The Twilight Saga


This summer Bella, Edward, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmet will be working at an amusment park as lifeguards. They all come together to make the best out of their last summer together. Emmet Alice and Bella are siblings as Edward and jasper are brother and rosalie only child. Emmet and rosalie are a year older making them 19 and jasper edward bella and alice are 18.


Chapter 1

I woke up startled by Alice's screaming. She grabbed my arm pulling me out of bed down the stairs into the kitchen.

"You won't believe what just got here!" She said with excitment holding two letters from Yale. I was about to snatch my card when she pulled it away.

"Not yet Edward, Jasper and Rosalie are almost here." As I heard his name I quickly turned to go back up stairs. Surprising she didn't follow me up. I jumped in the shower hearing the door open downstairs knowing they were here. I dried myself and went back into my room looking around for something to wear in my closet. I heard the door open and close.

"I'll be one sec Alice." I turned around seeing Edward laying on my bed. I rolled my eyes continuing to look in my closet.Edward and I had quite the history we dated in tenth grade broke up went out again. And now were friends with benefits. I changed into my shorts and shirt and combed my hair before feeling his arms wrap around me.

``Edward not now.`` He kissed my neck and turned me around to face him. Looking into his green eyes was amazing you could lose yourself in them. I pushed him away as someone knocked on the door.

"Your guys done in there." I made my way to the door and opened it seeing Emmet. He wrapped me in his arms.

"How you been?" I said looking up at him.

"Great andd how have you two been?" I looked at Edward as he gave Emmet a grin.

"If you know Bella you know how its been." Emmet laughed as he turned and started down the stairs. I followed as Edward reached for my hand holding it. I pulled it away smacking him in the chest. We went into the kitchen seeing 6 plates of food on the table. I sat down beside Alice as Edward sat down beside me smiling.

"Before we start eating I want to open our letters." Edward took his out of his jeans and Alice handed me mines. I looked at Edward I grabbed his hand holding it tightly. No one spoke as we each opened our letters slowly.

"I got accepted!" Alice and I yelled at the same time. I hugged her and turned to Edward.

"so?" He smiled and kissed me on the lips lightly.

"Edward not at the table." I heard his voice loud and clear. I got up waving the letter from Yale in his face.

"I'm so happy honey are you going to call your mother."

"I already did." Alice voice called from behind me.

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Lmao did Edward get in?? Awww yd they breakup? Post more as soon as possible please!?!?!??!?!?!?!Also keep me updated lmao!
Lik it
Love it!!!

love it but what is the deal with edward and bells? are they together or what?



peace,love and rock n roll

love it

Chapter 2

"you kids are aware you start work tomorrow and i was thinking you kids will be ending late, so I have a surprise for you all." He smiled and took out a pair of keys.

"What are those keys for?" Alice asked.

"Well Since this is the last summer before you finally become independant I bought a cottage for all of you as a graduation gift." I stared at my dad dumbfounded. He passed aorund 6 keys.

"Thanks CHarlie." Everyone mumbled.

"You kids could head up today and check out the place for yourself an take some things with you."

"That would be great dad. We should start getting ready." I said excited. I hugged him tightly and kissed his cheek. Everyone got up and made their way upstairs.

"Jasper come help me get my stuff together." Alice said pulling him with her. Emmet and Rosalie went into his room and it left Edward and I in the hall.

"I guess I'm stuck with you." I laughed sacastically.

"No you can be stuck in the hall." I grinned opening the door to my room. He followed inside.

"Alright Edward  help me get my suitcase." He followed me into my closet and he pulled out my large suitcase.

I LOVE it!

i love it

please keep me posted

write more soon please



chapter 3

Edward and I stood in my closet not sure where to start.

"Well I will be needing this swim suit, deffinetely put all of this in there." I gave him a ton of shorts, tee shirts, bathing suit and other stuff. Edward started top laugh hysterically.

"WHAT?" I yelled! He held up a pair of hello kitty underwear. I walked towards him and started to laugh.

"What?" he said this time.

"Thats the closest you"ll ever get to my underwear." He started smiling.

"How bout this one?" He held out my more reveling underwear (thong).

"Your such a perv."

"Your the one that gave it to me."

"yeah, to place in the suitcase not hold on for your life." I grabbed the rest of the stuff and put it in my suitcase.

"Edward, next year what is going to happen with us?" I asked wondering will he meet someone else? Will I?

"Bella its summer, lets enjpoy it while we can." Edward never wanted to speak about the fact that he hasnt broke the news to Carlisle and Esme. I sat on my bed thinking about the worst possible case, him not going with me. We weren't together but i did care about him. He grabbed my hands holding them.

"Bella I..." Alice came in smiling.

"Hey you guys ready?"

"Yeah we'll be done in a sec."

"Ok sorry for interupting." She said leaving the room. I looked up at Edward and smiled hugging him tightly.

"Ok lets get going." Edwaard spoke quietly in my ear. I let go and he grabbed the suitcase with one hand and with his other hand. My dad waited in the living room. He smiled seeing me. I gave a hug amd kiss.

"Thanks so much dad."

"No problem sweet heart, did you call your mother?" I nodded no, he gave me a disapointed look. "I will, I promise."

"Thank you again Charlie." They shook hand.

"You better take care of her Edward."
"I will sir." Charlie walked us out to the garage where Alice and Jasper waited in the car with a couple of suitcases.

"I guess we'll take my car." I said. I passed Edward the keys and he got into the car and i got in waving at Charlie.

Ooooooo I like it!! Please post more!! I can't believe no one else has commented on how great this chapter is! =)


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