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This is a short story that takes place in Twilight when the rapists in Port Angeles are cornering Bella. It is all told in Edward’s point of view. Everything is the same as it is in the original story only Edward's timing is a little late...

I drove around looking for Bella, listening to the thoughts around me to see if anyone had seen her, but there was no one around. I was getting frantic now, trying to follow her scent through a run-down area of Port Angeles as it got darker. If she ran into the wrong crowd...I didn't want to think what might happen.

A few minutes later I heard someone's thoughts, and I immediately began listening to see if they had seen Bella. It was a male's thoughts, and some other men accompanied him, and they were watching Bella intently. I almost sighed with relief, but then I noticed that the expression on her face through the man's eyes was terrified, and the other men seemed to be cornering her...

No! I tried to locate the position of their rancid minds, but none of them gave any indication of their location. I continued driving, getting very desperate as I heard their horrid plans for Bella. They were all drunk, and they planned to...I didn't want to even think the words.

I drove around for a half hour, winding my way through the backstreets of Port Angeles and trying to stop myself from crying as they hurt my love. I abandoned the car and set off on foot at top speed, trying to follow Bella's scent that I had lost several minutes ago.

Just then, a wind blew from the northwest, with a very faint trace of an intoxicating and familiar aroma...

I bolted toward the smell, running faster than I ever had before, and I didn't pause when I found them. I immediately pummeled the one closest to Bella, who was lying motionless on the ground, and he went flying ten feet before crashing into a brick wall and sliding to the ground, hopefully fatally wounded. Fury drove my actions as I took out the rest of them in less than five seconds, then I ran to Bella.

She was bleeding all over the concrete, but I barley noticed. Her eyes were closed and her breathing shallow and weak, as was her heartbeat. Her hair was matted with blood and fell over her face, and I gently brushed it back. Her clothes were on the ground, so I could see every injury covering her body. (Bella's outfit:  Bruises, cuts, bite marks...she looked like she had just been put through a food processor.

"Bella?" I asked desperately, my voice choked with grief. "Bella, can you hear me?"

She slowly opened her eyes, and when they fell on me they widened fearfully. She began trying to scoot herself away from me, terrified, wincing with every movement. "Bella...” I couldn't understand, why was she so afraid? "Bella, it's's Edward..."

"Please don't hurt me," she begged, and it made me want to cry. "Please, I didn't do anything!" Tears poured down her bloody face, and I knew that she would always be scared from this experience.

"Bella, I'm not going to hurt you," I assured her, extending my arm slightly toward her, but she flinched away from it. "I promise I won't hurt you. Don't you remember me? Bella, please, I'm here to help."

She continued to cry, and I wanted more than anything to comfort her. "What if I just call Carlisle? He can come help you." She considered my offer for a moment and then nodded slowly, so I whipped out my cell phone. After telling Carlisle what had happened, nearly breaking down in tears as I did so, he agreed to come help her as soon as he could, but it would be a while because he was at the hospital and about to perform a serious operation on a patient. After I hung up I looked back to Bella, wishing she would just trust me.

“Bella, I love you,” I whispered as a last-ditch effort to help her understand. Her eyes widened in what I first thought was fear, but it turned out to be shock.

“You…love me?” She couldn’t seem to make sense of those words in that order. I nodded solemnly, and another tear rolled down her cheek. Her hand reached slowly and shakily toward mine, and I held it out to her. She took it in her bloody hand, which I handled as carefully as possible as I held it in mine. Her eyes were alight with happiness, though she was lying bloody on the street, and I felt my throat tighten with emotion. Who would do this to someone as sweet and kind as her?

She took a deep, shuddering breath and winced. “I’m not gonna make it,” she said quietly, yet another tear rolling down her cheek.

“Yes, you are,” I told her firmly. “I won’t let you die.” I was on the verge of crying, and I couldn’t help myself. I lay down next to Bella, holding her gently to my chest and rubbing her back, ignoring the fire in my throat as I inhaled her intoxicating scent. She sighed with contentment and buried her face in my chest.

I thought carefully for a moment and then very softly kissed her forehead, causing her heartbeat to quicken. “It must be hard for you, with all the blood,” she said unexpectedly, and I froze.

“You know?” I said after a minute, and she nodded. I digested this for a moment, but eventually decided that it was okay, that she wouldn’t tell anyone. I resumed rubbing her back, waiting impatiently for Carlisle to come and help her.

“I don’t care, by the way,” she informed me after a few minutes. “It doesn’t matter to me what you are. I still love you.”

I froze at this news too, a smile spreading slowly across my face. “Really?” I said after a while, a bit too shocked to believe it. She nodded again, and I held her closer, being careful not to hurt her.

“I’ll make sure you’re okay,” I said, more to myself than her. “I won’t let anything else happen to you.” She looked up at me and stroked my face, a sad smile on hers.

“Edward, there’s nothing you can do. I’m going to die. This is the end for me, I can feel it.”

“No!” I choked out, a little too loudly. “You can’t…you have to hold on, you can’t leave me!” More tears spilled out of her eyes at my words.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered. Her breathing became ragged, strained, and I didn’t know what to do. “I love you, but…I can’t…hold on…any longer…I’m so sorry…” She had the most pained expression I have ever seen, and it made me cry too.

“Bella, no…please…” I begged her, and before I knew what she was doing her lips were on mine. They were split and crusted with blood, but I didn’t care. I just needed Bella, needed her more than anything in the world, and that was the only thought in my mind as I let our tongues melt together and held her as close to my body as I could without hurting her.

When we finally broke apart, we were both breathing heavily, but Bella was gasping for air as if she was having trouble breathing. “…you…” she whimpered, and then her eyes began to close.

“I love you too,” I said through my sobs. She gave one last small smile without opening her eyes, and then she went limp in my arms, her heart still and silent.

I sat there and cried for over an hour before Carlisle finally came and forced me into his car. I brought Bella’s body, trying to pretend she was asleep, stroking her face and never looking away. She grew cold in my arms, and I repeatedly leaned down to kiss her on her lips, her forehead, her nose, her cheeks…I just needed to be alone with her for a while, let the shock wear off.

I walked into my house in silence, carrying Bella up to my room and lying on the couch with her, still crying. “I love you,” I whispered to her over and over. “I always will. I’ll find a way to see you again, I promise.”

And I did. By the next morning I had thought of a way to die, and I seized it immediately. I carried Bella far into the woods, to a place I liked to go when it was sunny, a meadow where no one would bother me. I laid her gently in the center on top of beautiful wildflowers, in a dress I had taken from Esme. It was dark blue, precisely the color of the blouse she had been wearing that looked so beautiful with her skin tone. (Bella's dress:  It fanned out around her knees as her long mahogany hair encircled her head. I had cleaned her up so that she was no longer covered in blood, and she looked just as beautiful as she always did.

I picked some wildflowers from the meadow and placed them in her hands, which were folded across her stomach. She still wore the peaceful smile that she had on when she died, giving her the look of a beautiful sleeping princess, my very own sleeping beauty. I took a pen and paper out of my pocket and began to write the following note.

To my beloved family,

Please do not think badly of me for doing this. I love you all, but the devotion I feel for all of you is nothing compared to the pure love I feel for Bella. Surely you can all understand this, since you too have found your other halves.

I have waited over eighty years to find her, and now that I have she has been taken away from me once again. I simply cannot live in a world where my sweet Bella does not, and I am deeply sorry for that. Please find it in your heart to forgive me, that’s all I can ask you for now.

Thank you for everything you have ever done for me, which may be more than you realize. Please gather our ashes and put them in the same container so that we may be together forever, as it should be.


I folded up the letter and placed it under a rock so that it wouldn’t be blown away by the wind, then went to lie by my Bella. I stroked her face again and again, lying next to her until nightfall. I gave her one last kiss on the lips and then took a lighter out of my pocket and lit her dress.

I closed my eyes so that I wouldn’t see my love burning and wrapped my arms around her. I welcomed the flames as they spread up my arms and to the rest of my body, clutching Bella’s diminishing form as tightly as I could as we both burned in our meadow, together forever.

(Okay, I couldn't leave it at just one chapter, so here's another)

Chapter 2

I opened my eyes and squinted at the sudden bright light.  I was back in the meadow, but it seemed better somehow, more beautiful.  The sun seemed brighter, warmer, the grass beneath me softer.  I heard someone stir beside me, and I looked to see who it was.

Bella was lying next to me, looking far more beautiful than I had ever seen her.  I swelled with joy when I saw her, tears of happiness springing to my eyes.  I reached over to stroke her face gently, too overcome with ecstasy to say anything.  Her eyelids fluttered open, and I drowned in their chocolate depths.

"Edward?" she whispered, and hearing her voice again was like taking a gulp of fresh air after nearly drowning.

"Hello, my love," I murmured, and a broad smile spread across her face.  She leapt forward and hugged me tightly, and I felt my tears spill over.


I pulled away from Bella to examine my own hands, which were more flesh-colored than before.  I gaped at them for a moment, then hurriedly put my fingers to my neck to find my pulse.  I could feel my blood pumping beneath the soft skin there, and I let out a weak laugh.  How ironic that it would be in death that I felt truly alive.

When I looked, up, Bella was smiling at me, having realized this too.  We gazed into each others eyes for a long time, and I realized that I still had so much to tell her, so much I hadn't had time to say when we were crying together in the alley in Port Angeles...

But then Bella brought her lips down on mine, and I immediately decided it could all wait.

We had an eternity of each others company to look forward to.

The end.

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omg thats really difrent and slightly disturbing...........i like it :)
wow!! that's definatly different!! lol. it's kind of weird. I think you should just add another chapter, with it telling how they meet, and how the families take it. (just a suggestion). but i like it!! :)
I love it! So cute but so twisted, it's great! Please write more!!!
OMG, I'm crying so hard right now! You're an amazing writer, Makenna! Love it!
First I'd like to say - thank God that isn't how the real book turned out! But you have me crying! Amazing - you're very talented!
I like it..<3
that was really good
omg i really liked that
I didn't put the please write more. I think since I do it so much my fingers just type it, i click comment and boom, I go do something else. Weird. but again it was still AWESOME!
Looks like I did write more, huh Hayleys? lol
Loved it
to cool

always a fan


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