would have happened to me.

"Okay Bella try and touch your toe." My physical therapist, Robert, cheers me on.

"I can't." I say defeated. I've had so many surgries the inside of my leg probaly looks like a car's engin. I wish I could forget everything about the accident. Once's I'm in London next semester I won't have to rememeber any of it. Well I'll still have the scars and limp but I won't have to see Edward again.

"We're done for the day. Keep doing warm ups at home. I'll have Dr. Masen come to the next session." Robert tells me.

"Why?" I ask.

"So you'll know what kind of physical therapy to do in London."

"Oh." I say. I don't want to do this when I'm gone.

I get on the bus to go to Kelly's. Kelly's is a dinner my mom works at. She's works there because my dad left us without any money. I limp up to an empty table.

"Hi sweetie, how'd therapy go?" My mom asks when she gets to my table. She knows how much I hate it. I shrug. Just then Ellie, Becca, and Taylor walk in. Their my old friends. When my mom see's them, she waves.

Since the accident I havn't talked to anyone from school. I was home schooled but on Monday I start school again.

"Hi girls!" My mom says when they come up to her.

"Hi Mrs. Swan." You can tell they don't want to be here but mom can't tell.

"Why don't you guys sit with Bella, I have to get back to work." My mom says. They reluctantly sit down with me.

"So Bella have you heard the news?" Becca asked me.

"No what news?"

"Edward is getting out of jail tomorrow." After I let that sank in my hands start to shake. He's not sopposed to get out for another 6

months and by then I'll be in London, it would of be perfect timing.

"Yeah appartently he's getting out early for good behavior." Taylor says.

"Where'd you hear this?" I ask

"Mrs. Cullen told my mom." Ellie says.

"Do you think he'll be at the party tomorrow?" Taylor says.

"Probaly." Becca tells her.

"I don't think he'll be there. I mean he's just getting out of jail tomorrow and if the cops break up the party he'll go back." Ellie says.

I think they forgot all about me. "So what are you going to do when you see him Bella?" Ellie asks me, now their all looking at me.

"I don't know. Ignore him." I don't know what else I would do I mean it's not like I can hit him with my car.

After my mom's done working I leave them to talk about Edward Cullen.



I can't beleive I'm finally home. And I hate it already. So far my parents have acted like I'm a stranger. The only one I'm exited to see is Alice, my twin sister.

But when I get to her room she's standing in the door way. She's wearing all black, has black make up, even her lipstick is black, and her hair is jet black it used to be light brown. She runs into my arms when I get closer. I hear her start to cry. When she stops she steps back from me.

"You look...different." I say looking at her head to toe again.

"Yeah so do you." She says with no life in her vocie.

What happened to my sister? She used to be so full of life. What happened to my family! I havn't even been here an hour and so far mom and dad seem to hate me and Alice is goth.

Alice leaves me standing in the hallway. I go to my room. It's just like the way I left it. The picture of Rosalie is still on my dresser. Rosalie was my girlfriend before I went to jail. She never came to visit me while I was in there which is fine but I don't know if we're still together. There's a knock on my door.

"You're mom's having a welcome back party for you." My dad says when I answer the door.

"Why?" I'm pretty sure all of my parents friends stop talking to them after what I did.

"She wants to I guess." That's one ting about my dad, he's affraid of my mom.

When he's gone I go to my closet. I look at all the new clothes my mom bought me. There all too small for me.



I've been in my room all day today like most days. There's a knock on the door.

"Come in." I already know it's my mom because I have a pathetic life and have no friends thanks to the accident. Sure enough it's my mom.

"Hey, I'm going back to work. Want to come?" She always tries to get me out of the house.

"No, I'm good." I tell her and watch her leave. A little bit later I go downstaries to check the mail and see it I got anything from the school in London. Nope. Nothing. It's not raining today which is a good thing so I walk down to the park down the street of my house.

It takes me more time to get there because of my limp but once I get there I sit under a big oak. As I'm sitting there I can hear someone walking towards me. I look up and see none other then Edward Cullen.

He doesn't see me and first because he's looking up at the tree but then I take in a breath and he looks down at me.



When the party starts it's all of my mom and dad's friends, well if you can call them that. My parents have always tried so hard to make our family look like the best family but as you can see we're anything but that.

So here I am the center of attention in a botton up shirt and really tight pants.

"Stand up strighter." My mom orders me when we're alone.

"Yes ma'am." I say like I'm back in jail. May as well be. When my mom gets a microphone to stay something thats when I leave. I can't stand my family already. It's like I have a new family. My mom may have always tried to make us look good but she used to actually love me as here son. Same with my dad. And Alice was always dress in bright colors and would talk to me.

I walk to the park. I find The Tree. The tree is where me, Alice, and Bella used to hang out at when we were kids. Alice and Bella were best friends since we were all in 1st grade together.

I remember when we were all 10 and we came to the tree and Alice tried to push me off the branch I was standing on. But Bella caught me. As I'm circling around it looking at the branchs I hear an intake of breath. I look down to find the girls life I ruined. Bella Swan. She looks so scared to see me here. She wants to get up but she fails.

"Don't touch me." She says through clenched when I try to help her up. When she gets up I watch as she limps away.

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