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hey guys was sitting here reading other fan fics and thats when I got to thinking what if Jake repeats history and leaves Nessie cause he thinks its for her own good?!?! humm... I've already got it planned out... hmm comments are love write me and tell me wat you think I take critism alright just be lite about it k ? hope you like the ideas...:)

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Left for Dead By: ScaryEyes826

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Sounds like a great story...can't wait to what u come up with......please continue!
sounds like a good story.. cant wait to hear here it

@kelly: thanks I'm going to continue! thanks for commenting!:) I'm gonna

post the preface and 1st chapter to day!:)

@sharon:thanks for the good feedback!i'm posting soon!



PREFACE: I was laying there it hurt so much. I was calling out, I knew

my parents were in Italy  with the whole family and all the Voltouri,

"Shut up Beautiful," the voice growled. I froze I knew that voice!

And then Jake came into my mind and then I was screaming his

name ,"Jake! Jake help me!"I screamed out and that's when the

door burst open, and the russet colored wolf stood before us.


A/N : Am just posting this Ciao, Bella <3

It sounds AMAZING! Keep me updated! And who made the banner? I love it!

here is her link she is amazing i'm glad you like both of the things i will definatly update thanks for reading! :)

I l;ove it

 Chapter One- Date Night

Jake and I had never been on a date by ourselves before, mom and dad had

always sent a "body guard" which was either Aunt Alice or Uncle Emmet. The

last time we went on a "date" Uncle Emmet babysat us and half way through the movie

Jake put his warm muscular arm around me and Uncle Emmet shouted from the top row,
"Hey, you down infront keep your hands to yourself, that's my neice," Jake and I blushed at

the same time and he removed his arm awkwardly.Emmet gave me a thumbs up and I

flipped him off.He snickered.But today was diffrent! Jake and I were going on a date by ourselves.

We were going to get dinner and go to a bonfire with the pack.Dinner was easy,  Jake and I went

to a little resturant on the outskirts of Port Angeles. It was beautiful even watching Jake pick up

a fork, wind noodles around it, and stuck all of it in his mouth. I laughed as he slurped down the noodles.

By the time we were finished it was around eight thirty and Jake wanted to get back to the pack.We were

on our way there when Jake said something I always wanted to say to him, "I love you." he whispered

"I love you too," I reached out a took the hand not on the wheel and we road all the way to La Push this way.

        ~~The Bonfire~~

 When we got to the beach , the flames were already at least eight feet tall.Sam's daughter Ella danced around

the fire, gracefully beautifully she was twelve and as beautiful and kind hearted as her mother, Emily.Her jet black

hair straight as uncooked spagetti noodles.It wasn't long, but two weeks after she was born Collin came to see

Sam and had accidently looked at the baby and poof he had imprinted on her. He clapped when she was done and

so did I,"NESSIE!" she shouted running for me and I hugged her when she got to me."We thought you guys weren't coming!"

she pouted. Jake laughed," Were here now right?" He said, she smiled," Common daddy's about to tell the legends!"

she said pulling us along,"No vampire stories right?" I asked. "Of course not Ness,"Jake kissed my head,and Sam began.

I love it!! Update soon! :)
Love it!

LOVE IT!!! (:


hey guys I'm travling so wont be on for at least 1 or 2 days thanks for understanding

<3 ciao bella!



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