The Twilight Saga

Summary: Renesmee’s life 7 years after Breaking Dawn ends. It has all the Cullen’s, the wolves, and even a little Volturi action in it!! So this is 7 years after Breaking Dawn, so Nessie is 7 but looks like she’s 18, and is smart as any 18 year old. She and Jacob are best friends and she starts to wonder, "Is there something more?" And also the Cullen’s decide that she should start high school. Just to meet other people... (:

  • Authors Note: I have the first chapter written, but I'm not going to put it up unless I get enough comments... Like 5 or so... So comment if your interested and you wanna read it!! <3
  • Disclaimer: All characters belong to the beautiful Stephenie Meyer!!

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I Want To Read It!

OMG!! Really?! (: I'm so glad u wanna read it!!
Thnx, I'm so happy u like it & wanna read it!! (;

I would love to read it

Okay, THANKS!(:

i wanna read it as well =) it sounds very good n interesting. i love readin stories that r about after breaking dawn

Really?!(: thnx!! & so do I!! they're up there with Bella & Edward stories!!(:(:

post it up............i wanna read more

I sure will, I just got my 5th comment!!! & I'm so happy u do!! (:


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