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The sequel to let it Rain is here!

Also, if you haven't read let it rain yet, here is the link. I highly recommend reading it before reading let it die.


Written by Shana

I stayed quiet and did as I was told. I didn't want to cause any trouble. The blindfold over my eyes caused me to see nothing. I was nervous, sweating and shaking. I had no idea where he was taking me. I was told
to be quiet and not to try anything funny. I tried to do just that, but it was
hard. I wanted to know where I was and why I was here. I tried to take in the
smell and the sounds around me. I heard the wind howling and I felt it ruffle
my long, black hair. I took in a deep breath. I smelt salt, the smell of the
ocean. Beneath my feet I felt the soft, warm sand. I heard the waves of the
ocean crashing against the shore. I was at the beach, that I was sure of.
"Why are we here?" I whispered. He tightened his grip on my hands and
walked faster, pulling me along behind him.
"You'll find out soon enough." He replied, his voice was scared. I
wondered why. If anyone was supposed to be scared it should be me. We walked a
bit further and then he stopped. Then I smelt the smell of a camp fire. It
burned my nose with delight and brought back so many memories. He then let go
of my hands and I felt hands in my hair undoing the blind fold. Once it was
untied I kept my eyes closed for a second. "Rayne." His voice was
soft now. I opened my eyes and he was down on the sand. There was a smile on
his face and his eyes were bright with excitement. We were by a small driftwood
fire on the beach, the sun was beginning to set. Red, orange, purple, and pink
floated across the sky. Then I noticed the position he was in. He was on one
knee in front of me.
"Rayne, I love you." He said. "I've always loved you. You're the
only person I want to be with for the rest of my life, and I'm sure about that.
I know that I've hurt you before. But I promise that I'll never do it again.
I've never loved anyone the way I love you, so Rayne Gabrielle White, will you
marry me?" I felt the tears in my eyes as my heart raced. Jacob wanted to
marry me. But did I want to marry him?

Chapter list:

Preface: Discussion Page
Chapter 1 Breanne: page 2
Chapter 2 Bonfire: Page 3
Chapter 3 What are you doing here?: page 4

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Enjoy! :D
OH. MY. GOD. I-I-I =@ =O <-- that's my mouth right now. wow that is...
Post soon pretty pretty pleasee!!
I thought so too! The banner looks AWESOME!
How could Rayne not want to marry Jacob! I would in a second! LOL!
I'm so excited for the sequel guys, it sounds great. I can't wait for the first chapter to be posted, and take me off straight into your amazing writting.
BTW Great Preface Shana! Awesome description!

Ps. If you want a banner please leave me an order!

Love RussetWolfLuv
Here's the banner! Please tell me if you want anything different!

I LOVE this banner RussetWolfLuv! Thanks so much! You are an amazing banner maker! :D

Also, thanks for reading! :)
NP. Glad you like it.
when you sent the message saying you 2 were gonna do a sequel, i got SOOO excited!! of course she wants to marr jacob, right? i mean, who wouldn´t love him? hahaha...lets see what surprises you 2 are bringing 4 this sequel!!
Oh. My. Gawd!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is fantastic already!!!!! God! I hope Rayne says yes!!!!
Can't wait for the first chapter!

Thanks for the comments guys! The 1st chapter is almost ready! :)
OMG!!! i love this write more soon!!


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