The Twilight Saga

There will be two perspectives to this story "Ty's and Lesette's" told in two different links but they will keep up will each either and be the same story just each told in the others head.  So with no further a-due and enjoy.


Lesette could hear the sounds of screams in the distances the titter patter of falling bullets. She cried to herself knowing somewhere out there was her Nathanael looking for her. Yet were was she? She was here hiding from him cowering in her room afraid of what lay outside her door.  Off what had become of her parents of her sister and pet.  She knew they were probably gone long gone.  They had warned her to stick with them but it was hours later so she could only hope they had escaped.  So there she sat brushing her hair waiting to be discovered and killed off most likely.  There was no hope for her.  After all what no one knew was it was her they were looking for in the first place.  It was her head that was to be there prize.  She had been warned to not do it but she did.  They often say curiosity killed the cat and now how true it seemed to be.  She quietly peaked at the window were a hooded stranger stood. Most likely the last person she would ever see.  But she would accept that fate.  She had gotten her revenge and when she died she would die happy.   

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Chapter 1

I knew I couldnt give up it just wasnt in my nature.  So slowly I pulled the hand held revolver out of a drawer.  I herd the knock on my window and I turned and shot.  I hurd the glass shatter and hit the ground. I quickly strode to the window and look down and saw to my horror that he was not one of his men.  It was a regular guy glass coloring his face and a bullet wound.  "Oh no." I whisperd "Oh no your not in a uniform you wernt here to capture me were you?" I saw him shake head as more blood gushed out of his wounds. I could tell he would soon black out and as i layed my hand on his face I could feel him growing colder.  So carefully I pulled him inside and layed him on the bed.  Tears blurred my vision as I saw his stugling breaths.  I grabbed a scaple, some twezers, and pulled a good strip of frabric off of my skirt.  I worked quickly gratful the bullet hadnt shatterd on inpack.  I was also gratefull to have a doctor as a father. I dressed the wound and placesome sothing herbs on his wounds. then Icurled up next to him and fell asleep.


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