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**STORY NOW ON INDEFINITE HIATUS** This is the story of Edward's life after transformation/pre Bella, from his POV. I sort of wrote it for myself at first, as an exercise, but then I decided to share it. It may be a little boring. There isn't really much action yet, it's mostly Carlisle explaining things to him and helping him with his new life. I hope you enjoy it! Please let me know what you think! **all characters property of the wonderful Stephenie Meyer**

Posts are on pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 17, 19 and 20 with pages 2 and 3 containing 2 posts. (Thanks, Lestat for reminding me to add this little guide!)

Thud… thud… thud. Silence.

The relief I felt once the fire had finally ceased didn’t last. I opened my eyes, and the world was not as I remembered.

I could see, hear and feel everything around me… It was frightening, but I couldn’t help but feel fascinated. I looked around the room. I could see each brushstroke in the painting across from me… I could hear the sound of burrowing outside… termites, I assumed, as I could also smell the woody scent of sawdust… and I could feel every stitch of fabric in the sheet that I lay on. I didn’t recognize my surroundings, and before I could think about what I was doing, I leapt out of my bed and across the room at a speed that didn’t seem possible. I spun around and was automatically in a crouch. What was happening?

There was a man sitting next to the bed I had been lying in less than a second ago. I recognized him. This had been my doctor at the hospital, I was sure of it. I watched him carefully. I could hear him saying “I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry. I cannot believe I did this.” But he wasn’t moving his lips…

And then all of a sudden the doctor was gone and I was looking at a younger man, standing across the room from me. He had very pale skin… and bronze hair… He looked like me, but different, too. I flinched when I saw his bright red eyes. His features were more chiseled and defined than mine were, and he looked more muscular…

“What is happening? What did you do to me?” I said in a whisper. Upon hearing my own voice, I cocked my head in confusion. It did not sound like my own.

“Edward, I know that this is very confusing, but please, you must listen,” he said aloud. And then, without moving his lips, he added, I need to get him outside… he must be in a terrible thirst.

Then it happened again, something took over my body and it acted without my mind telling it to. My throat burst into wild flames and I threw myself out the door and directly toward the moist, beating sound I could hear nearby. I could sense the man following me, but I wasn’t able to turn away. I ran toward the sound faster than lightening. I needed something, anything, to quench this fire in my throat. I took hold of the first thing I reached. Not even realizing what it was, or what I was doing, I buried my teeth into its neck and bled it dry. I threw it aside and did it again and again, until I felt like my body couldn’t hold anything more. The taste in my mouth was terrible, but at least my throat had quieted.

All the while, the man stood back, watching me. Once I had finished, I realized that there were dead animals all around me. I was too shocked to speak. I looked at the man pleadingly for some kind of explanation. Never in my wildest dreams was I prepared for what he said next.

“Edward, my name is Dr. Carlisle Cullen, and I need to explain what has happened to you. Do you remember being in the hospital?” He asked in a slow, wavering voice.

I nodded, unable to speak.

“Both you and your parents had been brought to the hospital to die. Pardon me for being so blunt, but it is true. You were all infected with the Influenza, and there was nothing that could medically be done to help any of you. You already knew that your father had passed away, and soon after, your mother died as well. I check-”

“My mother is dead?” I interrupted, horrified. I gasped, even more horrified when I saw my mother’s pale, drawn face in my mind. Had I seen her before she died, and didn’t remember? Where did this image come from?

Carlisle looked confused by my actions. “I am afraid so, Edward. The Influenza is a horrible illness. Very few have been able to survive it. I checked on the two of you as often as I could, and the last time I saw your mother alive, she looked at me as if she knew what I was, that I was something… else, and begged me to save you. I knew it was most likely the fever speaking, but she looked at me with such clarity in that moment, that I could not believe her to be delusional. I told her that I would do whatever I could. She had used up all of her strength, and she dropped into unconsciousness and passed quickly,” he said, looking at me with pity in his eyes.

He walked slowly toward me with his hands up. I let him approach, unable to move. He placed his hand on my shoulder before speaking.

“I am so very sorry for your loss, Edward. Please try to take comfort in the fact that she did pass quickly. She loved you very, very much. I could see it in her eyes,” he said, before continuing his story.

“I looked at you in the bed next to her. You were so close to death, Edward. In a mere hour or two, it would have been too late. I took care of your mother, and then I covered you with a sheet and wheeled you to the back entrance. The hospital was in utter chaos with so many patients, so I knew that your absence would not be noticed. I carried you here, to my home and tried to make you as comfortable as possible, before beginning the process.”

“The… process?” I choked out. This was utterly ludicrous! If I had been so close to death, how was I not dead, as my parents were?

“Yes. I know this is going to be hard to hear, and I apologize again, but I believe that it is very important that you understand. The process began when I administered venom into your body. Over the course of three days, the venom took over your system in a very painful transformation. I know that it was torturous. I am very sorry for that, but as of yet I have heard of no way to lessen the pain. At the end of the third day, your human heart stopped beating and the transformation was complete.”

I winced sharply when he reminded me of my transformation, as he called it. That was something I never wanted to remember, but doubted I would ever forget. His entire explanation was insane, but one phrase stood out to me. “Human heart?” I asked.

“Yes, Edward. This will be very shocking, so please, brace yourself. It was the only way that I could fulfill my promise to your mother and save you.” He waited until I nodded again. This entire story sounded like the plot of a horror novel. What was going to come out of his mouth next?

“You are now a vampire.”

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Soooooooo....... when are you gonna post more. It seems like forever now.
I just find this story because of you Lestat and I thank you .:)
Vanquish BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't promise you that !
I'm stalker ha ha ha ,
On Lestat's recommendation, I just read your entire story and I must say, I am utterly enamoured. This is truly an exceptional piece of fiction. I am also writing a story about Esme and it almost seems as if our stories parallel each other. And I think our writing styles are fairly similar as well. I take it you read the Twilight Lexicon as I did in order to get some of the location info. Your story is wonderful! It fills in the gap in my mind about how Carlisle and Edward were living prior to Esme's entrance into their lives. You do a SUPERB job of getting inside Edward's head, and I love all of the little touches you included (mother's jewelry, piano compositions, baseball cards) that later end up in Twilight.

Thank you so much for giving us readers such a revealing and intimate look into Edward's life right after being changed. Don't know how I missed this story 'till now!

Very much looking forward to reading more! You are quite the talent!
Thank you ALL for the amazing compliments!! I am sorry for the delay. I have a couple more installments to post before I actually take my REAL break (I will temporarily stop the story right before Edward leaves on his brief hiatus from Carlisle, but I will be back, don't worry!!)

And yes, Michele, I tried to get the story as right as I could using SM's brief histories on Esme and the rest of the Cullens :P
Ok I agree I need more of this story. I kep checking in but nothing new. Are you going to post more?
just checking for story

Guys, SO SO sorry for the delay!! I have been very sick with a head/chest cold and haven't been on the site. Here is the update. Thanks so much for sticking with me!!

We watched as Esme opened her eyes. I could hear all of the wonder and confusion make its way through her thoughts. She did not seem to feel threatened or afraid, as I had been. As she looked around the room, her eyes rested on mine for a moment. I smiled sympathetically and nodded my head toward Carlisle.

She turned to him and as their eyes met, I could see and hear their very intense emotion for each other. I suddenly felt as if I were invading on a very private moment. I moved my eyes down to the floor, shifting uncomfortably in my seat. With the intention of leaving them alone, I stood up and turned for the door. Carlisle stopped me before I took two steps.

“Edward, please stay. I apologize for my rudeness. I’d like to introduce you to Esme. Esme, this is Edward. Edward, Esme,” he said, without taking his eyes from her.

“Hello, Esme,” I said quietly, turning to face her.

“He…hello,” she whispered, surprised by the sound of her own voice. “Dr. Cullen? What happened? Where am I?”

“Esme, I promise you, I will explain everything. But first, you must be very thirsty.”

Upon waking, Esme’s reaction had been very different from my own, but at the mention of thirst, she reacted quite similarly. She tore out of the house, directly toward the herd of cattle Carlisle still kept on the farm. She had started on her first by the time we reached her. We stood back as she went through three easily. I couldn’t help but chuckle slightly at her thoughts regarding the less than appealing taste of the herbivore she was draining. Carnivores were most definitely preferable, but it was hardly practical to keep a pack of Grizzly Bears on the farm.

Once her thirst was quenched, and she had gotten past the initial shock of what she had just done, Carlisle asked her to accompany us to the house so that he may explain everything to her. She agreed, her thoughts indicating that she was happy to simply be in his presence. As the three of us returned to the house, I hung behind them a bit, feeling unsure of my place.

I sat and listened to Esme’s thoughts as Carlisle held her hand and told her all that he had told me. As she listened, she was also remembering her first encounter with Carlisle, and how she had thought of him and wondered where he had gone to so often over the years. It was a bit unsettling at how accepting she was of his explanation. She was a bit appalled by the realization that she’d be drinking blood for the rest of eternity, but she was quelled by Carlisle’s animal-only way of life. All in all, she again seemed genuinely pleased to simply be with Carlisle.

I was relieved, as well as frustrated. Relieved at how her acceptance could make things easier on all of us, and frustrated that she was taking this so in stride. I didn’t think I’d ever get to that point. I certainly wasn’t anywhere close now.

Once Carlisle had finished, he looked over at me, silently asking how she had taken his words. I nodded once, letting him know that she wasn’t going to tear out the door, screaming that he was insane. He smiled in thanks and began asking a few of the questions he had for her.

“Esme, do you mind if I ask why you had jumped from the cliff?” At the mention of this, her thoughts were torn for the first time from Carlisle. She and I both winced sharply as the memories of her attempted suicide and the reason behind it took over her mind.

Carlisle looked at me questioningly as he patted Esme’s hand, trying to comfort her. I shook my head slowly, eyes tight. This poor, poor woman. She had been through so much.

“I… I had a baby… a beautiful, perfect boy… just a few days ago. He died very soon after his birth. I couldn’t stand losing him… and even though I had so little time with him, I didn’t feel that my life had any worth anymore,” she said quietly, fighting to keep her voice steady. I saw the joy Esme had at the arrival of her son. She had never wanted anything more than a child, and she was ecstatic. Then I saw her crushing despair at losing him so soon.

“Esme…” was the only response Carlisle could give.

“What else can you tell us, Esme? What about the rest of your family?” I asked, attempting to change the subject, trying to move her mind away from the crippling memory of her child’s death.

“Well, I was married, to a man named Charles. My father had arranged it,” I could immediately see that this story would not be much easier for her to tell than the first. “He was very… unkind to me. I endured it for two years… the longest years of my life… until he was drafted in the war. But he wasn’t away for long. The treaty was signed in 1919, and he came back to our home in Ohio. I learned I was with child soon after he had returned,” she said, hanging her head.

“I wanted so much to have a family of my own, but I couldn’t bear to see my children treated the same way he had treated me.” She shivered and I winced as she remembered one particularly bad encounter with her husband. The encounter that had made up her mind to leave him.

“I had to get away before he found out that I was carrying his child. I wrote to a cousin in Milwaukee, and asked if I could stay with her for a short time, until I decided what to do. I went there, but didn’t feel it was far enough away. I was very worried Charles would come looking for me, so I moved here to Ashland, where I knew no one. The people here believe I am a war widow. I taught at the school just outside of town, until my… son arrived. After he died, I had nothing. No family, no friends, nothing at all…”

In that instant, her sorrow was so profound that my eyes bulged in shock when her next thought entered my mind.

“And then I saw your face again,” she mused, looking at Carlisle. “It had been so long, I had begun to wonder if you were a figment of my imagination. When I thought I had lost everything, an angel came to rescue me,” she said, smiling up at him, touching his face gently. He pressed her hand tightly against his cheek.

I again looked down at the floor, embarrassed that I was intruding on another private moment. I excused myself, and this time, Carlisle did not stop me.

I went into the forest alone and hunted. Afterward, I ran to the lake and sat on the beach to think, pulverizing the rocks around me into dust between my fingertips. Thankfully, it was very late at night, and I didn’t have to be concerned about the sun. I wonder how Esme would react to that part of vampire life.

I thought for a long time about what Esme’s arrival would mean. Carlisle had never mentioned her to me before - for reasons I could understand - and I had never even given a thought to the expansion of our little “family”. I felt like the odd man out. Not that I ever really felt as if I belonged in this life, but this was even worse. It was not that I did not like Esme. I could tell that she was a genuinely kind and selfless woman, but this would completely change Carlisle’s and my dynamic. Two people in love with a third, rather depressed stick-in-the-mud trailing along behind them. Ahhh, this was going to be a very long eternity.
I waited for this chapter for so long! Your writing is beautiful,and your story is even more! Glad you feel better!
WOW this is so wonderful just WOW
When you gonna post next chapter? please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!
Awwww Poor Edward.....can't wait until they find Rosalie haha. :-)


WOW, this was REALLY GOOD!!!! The last paragraph, though . . . where Edward thinks "Two people in love with a third . . . " WHICH two people do you mean???? Would that be Edward and Esme in love with Carlisle??? Or Carlisle and Edward in love with Esme??? I was kind of confused there . . . EXPLAIN

Oh, BTW . . . really hope you feel better now!!!


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