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**STORY NOW ON INDEFINITE HIATUS** This is the story of Edward's life after transformation/pre Bella, from his POV. I sort of wrote it for myself at first, as an exercise, but then I decided to share it. It may be a little boring. There isn't really much action yet, it's mostly Carlisle explaining things to him and helping him with his new life. I hope you enjoy it! Please let me know what you think! **all characters property of the wonderful Stephenie Meyer**

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Thud… thud… thud. Silence.

The relief I felt once the fire had finally ceased didn’t last. I opened my eyes, and the world was not as I remembered.

I could see, hear and feel everything around me… It was frightening, but I couldn’t help but feel fascinated. I looked around the room. I could see each brushstroke in the painting across from me… I could hear the sound of burrowing outside… termites, I assumed, as I could also smell the woody scent of sawdust… and I could feel every stitch of fabric in the sheet that I lay on. I didn’t recognize my surroundings, and before I could think about what I was doing, I leapt out of my bed and across the room at a speed that didn’t seem possible. I spun around and was automatically in a crouch. What was happening?

There was a man sitting next to the bed I had been lying in less than a second ago. I recognized him. This had been my doctor at the hospital, I was sure of it. I watched him carefully. I could hear him saying “I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry. I cannot believe I did this.” But he wasn’t moving his lips…

And then all of a sudden the doctor was gone and I was looking at a younger man, standing across the room from me. He had very pale skin… and bronze hair… He looked like me, but different, too. I flinched when I saw his bright red eyes. His features were more chiseled and defined than mine were, and he looked more muscular…

“What is happening? What did you do to me?” I said in a whisper. Upon hearing my own voice, I cocked my head in confusion. It did not sound like my own.

“Edward, I know that this is very confusing, but please, you must listen,” he said aloud. And then, without moving his lips, he added, I need to get him outside… he must be in a terrible thirst.

Then it happened again, something took over my body and it acted without my mind telling it to. My throat burst into wild flames and I threw myself out the door and directly toward the moist, beating sound I could hear nearby. I could sense the man following me, but I wasn’t able to turn away. I ran toward the sound faster than lightening. I needed something, anything, to quench this fire in my throat. I took hold of the first thing I reached. Not even realizing what it was, or what I was doing, I buried my teeth into its neck and bled it dry. I threw it aside and did it again and again, until I felt like my body couldn’t hold anything more. The taste in my mouth was terrible, but at least my throat had quieted.

All the while, the man stood back, watching me. Once I had finished, I realized that there were dead animals all around me. I was too shocked to speak. I looked at the man pleadingly for some kind of explanation. Never in my wildest dreams was I prepared for what he said next.

“Edward, my name is Dr. Carlisle Cullen, and I need to explain what has happened to you. Do you remember being in the hospital?” He asked in a slow, wavering voice.

I nodded, unable to speak.

“Both you and your parents had been brought to the hospital to die. Pardon me for being so blunt, but it is true. You were all infected with the Influenza, and there was nothing that could medically be done to help any of you. You already knew that your father had passed away, and soon after, your mother died as well. I check-”

“My mother is dead?” I interrupted, horrified. I gasped, even more horrified when I saw my mother’s pale, drawn face in my mind. Had I seen her before she died, and didn’t remember? Where did this image come from?

Carlisle looked confused by my actions. “I am afraid so, Edward. The Influenza is a horrible illness. Very few have been able to survive it. I checked on the two of you as often as I could, and the last time I saw your mother alive, she looked at me as if she knew what I was, that I was something… else, and begged me to save you. I knew it was most likely the fever speaking, but she looked at me with such clarity in that moment, that I could not believe her to be delusional. I told her that I would do whatever I could. She had used up all of her strength, and she dropped into unconsciousness and passed quickly,” he said, looking at me with pity in his eyes.

He walked slowly toward me with his hands up. I let him approach, unable to move. He placed his hand on my shoulder before speaking.

“I am so very sorry for your loss, Edward. Please try to take comfort in the fact that she did pass quickly. She loved you very, very much. I could see it in her eyes,” he said, before continuing his story.

“I looked at you in the bed next to her. You were so close to death, Edward. In a mere hour or two, it would have been too late. I took care of your mother, and then I covered you with a sheet and wheeled you to the back entrance. The hospital was in utter chaos with so many patients, so I knew that your absence would not be noticed. I carried you here, to my home and tried to make you as comfortable as possible, before beginning the process.”

“The… process?” I choked out. This was utterly ludicrous! If I had been so close to death, how was I not dead, as my parents were?

“Yes. I know this is going to be hard to hear, and I apologize again, but I believe that it is very important that you understand. The process began when I administered venom into your body. Over the course of three days, the venom took over your system in a very painful transformation. I know that it was torturous. I am very sorry for that, but as of yet I have heard of no way to lessen the pain. At the end of the third day, your human heart stopped beating and the transformation was complete.”

I winced sharply when he reminded me of my transformation, as he called it. That was something I never wanted to remember, but doubted I would ever forget. His entire explanation was insane, but one phrase stood out to me. “Human heart?” I asked.

“Yes, Edward. This will be very shocking, so please, brace yourself. It was the only way that I could fulfill my promise to your mother and save you.” He waited until I nodded again. This entire story sounded like the plot of a horror novel. What was going to come out of his mouth next?

“You are now a vampire.”

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I loved it.

You should write more often.
omg this is great! plllleeeaase continue! it's not boring AT ALL. i can't wait for more!! i can't wait for carlisle to figure out that he's reading minds!! oooo!!! :)
You're a great writer. I loved "The Wedding"!
Thanks everyone! Yay! I'm glad it's not too boring, haha! I will post the next installment tomorrow!
Oh this is amazing!
You have a very good concept of the characters' personalities!
I can't wait for more--I'm already hooked!

This is really good Vanquish, I hope you post more..
dude....this is GREAT...!!
you NEED to carry on ......
please do add it tomorrow.....i'll be
This is really good. I hope that you will continue
I am glad you decided to share. I hope you continue. You have a really nice balance between dialogue and description - it keeps the story moving, but not so fast that you miss the interesting points along the way. I like it.
Awesome comment, thanks! I will post the next part tomorrow.
Here is the second installment!

I could feel my eyes bulge. “What?!? What are you talking about? They are just characters in legends! Not real! Tell me what is really happening to me!” I tried to sound outraged, but my voice was meek.

“I am very serious, Edward. It is hard to grasp, but we very much exist in this world, and have for many, many thousands of years. Most of what you’ve read in regard to our kind isn’t true. For instance, we cannot change into bats, we do not have fangs, we do not sleep in caskets... in fact, we do not sleep at all… and we can go out in the daylight without being burned.” My head was swimming. I felt like I wanted to run from this insanity, but my feet remained planted. I didn’t know if I was unable to move because I was simply in shock, or because I was taken aback by the truly worried look in the doctor’s eyes.

“But there is one definite truth in the legends. As a vampire,” I could not wrap my head around the matter-of-fact way he spoke this term, “the only sustenance needed is blood. I brought you to my home, here in the country, so that you could feed on the livestock I keep in my fields. I know that the flavor leaves much to be desired,” he said, half a smile on his face.

A hundred thousand fears and questions ran through my mind. Blood. Blood? That is why I attacked these animals? That was the reason for the awful taste in my mouth? But how could it be? If I was supposed to… drink blood… why would it taste so unappealing? The flavor definitely did leave much to be desired…

“Why does my mouth taste so horrible?” I put emphasis on the last word.

“As I said before, vampires feed on blood alone. And as a newly born vampire, your need of blood outweighs any and all other needs. I decided to keep livestock on my property in order to be prepared, should I ever make the decision to take on a companion. I know that the flavor isn’t appetizing, but it does calm the thirst. It is the way that I live, and I hope, you will chose to follow the same path. But if you do not, I will understand. It is not the way our kind usually feed.”

“What do you mean by ‘Not the way our kind usually feed’?” I asked, giving in to him. As absolutely insane as this all sounded, I accepted the explanation. The animal carcasses that lay around me proved to be quite compelling evidence.

I was afraid of this… He said without moving his lips again.

“What? What were you afraid of? And why do you sometimes not move your lips when you speak?” I asked, frustrated.

His eyes widened, and his mouth dropped. Can you hear me? He asked, yet again, without moving his lips.

“Of course I can hear you! But it doesn’t seem like the best time to be practicing your ventriloquism on me!” I exclaimed.

“Incredible! I think you are reading my mind!” He said aloud, too excited to acknowledge my reasoning.

“What are you talking about? No, I’ve seen an act like it before, at the 1916 Chicago Fair. You’re just throwing your voice. I’d appreciate it if you would stop doing it. It is very aggravating. I have more than enough going through my head right now, thank you,” I snapped.

“I’m sorry? No, no! I promise you that I am not ventriloquist!” he chuckled a bit. “I will prove it to you,” he said. At that moment, he ran back to the house, and my jaw fell open. As I watched him run, I felt like I was running. I could see the house getting nearer and nearer.

“Can you hear me, son? If you can, come back inside the house.”

I gasped. I could hear him, clear as a bell... but I think I could also see him... I somehow willed my planted feet to move and returned to the house. When I opened the door, Carlisle was directly in front of me, his face lit up in excitement.

You could hear me! Amazing!

“I believe you, Dr. Cullen. But, I think I can see you, too… I saw you run toward the house, like it was me that was running. Can all of your kind do this?”

Our kind, Edward. And please, call me Carlisle. To answer your question, no. I have only met one other vampire in this world that is able to see and read minds, and he requires a physical connection with his subject. Please, humor me for a moment. Touch my hand and tell me what you hear or see.”

All right, so I was apparently a mind reader as well as a vampire. Why not? With everything else Carlisle was telling me, what was one more thing added to the ever-growing pile?

Still stunned, I touched my palm to his. I listened. “All I heard was, ‘I wonder if this will work,’ and I saw you looking at my face.’”

“Interesting,” he said, lowering his hand and smiling at me. “The vampire that I know who possesses a similar gift – his name is Aro – through touch, he can read every thought that has ever passed through your mind.”

“Oh.” I frowned, feeling oddly inferior. “Gift? What do you mean by ‘gift’?”

“No, no, Edward!” he reassured me, obviously noticing my frown. “What you can do is extraordinary! No vampire is exactly like any other, just as no human is exactly like any other. You see, if a person were to have a talent - or gift, so to speak - that gift would then be amplified once that person were turned into a vampire. Aro had told me that as a human, he had an uncanny knack for being able to tell what a person had been through in life, without hearing it from the source. He could simply tell through mannerisms and facial expressions. I assume as a human you were able to tell what people were thinking without them voicing it for themselves. Is that correct?”

I thought about this. “Actually… yes,” I said, and Carlisle nodded, unsurprised. “I was often able to tell, just by their mannerisms and faces, as you said. I think it was clearer for me with people I was close to. It took my mother by surprise a few times. She would try to hide anything she thought may upset me, but I always knew what it was…” I trailed off.

Suddenly I remembered something he had said earlier. “What were you saying you were afraid of?”

Carlisle sighed and his face fell a little. “I own many acres of land here, Edward. I bought this farm and the livestock on it, in case I did decide to create a vampire myself. Since my birth, I have mostly been alone. For a while now, I have been considering taking on a companion. I remember how… difficult it was to resist the usual food source, and so I wanted to be certain that, should I create another vampire, there was no temptation…”

Before he could finish his sentence, my breathing stopped. I saw another image in his mind. A man I hadn’t ever seen before was leaning over a lifeless woman with a crescent-shaped red mark on her neck.

People? People are the food source?” I managed to cough out.

“They are, yes. But they do not have to be! I have survived quite well on the blood of animals, though the taste isn’t nearly as appealing. Or so I am told…”

“You’ve never-”

“No. I am adamantly against anything that would harm an innocent life. It hasn’t been easy, but I have learned to adapt.”

“But how? You are a doctor… near people all of the time. I couldn’t stop myself from… feeding?… on the animals, and they tasted terrible. If people are what we are supposed to… eat?...” I stuttered, but Carlisle finished for me.

“I know what you are trying to say, and that is what I mean by adapting. Even when I was a newborn vampire, I could not take a human life. My body wanted to, but my mind wouldn’t let it. I nearly starved myself, denying my innate desire. My mind and body weakened from the lack of blood. But I had an idea. I didn’t know if it would work, but I had to try. I decided to attempt a diet of feeding on animals, and I have been living my life that way ever since. To my knowledge, there are very few, if any, vampires that choose this path. It took me many years to be able to be around humans without feeling a thirst for them, but it has passed. My body has caught up with my mind, and no longer has any want for their blood. But I will not force my lifestyle on you. How you choose to feed is entirely your decision.”

I nodded my head slowly. I didn’t want to hurt anyone… I never did! Well, aside from my dream of being a soldier. A soldier... I had longed to fight in the Great War for ages, but that was before all of this. It seemed like eons ago now, even though it had been only a few days.

“What do you think?” Carlisle asked, pulling me out of my reverie.
Yet another great chapter. Had me laughing when Edward thought Carlisle was a ventriloquist. : )


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